Why Courses Do Not Work

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01:22 – No-one needs more information
01:50 – What do you get at TFTC?
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I’m going to explain to you why courses do not work. Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 340.

What do you get with a course?

This is all about why courses do not work. Now, you might be thinking, “Hey Andrew, that’s a little bit odd. Bit of a strange topic of conversation coming from you, as someone who is online, who actively has a course. And now you’re telling us courses do not work.” Let me explain more.

Someone I follow

I follow a guy online who has courses online also. Nothing to do with trading. He’s more of a business coach. But an email came through from him yesterday and it’s all about why courses do not work. I’d like to just read a little bit from that email to explain further what I mean and how it can also help you.

Here we go. He says, “I bought courses all the way from $7 up to $35,000. Some were great, some were terrible. But after spending over $100,000, I have to confess, courses do not work. But often they do give you something that does work, and that is access.” I’ll explain more. He goes on to say, “You see, none of us really need more information.

No-one needs more information

We’re overwhelmed, overloaded with information. It’s everywhere. Most of us are drowning in information. But more information, what that does, that leads to options and options leads to confusion. However, when you have access, that gives you the thing that really initiates change, and that’s wisdom.” And he says, “Wisdom is simple, applied knowledge and experience. But more information gives you more options or confusion, where a specific wisdom gives you clarity.”

What do you get at TFTC?

So it got me thinking. Here at The Forex Trading Coach, what do you really get? Well, of course you’d get a course and a strategy and software and webinars and all that type of thing that you know that you’d get and know that it’s good because it’s been around for 10 years and it’s got a five star rating. But what you really get is exactly like that email says. When you join us at The Forex Trading Coach, what you do get is access to wisdom. You get access to full-time traders. You also get access to other people just like you who’ve thought about investing in a forex course and actually have gone ahead and done that, who are now actively trading the system.

So you have access to ourselves as full-time traders and mentors and coaches, but you have access to that wisdom of other people all around the world who are sitting at home just like you, who want to become good forex traders. Not everybody wants to become full-time, but people just want to master the art of trading forex. That is the wisdom that you do get access to as part of The Forex Trading Coach community that we have.

Get access to our wisdom and knowledge

When it comes to us as full-time traders, you’ve got myself who’s been trading 16 years, we’ve got Paul over in America who’s been trading since 2005, so 14 years, we’ve got Mikalai based in London who’s been trading since 2012. That’s what, seven years. So all up, 37 years between us. I’ve been coaching for over 10 years, but 37 years of knowledge and wisdom from just the three of us as traders. Then on top of that, all the knowledge and wisdom from active traders just like you.

So have a think about that conversation, that email where he says, “Courses don’t work, but they give you access to clarity, access to wisdom.” That is really, when you think about it, what you get when you join a well respected and well established trading course.

I hope that helps. Just a little bit of a different take on things this week. But just if it may just get you thinking about the actual value that you get, access to that knowledge and that wisdom, it’s really important. So I hope that helps.

Contact me with your questions

If you’d like any other topics discussed, just send me an email. [email protected]. I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now.


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