10/10 Winning Trades This Week

In this weekly video:
00:27 – An exceptional week’s trading
01:06 – Large opening gaps this week
01:20 – Monthly US jobs news
01:52 – 4 trades taken live made +4.15%
03:00 – Forum site also includes other trades
03:39 – This shows what can be achieved

Hey traders, when you get 10/10 trades hit their full profit target, you know you’ve had an awesome week. So let’s talk about that and explain more right now.

Hi traders, Andrew Mitchem here from the Forex Trading Coach, video and podcast number 302.

As I mentioned, when you get 10/10 trades in a week all hit the profit target, the full profit target, you know you’ve had a really good week. That’s exactly what we’ve had.

An exceptional week’s trading

It’s just been an awesome week on the membership site that we have. So to start with, we have had 6/6 of our daily trade suggestions this week all hit their full profit targets. They’ve ranged between 1.5:1 reward to risk, which was the lowest, and all the other five are 2.2:2.8 reward to risk. So very high reward to risk on those trades there.

Large opening gaps this week

All six of those have been published on our membership site on Monday of this week, and if you have a look at your charts you would have seen those very enormous and quite ugly gaps on pretty much all the currency pairs at the beginning of the week. So Monday was a right off, we didn’t take anything then.

Monthly US jobs news

Today is Friday, and so later today we have the US non-farm employment change, the monthly results, and we have the US for their jobs data. So we’re expecting Friday to be a fairly quiet day probably leading up until that information. So I’m talking about just three trading days. We put six daily trades on our membership site, all in real time, all for people to look at to learn from, and all six have hit full profit.

On top of that, because I said 10/10, last night I held a webinar in the European session for my clients, a two hour long webinar.

4 trades taken live made +4.15%

I took four trades on a live account in real time in front of people. We had one trade on the one hour chart, that made a 2.4:1 reward to risk. Had a trade on the 30 minute chart that made a 2.9:1 reward to risk. Had another trade on a 30 minute chart made 1.8:1 and a trade on the 15 minute chart that made a 1.2:1. Put those four trades … Just those four trades together, half of 1% risk per trade, and anybody who followed that webinar, all my clients, would have made a 4.15% account gain just by copying those four trades. Taking them real time, you could see the trades setting up. I explained where the entry and exits were going to be, why we were taking the trade. 4%. 4.15%. That’s just an incredible amount, just following a webinar and learning in two hours real time. No hindsight, no just picking out good trades and ignoring the bad trades. 6/6 on the dailies, 4/4 on the webinar.

Forum site also includes other trades

On top of that, we’ve got our forum site where clients are posting trades. We’ve got our chat area on our forum site as well, where people are chatting and talking about different trades. All I’m doing is talking about the daily trades and the trades from my live webinar just yesterday. 10/10. An awesome week.

Does that happen every week? Of course it does not happen every week. But when the market is showing, the conditions are there, and the trades are there and you’re selective, it just shows what can be done once you know what you’re doing.

As mentioned, be careful with the US non-farm employment change data, it’s the last one of 2018. It could be quite volatile possibly just after that, maybe, depending on the result.

This shows what can be achieved

But it just shows what can be done if you know how to trade, if you’re following along with someone who knows what they’re doing, a mentor. 10/10. Can you get better? Well, you can’t get better than that, can you?

Just wanted to share that with you. If you’d like to know more or you’d like to see some of those trades or you’d like to jump on board with us at the Forex Trading Coach, just send me an email [email protected].

See you this time next week. Bye for now.

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