Why Quitters Will Never Win

In this video:
00:31 – A true sporting story showing why you should never quit
02:05 – It shows the power of the mind – both belief and doubt
02:45 – It’s no different as a Forex trader – don’t quit if it’s something you really want to do
03:45 – Stick at it and follow the basics
04:30 – Christmas sale 12th – 16th December

I want to talk about why quitters will never win, so let’s talk about that and lots more right now.

Hi, forex traders. Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach. This is video and podcast number 206. I want to talk about a subject and tell you a story that happened this week. I want to talk about why quitters will never, ever win.

A true sporting story showing why you should never quit

I’m a big cricket fan, so let me start by saying if you’re in the US and you don’t know what cricket is, just imagine it’s like baseball, as an example. If you do know what cricket is, fantastic. You’ll understand the story.

This week, I went to watch New Zealand play Pakistan in Hamilton, my local cricket ground. As I mentioned, I’m a huge cricket fan, and I’m a big New Zealand cricket fan. On the last day, New Zealand needed to bowl Pakistan out to win the game, and Pakistan also had a chance of winning so there could’ve been a win to Pakistan, a win to New Zealand, or a draw. All three options were definitely on by the last day of the game. However, by the T Break, New Zealand had taken only one out of the 10 Pakistan wickets and Pakistan were on the way to potentially winning the game.

At that stage it would’ve been very, very easy for New Zealand to quit, but they didn’t. They stuck out their game plan and in a dramatic last session in the afternoon, New Zealand took the further nine wickets and won the game. It was an absolute thrilling, amazing game. Whatever sport you’re interested in, you just imagine when you have that complete reversal and that comeback from behind sort of situation. The thing was, we never ever quit. We didn’t give up, and spirits for a lot of teams at that stage, at the T Break, would’ve been quite low, I would imagine, but we kept going, kept going. All the conditions were in Pakistan’s favor, really, but we just kept going, kept at it.

It shows the power of the mind – both belief and doubt

And it shows also the power of the mind, because as soon as we took the second wicket, we then started getting even more confidence and trying even harder, and as Pakistan started to fail then the self-doubt came into it and they then crumbled and we excelled. Completely opposite to the previous five hours of play on that day.

Amazing result for New Zealand cricket, but it showed me how quitters never win. We kept at it, kept going, and in the end we won and had an outstanding victory. Exactly the same as a forex trader.

It’s no different as a Forex trader – don’t quit if it’s something you really want to do

You know, I’ve had people come to me who have been trying to trade various markets, not just forex, for 10 years. They’ve come to me and said, “Look, I need to make this work. I want to make this work, but I’ve not quit,” and this particular person who I’m thinking of is now one of my very best clients. He’s doing extremely well, but I’ve got a number of people like that and when you find the people who end up being the most successful and the most profitable, not always do they start the best and it’s a very common occurrence.

The people who jump in and go, “Yeah, I want to do this and I’m going to double my count and make a fortune.” They generally don’t make it very far because there will be something that will happen, the next shiny object or something will happen, the trades won’t work out quite so well as they planned, and those people tend to be the people who give up and quit.

Stick at it and follow the basics

However, the people that stick at it and ask questions and attend my webinars, log in to my membership site onto the forum site, ask questions again, post trades, may not always be very successful to start with but they stick at it. They don’t give up, they follow the methodology and the basic principles of what I teach. Those are the people who long-term are in almost all cases the most successful traders.

You can see the correlation there. Not always is the path easy, but the people who stick at it and trust in the system and trust in themselves and seek help, they are the ones who do the best in the end. It’s a very true story for not only the sport of cricket or trading, and in life in general.

Christmas sale 12th – 16th December

That’s the story and the message for this week. Just one final thing to let you know, between the 12th and the 16th of December I’m holding a Christmas special. Christmas sale. There are going to be three very different and unique ways of joining the course that will be available to you. If you would like to know more, all you need to do is click on the link below this video, register your interest, and I’ll be sending you some emails and also links to that sale when it starts on Monday the 12th of December.

Once again, this is Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach. Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video and podcast. If you have any subjects you’d like me to discuss on future editions, just send me an email, [email protected].

Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing you this time next week.