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00:24   Talking about trying to get you to trade less
01:29   You can trade 2 or 3 time per day www.TheForexTradingCoach.com 
03:01   Trading needs to be fun
04:19   10.4% net gain over the last two weeks
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Are You Spending Too Much Time at Your Computer and Watching Your Charts?

Do you find that you’re spending too much time at your computer and at your charts watching for setups and not spending enough quality time enjoying your life?  If that’s you, I’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Let me tell you more right now.

Hi this is Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach, today is Friday the 6th of September.

And that’s right I want to talk about trying to get you to trade less.  You see, I get emails all the time people telling me that they’re scalping on short time frame charts, and saying, “Look Andrew how can I have more clarity in my trading, how do I know when to enter, when to exit, what levels to trade, what pairs, what time frames, etc.”, and it all comes down to the same solution:  trade less; trade higher time frames.  You see for me, apart from the daily charts, my nex