The Best Way to Become a Successful Forex Trader

In this weekly video:
00:22 – How you can become a successful Forex trader
01:10 – We teach how to trade in real time
02:17 – We show you how to trade from the right hand side of the chart
02:27 – #1 – Daily Chart Trades
03:26 – #2 – Live Weekly 2 hour long webinars
04:07 – #3 – Client’s Forum Site
05:17 – If you’d like our help with any trading issues

What’s the best way for you to learn how to become a successful forex trader? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hi, forex traders, Andrew Mitchem here from The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 310.

How you can become a successful Forex trader

Now we’re gonna talk about how you can become a successful forex trader and what is the best way for you to learn how to do that. They say everybody’s different, everybody learns in different ways. Of course, some people are visual, some like to do things themselves, some like to read. Many, many different ways. But I firmly believe that what sets us apart as a forex education company is that first of all, we’re real traders. I’m making this video and podcast. I’m not home in my office with my screens behind me here. I’m a real trader doing this day in, day out. And have done so for 15 years. So that’s a really important point. We’re not set in some office in London, or New York, or Sydney, or somewhere with call centres. We’re not that at all. That’s far from what we are. We’re real traders. So that’s the first thing.

We teach how to trade in real time

The second thing is is that because we’re real traders, we teach people how to trade the way that we trade in real time. And I think that for you as someone who’s learning how to trade a strategy is absolutely critical. And that’s what sets us apart. You see, we’ve got three different ways of teaching our clients how to trade our strategy in real time. You can go online, and you can see videos, and you can see screenshots of the perfect trade, and someone’s highlighted this trade, and it’s working just beautifully. You notice how it does that. It always works beautifully. But the problem is that you as a trader, you get to understand the strategy, and you get to learn it, et cetera. You pay for it. And you cannot make it work in real time. That becomes the problem. And the issue there is that hindsight, everybody’s multi, multi millionaires. Simple. And the problem is that you have to learn to trade in real time from the right hand side of the charts without any of that hindsight. Without any of those losing trades. You’ve gotta trade the perfect trade every time. But how do you find it?

We show you how to trade from the right hand side of the chart

And so that’s what makes us different because we teach that trading from the right hand side of the chart because that’s what we do ourselves. Three different ways that we help our clients with this.

#1 – Daily Chart Trades

The first one is that we place data chart trades on our membership site for clients to follow along. We analyse the data charts each day. And between 5:15 and 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, so that’s about 15 to 30 minutes after the day the candle opens the new day, we place specific trades based on the daily charts for our clients to follow. So it’s all in real time. The market hasn’t even started to move yet at that time of the day. We’re saying these are the trades that we’re looking at, giving all the reasons for the trade set up, plus we are giving the exact entry and exit levels for people to follow along, learn from, and also to earn from. But the most important part of that is the learning because it’s learning to train your eye in real time from that right hand side of the chart without any of the benefit of what might happen next or hindsight. So really important. That’s a daily occurrence. You get that five days a week.

#2 – Live Weekly 2 hour long webinars

So second thing is we hold a live weekly webinars. Two hour long webinars. One in the European session. The next one in the US session. Myself and Paul Tillman, who works for me over in America, we trade live accounts in front of our clients, in real time. Again, all from the right hand side of the market. We’re placing trades. We’re giving reasons why we’re saying, “Yes, this is a good trade,” or, “No, I’m not quite so sure about this trade because of reasons A, B, C.” Again, it’s all in real time. It’s all live. It’s happening in front of you. And again, that helps you to train your eye to see the pattern. To see the set up. So again, all live. Most important thing there.

#3 – Client’s Forum Site

The third way that we have is that we have our forum site. And on that we have a chat area. And we have ourselves and clients posting trades that they’re taking in real time. So you can see there’s three different ways that we can help you in real time. Now if these trades go wrong, that’s fine. We’re human. We’re real. We’re doing this as real full-time traders. We understand that’s part of trading. We understand that not every trade will go perfect. But we trade the set up. We don’t get too stressed or carried away with good or bad trades, individual trades . We’re seeing the setup. We’re trading the set up. Because that know that with probability and over time, our successful strategy, if we trade the set up, then over time, probability and history suggests that we will be very, very profitable. So it’s all well and good to do that. It’s all well and good to see a strategy, and read books, and see screenshots, and watch YouTube videos, et cetera with someone showing you hand-picked, cherry-picked perfect trade set ups. Being able to do it and see it in real time by yourself is what will make you a good trader.

If you’d like our help with any trading issues

So I hope that helps. If you like our help with anything at all, just drop me an email, [email protected]. And I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now.

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