Tips on entering the market at a better position

In this video:
0:36 Are you getting into a new trade too late?
1:53 Reversal trades and Continuation trades
3:30 Client makes nearly 50% this year in 10 months
4:18 How I can best help you with your trading

Would you like some tips and information regarding getting your entries better as a Forex trader? If you would, then listen up, we got some great information to share with you.

Hi traders, this is Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex trading coach in today’s video podcast. I want to talk about getting you better entries into your new Forex trading positions.

Are you getting into a new trade too late?

The reason for this video on podcast comes about as a result of an email from a lady called Jane, who said to me, “Andrew what I’m finding I’m doing is I’m leaving my entries far too late, by the time I actually decide to take the position, most of the move has happened, and I’m getting in far too late, and the trades are reversing on me and I’m getting stopped out even though I’m jumping in on what looks like a fairly good trend.” It is a common problem with so many people. It tends to happen regardless