Why Schools Will Never Teach Trading



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#499: Why Schools Will Never Teach Trading

In this video:
00:29 – #1 Learning how to trade is not taught in schools 
03:25 – There’s no better time to learn than right now
03:52 – #2 Our new on-demand Masterclass 
04:33 – #3 Blueberry Markets
04:55 – Next week is video #500
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Learning how to trade or even why you should look at learning how to trade is something that will never be taught in schools, colleges, or universities. Let’s talk about that and more right now .

Hey there, Traders!. It’s Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach. With video and podcast number 499. We’ve got three important things to discuss.

#1 Learning how to trade is not taught in schools 

The first is, I believe that learning how to trade or why you should even think about learning how to trade is something you’ll never find in schools or university. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Why? Well, it’s because it’s different. It’s because schools are generally set up to teach you how to go and learn a skill to be able to go and work.

And generally that means you’re out there learning and, you know, to work for someone for generally X number of dollars or pounds or euros or yens per hour. It’s creating something for the masses to go out there, learn a skill that is your job for life and you go to work, you earn your money, you come home. And it’s something that sadly the education system is set up for.

And although there are some schools that are good, there are universities that are good, there are good teachers, but the vast majority of teachers there do not have the skills themselves to think about something different, to think outside the box, to think outside the curriculum, to be entrepreneurs, to look at things like trading. Because that’s not the sort of person they are.

That’s why they are teacher, That’s why they teach history or English or Maths or Geography, whatever it might be or very, very important skills. And I can assure you I’m not knocking them, but what I’m saying is that in general, in my experience and don’t forget I’ve had five kids that I find that schools are just very stuck in their ways of getting enough people through the system, ticking enough boxes, the teachers just getting by, getting enough kids through.

You generally find that most kids are really, really good. Get bored at school because the teacher spends all their time worrying about the kids who are not good at school and getting them up through enough to get the teachers a pass mark and make the school of good. That’s the general way of how it works and looking at things like online businesses, it’s really strange because when you consider that, you know, there are so many online businesses now and entrepreneurship and things like that, we don’t get taught that.

And there’s so many basic money skills in life. I had to open a bank account, what’s a mortgage? All those things that most schools and most kids are leaving school, getting into adult life do not know. And so trading is one of those things. And again, it comes back to it’s not in the curriculum because the education system probably doesn’t understand or doesn’t want you doing it.

The teachers, most of them, certainly don’t understand it anyway. Big problem, as you can see. So that’s why I think that education in trading and learning how to trade and why potentially you should look at learning how to trade is such a flaw in the education system and that’s why something like ourselves here at the Forex Trading Coach can offer you something that you’re probably not going to find in many places out there.

There’s no better time to learn than right now

If you are young, there’s no better chance and time to get into it than right now. Learn how to do this.

And naturally probably going to be really good and better than older people on computers and the internet and things like that. So take your time, learn how to do this properly and get yourself a good passive income or even a full time career through prop firms and things like that of learning how to trade and doing this properly because it’s perfectly doable.

#2 Our new on-demand Masterclass 

The second thing that I want to talk about is our new On-Demand webinar that we have now live on our membership site, on our on our website. I should say. Go have a look on our website and I’ll put a link to it here. You can watch it.

It’s just over an hour long, contains lots of really good forex information for you to give you an understanding of what Forex, what we offer, what we do, how you can learn the things that we the tips and trading information that we look at with candles and risk management and rewards risk and prop firms and all these things and build this bigger picture together. To help you to develop further as a trader.

#3 Blueberry Markets

And the third and last thing is you are out there looking for a really good forex broker I can highly recommend, Blueberry Markets that are fantastic broker they offer MT4 and MT5. Lots and lots of markets on their MT5 platform. Really good to see have a look to at blueberry markets. If you’re looking for a really good broker again I’ll put a link to them here.

Next week is video #500

Next week. We are on video and podcast number 500. That’s quite an amazing achievement considering we put these at pretty much weekly. And if you’d like to ask any questions you’d like me to cover on next week’s video and podcasts, do send me an email [email protected]

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Episode Title: #499: Why Schools Will Never Teach Trading

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