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00:21                     Special webinar open to everybody – 14th of December
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00:48                    Five tips that will benefit your trading – heading to 2013
01:15                     Learning Forex Trading correctly
01:43                     Doing very well in longer time frame charts
02:07                     Non-Farm Payrolls came out above expectation!
02:50                     Looking for EURO short positions

Hi everybody, Andrew Mitchem the Forex Trading Coach.

Welcome along! Today is Saturday, 8th of December.

Well next Friday, on the 14th of December, I’m holding a special webinar that’s open to everybody. The webinar will most likely be full so make sure that you do register. There will be a link underneath this video.

The webinar is going to be designed for those of you who are newer to trading or maybe you’ve been trading for a short while and still struggling to become consistently profitable.

Top Five Forex Tips heading to 2013

It’s going to talk about my journey through Forex but also I’m going to give you some really good points of the five major tips to give away that I used every day as a successful Forex trader. And I know that you’re going to find those tips really useful and will benefit your trading heading into 2013.

And a lot people find that this time of year – the Christmas/New Year period – When many people have some time off work, it’s an excellent opportunity to use that time wisely and learn a skill (up skill yourself) learn Forex Trading correctly so that heading into the New Year, you have yourself a really good base to progress forward and makes some really good gains heading in the 2013.

So that’s coming up next Friday. Make sure that you register for that! Link is here:

Personally I’ve been away all week. I’ve been down in Queenstown, so I’ve been trading only on the Daily charts and the 4 Hour charts.

And that goes to show that if you’re away somewhere (you’re travelling) – you can trade just those longer time frame charts and still do very well.

Non-Farm Payrolls above expectation!

Personally, I’ve had a +0.3 % gain for the week – not massive but that’s still a gain anyway.

So happy with that considering really I’ve spent no more than probably one hour in the total of the last week (actually trading looking at my charts).

As I predicted to my clients yesterday the Non-Farm Payrolls came out above expectation. You could see that really probably was going to occur as the US Dollar was strengthening quiet a lot against most of the other currencies over the last couple of days.

And also as I predicted to my clients on Wednesday, the Euro has fallen and the EUR/USD that is, because it was obvious when you look at the charts that the 131 resistance level had been hit – failed really to be broken as significantly – And then there was an overbought situation with the EUR/USD and became quite obvious that that currency pair was going to fall.

And like I mentioned, I predicted that to my clients on Wednesday of this week suggesting that they look for EURO short positions when appropriate.

So that’s some of the things that I offer my clients – looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each currency on a daily basis which then helps them to go and trade the shorter time frame charts with the knowledge that they have – the strength and weakness behind them – as well as the actual technical setup on their chart that I teach.

So that’s all for now!

Make sure to register – 14th of December

Make sure that you do register for Friday’s event. It’s going to be a fantastic event. Like I said that it’s going to be a full event. There’s a huge number of people already registered so there’s not many places left.

Friday the 14th. The link will be underneath this video.

Looking forward to seeing you then and helping you with your Forex Trading progressing into 2013.

Talk to you next week.