In this video:
00:25 USD has shown a lot of strength
00:41 Looking at some buy opportunities on the GBP
00:52 Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each currency
01:26 Aiming to educate and help people on trading
02:59 Over 10% return on a live account in two weeks using my strategy
03:45 See something that you might benefit from my website

Hi Traders Andrew Mitchem here the Forex Trading Coach.

Great to be here. Today is Saturday, the 23rd of February.

A lot of USD strength

We’ve seen a really quiet a mix day today. Not a lot actually happened but as predicted the EUR and the GBP have continue to fall all week. The USD has shown a lot of strength and then the CAD has continued to fall.

Gold and Silver as I also said last week have continued to fall following last week’s big fall. So quiet a crashed there on Gold and Silver.

Having said that today I was looking at some buy opportunities on the GBP because it looked like there was some form of retracement coming against a certain place.
How do I know that?

I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each currency

Well each day I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each currency and you may have noticed that on the Forex Peace Army side have now been writing my analysis each day. If you’ve not seen that yet, jump across the www.forexpeacearmy.com and have the look under the education section and then under what they called the “Shoulder of Giants”.

A New Forex Peace Army Giant

Now I’m really privileged to be one of just two giants in their whole community of hundreds of thousands that have been asked to write on their site each day.

I had some great feedback. I’ve been writing for this one week but it’s helped a lot of people and that’s what I’m aiming to do. It’s aiming to educate and help people to look at the markets and trade on the right side of the market. Because trading, yes it’s all about finding the correct set up -technical setup or fundamental setup whatever it is you trade.

But also if you are trading on the right side or where the strengths and weaknesses are for that particular day surely it has to add to your probability of making successful trades.

So that’s the whole aim of that. Of course I teach that to my clients as part of my course but I’m also giving away that information free on the daily basis to trying help people gain more successful trades.

Free Trading Webinars

This week on my two free webinars that you can attend, I had two full rooms and some fantastic questions so if you were on that, hope you enjoyed that session. If you weren’t, if you haven’t attended yet make sure you jump on to this week’s, one of this week’s two free webinars.

Client makes 10% return in the last 2 weeks

Elsewhere on my own client’s webinars which is just client’s only invitation which I hold every two weeks – that’s a live two hour trading web webinar.

We shared some amazing results that a client of mine called Geraint from over in Australia has achieved.

Geraint has been with me for probably around six months or so and he’s now developed a four hour system using my strategy that works for him. And so he’s taken my four hour charts and he’s also looking at my daily suggestions. And in the last two weeks he reported that this has made over 10% return on his live account.

So that’s just in the last two weeks. But just like I said it’s taking him 6 months of learning, of progression to get that stage where he now feels comfortable with trading. And he has found a timeframe that suits him. And like me the four hourly and the daily charts – he has found as his niche timeframe – just works in beautifully not tying you to the computer screen.

But look 10% return in two weeks on a live account. It’s pretty amazing by anybody’s standards.

So if you’ve liked that to be you make sure that you attend one of my free webinars.

Learn about my course.

See what I’m about jump on the Forex Peace Army site.

Have a look through my own website and see what I offer in my training course to see if it’s something that you might benefit from.

So that’s all for now.

Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to talking to you this time next week.