Hi Andrew,

After having watched your introductory video for your course, a switch has been turned on, and i have you to thank.  i have been draining money in the forex market for over five years,  winning a little, but eventually emptying my trading account and restarting again.

Although i haven’t taken your course, your video showed how i was overtrading and using stops and profits that were within to tight of range. When my stop losses  were hit it influenced me to get right back into the market and cause me to lose sense of were the market was really going. After listening to key aspects of your video, i have a much better grasp of where the market it going.

Trading within a daily range and using the simple messages from your video have allowed me to calmly enter the market daily,  and watch my profits DRAMATICALLY increase by using my existing strategy.

I know it’s been a short time that i have been trading in this manner, but i have never been more confident trading the forex market as i am now and i am truly grateful that i came across your video.


Thank You Very Much,


Jim Faria,
Canada, 25th October 2013