We’ve made +12.79% gain from the last 4 week’s trades posted on our membership site

In this video:
00:15 – Update from this week’s trades
03:23 – Weekly chart trades
04:37 – Daily chart trades hit full profit target
06:03 – This week’s totals, +5.45% for the week
08:01 – A gain of +12.79% in the last 4 weeks
08:30 – 3 day sale starting on 5th August 2019

Hi traders Andrew Mitchem here from The Forex Trading Coach. It is Friday the second of August.

Now before we get into next week’s sale, the three day sale that I’m giving, which starts next Monday.

Update from this week’s trades

I wanted to give you a live update here of the trade results of this week. So I’ll run through those trades very shortly, but just to let you know that with the trades that we’ve taken this week and posted on the membership site. Now this has got nothing to do with trades that we post on the forum site, trades that we take on the live webinar, which I did a two hour live webinar with my clients last week. This is purely trades posted on our membership site.

This week we have closed trades of plus five point four five percent on closed trades. And that’s by taking a quarter of one percent per trade. So really, really low risk high returns five point four five percent on closed trades. Adding to the open trades again I’ll share those with you shortly, which are one point four percent.  We’re up six point eight five percent if we closed out all the trades right now. Add that to the five point nine four percent I made on three weeks while I was over in England and France, that’s twelve point seven nine percent in the last four weeks. Trading ten to thirty minutes a day. Pretty amazing.

So let’s have a look at the trades, some of these you would have seen from the previous videos. But just to quickly summarise that we had an Aussie yen trade here, this was back from before I went away back on the third of July. And that was taken on the weekly chart trade bait, take back here, and you can see for a few weeks it didn’t go anywhere. I left the trade in and then it completely changed around reversed on us got to stop that. That’s the first one. And then you can see while we’re on the Aussie yen there’s an Aussie yen here which we suggested last week or this current week. Again you can see that on our membership site here the Aussie yen trade is, if I can go to the right one, at the top of the page. Here we go. So this week we had five trades suggested on the weekly charts. The profit target’s been hit on four out of the five market orders. The New Zealand, U. S. I’ll share it with you shortly. But we hit profit on those at one point six to one reward risk on the Aussie yen, the trade that I got on screen and seventy-three pips there. So you can see all those trades there.

As mentioned earlier, we had our full profit target on the breakout strategy that we used that was a trade on monthly so we stopped that yesterday. Another one still open on the monthly is up two point two to one. We got no trades today, non-fund payrolls on Friday. Yesterday we mentioned a trade on the euro franc, you can see the trade written down here. The exact entry and exit levels on the daily that made forty pips out of two point one to one and then the previous day. And that was a great trade on the U.S.-Canadian dollar and that ended up making here full profit two point five to one. So lots of trades there that we’ve taken.

Weekly chart trades

Let’s cover some of these weekly chart trades. The Aussie yen is this one here. We have a profit tigered of seventy-four thirty-five and it’s clearly gone way through that. We had the Aussie-Franc weekly, the Aussie-U.S. weekly, you can see down here Aussie-U.S. weekly there we call it sixty-eight zero seven and you can see it’s just got to that level it’s gone a tiny bit further. But there’s our profit tiger been hit already on that. We’ve got the Aussie-Franc that I mentioned there, which is here, profit tiger sixty-eight eleven and it’s well and truly, you got that one. Euro-Aussie in here profit tiger at one sixty-two forty-four and one sixty-two forty-four’s in here since well and truly got that one as well. The monthly chart trades that I mentioned on the previous video plus the one that I just shown just now this was a trade that was mentioned on the forum site that Paul took but was not on the membership site. So they have been closed out this week.

Daily chart trades hit full profit target

Let’s go and find the daily charts and I’ll share those with you on the screen as well.

So here’s the Euro-Franc that I mentioned from yesterday. So I’m just on a new screen here for recording. Let me just bring that one up for you, there we go. This was an excellent trade, really was a great trade. You can see that our profit tiger on the Euro-Franc was one zero nine sixty-nine. And the price got to one zero nine, lower that sixty nine. Got to exactly that level slight gap down here now today but we are exactly at that level. Great trade there. And the U.S.-Canadian dollar trade, which is also was shown on the membership site, this was another nice trade in here, just expand that slightly in here. That was a sale trade based on this candle here, with a profit tiger to one thirty-one sixteen. And that was down here so we took the sale trade we had our profit tiger hit and then what happened afterwards is quite amazing that the price went down a little bit further to the one thirty one. And then we had the U.S. interest rate in announcement which then pushed the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar way back up. It didn’t matter because we were out of the trade for full profit.

This week’s totals, +5.45% for the week

So all up this week daily chart trades have made us one point seven five percent, our breakout strategy made one point five percent and our weekly trades have made one point six percent, our monthly chart trades that have closed have made a zero point six percent. And our open trades they are here so we’ve got a U.S.-Yen trade there both positions and you’ve seen these on previous videos.  From June we’ve got the Aussie-New Zealand going real nicely there as a sale trade.  That’s based on the monthly chart trades, so just bring that one up for you on here. So that was taken up here to around the one zero four ninety-six level.  That’s carrying up here around hundred and eighteen pips profit target you can see on the charts there.  And we also have that weekly chart trade on the Franc-Yen going very, very nicely as well which is here.  It was taken on the weekly charts. That’s from back in mid July. And you can see that trade got filled up one zero nine seventy-three.  And it’s been up around a hundred and forty-five pips, it’s currently around a hundred and nineteen.  Stock loss is up here at about forty-four pips so you can see a great looking trade.  From where it’s low has been is only fifteen, sixteen pips away from full profit.

So as I mentioned, put all that together and we’ve closed a plus five point four five percent for the week.  We’ve got open trades here, these here still opened around one point four percent.  The five point nine four percent that I took on the previous three weeks, which you can see all those videos on the site that I’ve given you.  If you don’t have that site let me know and I can send you that link to the previous eight videos. 

A gain of +12.79% in the last 4 weeks

Put all that together four weeks of work there, twelve point seven nine percent with very, very low risk, very low draw down.  If you’d like to trade like daddy, if you’d like to have a help, if you’d like to view these trades that we’re doing and why we’re doing it and where the entry success story are.  Twelve point seven nine percent in a month, that’s quite amazing for ten to twenty minutes work once a day.  If you’d like to join us you know where to find us. 

3 day sale starting on 5th August 2019

You know also that Monday of next week, starting on the fifth, Monday for three days five ninety seven gets you fully on the course plus seventy-nine dollars a month ongoing if you’d like to continue with the daily trades, the live webinars, which we tweet, and the forum site.  Normally two and a half thousand dollars so this is gonna be exceptionally amazing entry price.  If you’ve thought about wanting to trade for us properly this is your absolute top opportunity to jump on board with our help and to gain  results like we are getting.  So look forward to sharing more results with you soon and look forward to seeing you on the course next week and that means you can then get onto our next live webinar.  So hopefully you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen over the last four weeks.  It’s all been shown with you, to you up front. You can see all the trades on our membership site, you can see the trades on there can’t here.  Great results, twelve point seven nine percent four weeks.  Would you like to be part of it? The question is yes or no? And if you would you know where to find us, if not then happy trading.  But if you’d like to be part of a huge community  that’s been running for nearly eleven years and thousands and thousands of traders worldwide, then we’re here to help.

Thanks again, this is Andrew Mitchem from The Forex Trading Coach. Bye for now.

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