In this video:

00:31              Concentrating on Psychology of trading
00:44              Understanding the whole mentality behind trading
01:29              Great trade on the Euro/New Zealand Dollar on the four hour charts
01:38                3.28% return on account risking just a quarter of 1% per trade
02:02              Been asked to be a guest speaker for the broker City Index – 27th of Nov
02:40              Japanese Yen has reached resistance against a lot of currencies
03:03              Looking for resistance levels to be broken before jumping into long positions


Hi everybody, Andrew Mitchem here and I am the Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Friday, the 16th of November.

Well we had another fantastic live trading webinar last night. And on that webinar I concentrated on the psychology of trading. Each time I have a webinar I specialized in a particular subject. I create a PDF File for my clients and then we go through a particular subject each time.

The Mentality behind Trading

Last night was psychology and understanding the whole mentality behind trading because obviously a lot of people want to become full time Forex traders. And like you’re probably finding out it’s not quiet as easy as it’s made out. But through my course I try to help my clients who want to become full time traders so we specialized in that subject last night.