Real Trading Results

In this weekly video:
00:28 – Coaching sessions in the US
00:53 – Amazing trading results
01:36 – Client from the UK makes 6.5% in 20 days
02:12 – What makes the results so good?
02:46 – Great to meet clients in person as to see how FX is changing their lives
03:45 – Get to Washington DC next week
04:18 – Join my online video course if you’re unable to join us live next week

I want to share with you some results that clients have been making on live accounts in real time in the Forex market. Let’s get into that and more right now.

Hey traders. Andrew Mitchem here. The Forex Trading Coach. Video and podcast number 227 coming from Raleigh in North Carolina in America.

Coaching sessions in the US

Now just yesterday I held a free intro session for people looking at jumping into Forex Trading and tonight we’re doing exactly the same thing in Raleigh and then at the weekend we’re holding some live events here, live training events and then moving onto Washington D.C. next week, so that’s what we’re up to in America.

Amazing trading results

But what I want to talk about in this video and podcast is some of the amazing results that clients are achieving. Now I’ve just been holding a webinar in the US session with Paul Tillman who’s a client of mine who lives here in Raleigh and the results are just amazing. We had a guy Javier, who a few weeks ago I mentioned on the videos and podcasts. I met Javier just yesterday. He lives here. He made 18% in the last nine weeks on live account. Paul himself, he’s made 4% so far just this week. I‘m up 2.5% and I’ve been here just trading daily charts. I‘m up 2.5% on my live account so far in just being in America for a few days.

Client from the UK makes 6.5% in 20 days

On the webinar I had a client in England and he said that he’s made 6.5% in the last 20 days on live accounts again and these are people who have taken the course. They’ve studied the course. They’ve attended the live events. They jump onto the forum site and it’s just happening all the time. I met another client last night, a guy called Andrew Terkington who lives here in Raleigh. He’s been a client for I think about three months and he had made something like I think he said about 8% in that time on a live account. It’s happening time and time again.

What makes the results so good?

Why’s it happening? Why does this happen to clients? Why it’s such a great success rate? Well, many reasons. One I’m a real trader. I’m here in America and I’m trading in the afternoon time now. 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time is when I‘m posting my daily charts, so I’m posting that in real time for people to follow. We’re holding the live webinars. We’ve got the live forum site. We’ve got live chat for clients to talk to each other. We’ve got software. All these things are basically to ensure that clients have a really high success rate of being successful.

Great to meet clients in person as to see how FX is changing their lives

It’s just really great to meet these people who have been clients, some for years such as like Paul has been a client for over two years and as you meet them in person and see where they live. See what they’re doing and how being successful at the Forex market is actually changing their lives. It’s just a great thing to see.

Last night I went out for a meal with Javier, with Andrew and with Paul and it’s great to be sat with four people together. The four of us sat there together all making money and actually Paul said “I wonder how many people can sit down at a table of four with other successful Forex traders?” Not only knowing people who trade Forex to start with but successful and profitable traders and all four of us are just examples of that, so it was very, very pleasing to see and nice to see how well people are doing. If you happen to be in the area, if you happen to be in the Raleigh area then try and get along to the weekend event.

Get to Washington DC next week

If you’re in Washington D.C. we‘ll be there this time next week. Next Thursday and Friday we’re holding some free intro to Forex sessions in Washington D.C. and then next weekend, that’s the 10th and 11th of June, we’re holding two one day live events in Washington at the Sheraton Hotel, Reston. There’ll be information about that below this video and podcast if you’re keen on attending. If you’re not in America or you too far away from Washington or North Carolina that’s fine.

Join my online video course if you’re unable to join us live next week

If you want to be successful I really encourage you to jump onto the video course. Sure you can’t have the live trading that we’re offering here, right now but the video course is what everybody else gets. It’s just a remarkable Remarkably high number of successful traders after taking the course. I’m off to enjoy the sights of Raleigh in North Carolina. I’m having a great time here some amazing people, nice weather. A great place to be trading because you’ve got the US morning session and then in the afternoon, 5 o’clock you’ve got the close of the daily chart. At that time we can look at 12 hours, 6 hours, 4 hour, 1 hour charts etc. Really twice a day and that’s it. That’s all you need to look at your charts and that doesn’t matter where you live in the world and you can achieve results like these people are achieving.

This is Andrew Mitchem the Forex Trading Coach in Raleigh in North Carolina. I’ll see you this time week when I’ll be coming to you from Washington D.C., the Capital. See you then. Bye.