In this video:
00:21 A really good week of trading
00:40 One trade open on the Euro/US Dollar
01:36 Getting big movement and a lot of volatility
01:47 Silver trades looking strong on the longer term charts
02:07 Fundamental basics of trading
02:35 Picking-up high probability trades
03:25 Nice engulfing candle formation

Hi everybody, Andrew Mitchem here the Forex Trading Coach.

Welcome along!

Today is Friday, the 5th of October.

I’m back home after a week away. I had a fantastic week away and back in the office again this week.

Well, I had a really good week with my trades this week. I’m up +1.5% and thats with risking only a quarter of 1%. So, 0.25% risk per trade. A 1.5% gain for the week so far.

I’m not expecting probably many more trades for the day. I do have one trade open on the Euro/US Dollar. I’m long on that at the moment, but we have the US non-farm payroll.

The monthly unemployment data coming out later tonight my time, Friday morning New York time.

Judging by what I can see on the charts, at the moment obviously the Euro has been in a lot of strength. And at this stage, I see no reason for that not to continue. The US dollar is looking weak and so my feeling at this stage would be that the non-farm payroll data is more than likely going to come in at expected or proba