In this video:
00:48 This week a 2.6% return
01:34 Two hour live trading room webinar
01:47 Taking profitable trades during live sessions
01:54 Silver trades continue to climb up
02:18 Looking at a charting platform
02:28 Importance of Eastern Standard Time
03:30 Charting package for a successful Forex Trader
03:42 More useful Forex Trading Tips

Hi it’s Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Friday, the 21st of September.

It’s been a really good week for me personally on my own trades. I’m up 2.6% for the week and I still have three open trades. But 2.6% for the week represents a very nice return. With that result I’m risking half of one percent – 0.5 of 1% risk per trade on each of my trades.

When I trade on the managed accounts which I have a company called Wealth with Forex, I’m only trading at quarter of 1% and so naturally half of the 2.6 means that I’ve made 1.3% return for those individual investors that I managed funds for.

And on top of that we’ve had a really good webinar this time yesterday. I had clients from all around the world for just over a two hour live trading room webinar.

And I hold those every two weeks for clients.

We look at taking live trades as and when they happen and we had some people taking some really good trades, really good profitable trades during that live session.

All of those sessions are recorded, so my clients can go and watch them whenever they wish to.

The Silver trade, that as you I’ve been in for number of weeks now, that’s up at around $34.70, so that continues to climb.

That’s looking really good!

And another point I wanted to make is I always get asked about what chart/time you should use as a Forex Trader.