What Are Your Trading Goals for 2023



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#487: What Are Your Trading Goals for 2023

In this video:

00:25 – Happy New Year

00:50 – So few people have any form of goals or plan

01:40 – You need to be able to see things differently

02:14 – Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

03:03 – Why we trade the Forex market

03:41 – Learning from 2022

04:23 – If you need help with goals and plans, just ask me

What are your trading plans and your trading goals and just your goals in general for 2023 and going forward from here? Let’s talk about that and more. Right now.

Hey there, traders. It’s Andrew here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 487.

Happy New Year

First video and podcast for the year. Happy New Year to you. Hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break. I just got out the poll and I thought I’d make this video all about goals because, you know, one of my goals is to try and swim every day this year.

That pool right now is at 32 degrees. So if you’re in the States and in Fahrenheit, I think that’s right. In the upper 80s early 90s, incredible temperature for the water. So really enjoying that.

So few people have any form of goals or plan

Let’s get back to the trading, though. This morning. I was at a business group that I go to here in Nelson and a lady there who’s a business advisor was talking about how she’s amazed that so few people out there have any form of financial goals, any form of plan.

Basically, so many people are just living like day to day, paycheck to paycheck. And of course, that’s pretty dangerous in a good year. What potentially we might see ahead of us this year, globally, things are not looking great. That’s going to be really, really dangerous. Now, I’m definitely an optimist. I always like to look on the glass as half full, the bright side of life.

But you’ve got to be real as well. And this year, you know, not looking great for a lot of people, a lot of businesses as well. That’s the reality of it. But like all these things, there are so many opportunities out there, so many great opportunities for people to do well,

You need to be able to see things differently

Whatever it is that you’re looking at doing. But the trouble is you’ve got to be in that position to see them and have that mindset to be able to willing to open your mind up to to look at things differently, to like the standard type of thing. And you’re going to then be in a position to take advantage of something if you see it. There’s so many people that with the benefit of hindsight do really well. But of course in reality they don’t because they’re into things too late or they just don’t see things. We’ve seen that so many times. You know, just look at what’s happened in the world over the last couple of years and the vast majority of people just have followers.

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

I was a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki. Years and years ago when I started investing in Robert Kiyosaki, he was always saying there’s opportunities everywhere the guy from rich that poor, that if you’re not read his books, just go read them.

That is fantastic. They’re still very, very relevant today. But, you know, just about the whole mindset of thinking differently, the whole concept that he brought in to his books about his rich dad being the business owner, I don’t work for X amount of dollars per hour. Out there looking at different opportunities, learning different skills, whereas his poor dad was the highly educated go to school, get more grades, go to university, earn a wage, work up the corporate ladder, all that type of stuff, which is we know and it’s not saying that’s wrong.

And I’m not saying that’s wrong because, you know, it’s not. But the reality is, if you want to sort of think differently, you kind of or you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to probably think differently to the norm. And so that’s basically what we’re saying.

Why we trade the Forex market

So let’s bring all this back to Forex. Why do we trade forex? Well, it opens up so many opportunities. It’s not dependent on so many other market conditions. The forex market, you know, you can buy, you can sell, you can now trade other markets as well as the forex market as well. It doesn’t require you to sit in their charts all day long if you know how to trade properly. Like the way that we trade 30 minutes a day, max is all you need.

So you can go and do things like go swimming and go and do things with your family and friends and travel and all those other things, you know, so you can go and do those. But, you know, it’s still like, Hey, we think you’ve got to do the hard work and the the groundwork first and you’ve got to do the basic right first.

Learning from 2022

But it all comes back to plan. And what happened if you’re trading already, how was 2022 for you? What did you do maybe wrong? What can you learn from what were you like to do differently this year? Have you changed that already? Have you created written a plan? You know what you’re looking for purely as a strategy? Money management, risk management.

Are you going to look at prop firms this year? What is it that you’re going to do? You’re going to get yourself educated in strategy that works and is proven, whatever it is, you know, you’re going to rely on an expert advisor. What is it that you’re going to do this year differently to make this year have a really good opportunity to be your best trading year yet if you got into trading at all? Well, it’s a prime opportunity to think about doing.

If you need help with goals and plans, just ask me

Goals and plans. If you need any help whatsoever, send me an email or add something to the comments box. If you’re watching on YouTube or email me. [email protected], anything you need help with. If you have any questions, if you have any topics or trading questions, anything that interests you that you’d like me to cover on videos and podcasts like this, which I’ll make weekly this year.

Again, just drop me a line, put something in the comments box below. If you’re on YouTube, don’t forget to like and subscribe or if you’re listening on a podcast, do the same thing. Let’s make this a great year for all of us. You know, we’re all doing this together all in the same boat role in the same industry, doing the same thing.

So anything that I can help you with this year, just let me know. That’s it for now. This is Andrew Mitcham here at the Forex Trading Coach. I see you this time next week bye for now.

Episode Title: #487: What Are Your Trading Goals for 2023

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