I have been under Andrew’s guidance now for over 6 months. I am currently trading and studying Fx full time. I learn every day.

In trying to learn the Forex Market, I’ve learnt that forex is full, and I mean chocka block with rip off artists. People & companies hiding behind the huge disclaimer that comes with their trading instrument, taking advantage of people’s naivety. They all sell a system but very very few back it up.

As I see it, a system teaches you to view the market, learn and develop your own style of trading but this takes a lot of time. So to me, it was the back up support (on going learning) that seemed so VERY Important and “how” it got delivered.

Andrew shines in this area, as well as having a system that he trades, teaches and lives by personally, he seems to passionately care.

That’s the important bit, “he cares”.

In my search for a coach to learn forex through (“and it’s hard”), he has been excellent in helping me to develop slowly with ongoing support. I admire him.

I give Andrew permission to give other people my number so they can call me to verify the above.