The Importance of a Traders Community



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#446: The Importance of a Traders Community

In this video:
00:30 – Trading can be a lonely business
01:31 – We are big on creating a trading community
02:02 – Feedback from traders
02:21 – The webinars and the Forum site make the difference
03:50 – There are 5-10 trades posted per day
05:50 – Blueberry Markets are the best
06:45 – Any topics that you’d like me to discuss

Talking with other traders and being part of a like-minded community is a massive way to ensure that your trading is successful. Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey, traders. Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 446.

Trading can be a lonely business

Now, trading, as you probably know, can be quite a lonely business. You’re probably trading from home, let’s say, and no one really understands what you’re doing, your wife, husband, partner, kids, parents. No one really knows. A lot of people don’t really care.

No one understands what it is that you’re really doing. They say to me, “Are you trading stocks or something like that, or share trading?” And that’s as about as much as they know. Family and friends, in most instances, are not that helpful when it comes to trading. As a result of that, you, as the trader, you sit there at home like me here with the computer and it’s just you and the computer and it’s quite lonely. It can be quite boring. It’s not a very good way of…

Especially when you’re new or you’ve been trading for a while and you’re getting real frustrated, it’s not a good way of ensuring success.

Trading can be a lonely business

Now, one of the things that we do at Forex Trading Coach is we are really big on our trading community and helping people in real time. When people have been with us for six months and then a year, we go back to them and say, “Look, what is it that you are doing now that’s different? What are your liking most about the course? Anything we can do to add to things, change things, improve things,” just to get constant feedback from people.

Feedback from traders

And without a doubt, the feedback’s very consistent, and the people love the strategy. They love the email support. They love the software. They love the daily trades. They can follow along. All that people love.

The webinars and the Forum site make the difference

But the two things that stand out in most cases are the fact that people absolutely love being on the live weekly webinars and they love the forum site. When you think about that, two of those are things that happen in real time.

They’re places where you can interact and be part of a community. Now, most online forums, and I know this from years ago with experience, are just dreadful. Absolutely awful places to be. It’s just taken over by a small minority of people. Systems come and go. They swap and change all the time. It just never ends well. It just doesn’t. Never does. What I love about our forum site is it’s for clients only.

We’re only talking and trading one strategy and everybody there is there with the same common goal, to be a good trader, to help other people to be profitable, and just to basically make this work for them. And that’s what we get. We have a live chat facility where clients can all chat and interact with each other. They can talk about trades that they’re setting up or anything at all to do with trading. We have specific threads on different aspects of trading. People in different geographical areas can all interact with each other. Each timeframe chart that we take trades on has its own specific thread.

There are 5-10 trades posted per day

To give you an example, most days there are between five and 10 trades posted on the forum site on various other timeframe charts throughout the day that you can go and see them. You can be notified of them. You can learn from them. You can profit from them. You can talk about them. And that’s the beauty of the forum site that we have, one strategy, one community. It just works. And then with our live weekly webinars, the two hour long webinar.

I hold a European session webinar one week, and then Paul over in America holds the US session webinar the following week. They all get recorded. So if you can’t attend live, then you can go and watch the recordings. We’ve got all the recordings back to 2010 available on our membership site as well. But again, a great way to ask questions in real time, to see us talking about trades, thinking about what we’re setting up, and our whole mindset about trading. You can ask questions live. You can ask questions and send them in prior.

We can talk about those questions and answers on those sessions for you, but it’s real time as well that makes the difference. It’s their ability to have one system, one strategy, one community, and different ways of learning and earning as well ,and helping other people by giving back and interacting. The more that people interact, the more that people post trades on the forum site, the more they help themselves, because teaching actually helps yourself, as well as giving back to other people.

Because you’re saying, “Look, this is what I’m seeing. These are the reasons. Here’s the setup.” You’re doing it in real time. You’re putting your neck on the line in some ways, but that’s the way that you have to be if you’re going to be a trader. It’s no good being one of those traders that just looks at hindsight trades and that doesn’t make you anything. You have to have the ability to be able to do this in real time. And that’s the difference.

All of that support, that help is what makes the forum site and our webinars just such an important part of the overall package of how we help so many people become successful.

Blueberry Markets are the best

Now, another thing that we always do in terms of wanting success is, of course, we want a good broker. Blueberry Markets would be the best broker that I’ve ever seen in terms of support and help. It’s a bit like the philosophy that we have. Yes, we’re global, but also we like to keep things personal as well. And that’s what I find with Blueberry Markets.

You can have that great interaction with them. Any help that you need, it’s just there. It’s straight away. It’s really good. A fantastic broker. A fantastic team of people to help you as well, whether it be their online chat or phone calls, emails, whatever, even their whole website, their client’s portal, everything there is set up to make it good and easy for you. If you’re out there looking for a new broker or a good broker to go to, I can highly recommend Blueberry Markets. I’ll put a link to them on this video and podcast post.

Any topics that you’d like me to discuss

Any questions that you have or any topics that you’d like me to talk about trading, anything to do with trading at all on future videos and podcasts, just drop me an email, [email protected]. Be glad to help out. If you have anybody that’s interested in trading, feel free to share and like this post, send it around to other people who you think would benefit from this as well, or listen to the podcast. I’ll see this time next week with more trading tips and information. This is Andrew Mitchem at The Forex Trading Coach. Bye.

Episode Title: #446: The Importance of a Traders Community

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