I’ve been trading for two and a half years and in that time I’ve done many courses , read a lot of books and articles, searched through many forums, tested many strategies and systems. 
All up, I started to make gains, and was slightly profitable, but before I got to that point I blew two accounts, got scammed a couple of times and all up, it’s probably cost me as much as obtaining a university degree would have.
I think I qualify as someone worth listening to but it’s still up to you.
There are a few points that I looked at before doing this course.
Am I getting help from a real trader – yes , and probably one of the best around. One of the best money/risk management systems I’ve seen, a positive risk to reward ratio that so many talk about but so few are able to implement with discipline. His method teaches us how to be consistently profitable without having excessive draw down periods and the expectation of at least 20% return of investment pa.
If your trading a thousand dollar account then you might say 20% isn’t good enough but if you read about the wall street wizards you’ll realize that Andrews up there with the best. When you hear about a trader making twenty million a year, there’s a good chance his starting capital was at least one hundred million, so don’t be disillusioned into thinking that this isn’t a great trader. Trading is a business, if you don’t have the start up capital then prove yourself and get investors or even a loan. 
If your reading this then your still looking for help and not only is Andrew a great trader but a great teacher as well. I wont go into the specifics about what he teaches but I will say that although some might say that you can access everything taught here for free my answer is by who? 
This is where you learn how to put it all together.
The execution of trades are based on price action first and then strengthen the analysis with support and resistance, dynamic support and resistance, fib retracements and extensions, pivot points, round numbers and divergence. 
There is a lot more to the course than just being able to execute trades. It takes you from the very beginning for people who have never traded and through to being a consistently profitable trader.

Andrew has also answered my emails personally within a day. I have never had someone send me emails to ask how I’m going with the course or having any problems he can help with. 
He really is here to help, !