Profiting from the Crypto Crash



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#481: Profiting from the Crypto Crash

In this video:
00:25 – Today’s video and podcast
00:53 – A massive fall in the Crypto market this week
02:30 – Crypto Cash
03:11 – Trading Battle and my 2022 predictions have been correct
04:50 – Our Black Friday sale starts on 17th/18th November
06:16 – Check out Blueberry Markets
07:13 – This week’s summary

The crypto market has been crashing and tumbling this week. So how do you profit from that rather than take massive losses? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey there traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 481.

Today’s video and podcast

A big list of things to get through today, including the big crash in cryptos and how you can profit from that. I want to talk about my 2022 long-term predictions that I made last year and how those have come correct. I want to talk about our Black Friday sale on this upcoming Friday, on the 18th of November. I want to talk about Blueberry Markets as my preferred broker. So let’s get into that.

A massive fall in the Crypto market this week

So cryptos; they have been tumbling. If you’ve been following cryptos, if you’ve been trading in cryptos, or you’ve been holding cryptos, you would have seen that this week we have had a massive fall in most of the crypto markets. So for a lot of people that’s obviously really, really bad news. But for us as traders, Forex traders but we can now trade cryptos in the same way because my strategy works across all markets and all timeframes and that does crypto pairs as well. So luckily for us, we have the ability of course to trade short or to sell something. We’re selling something that we don’t own. Unlike going out there and actually buying Bitcoin or Ethereum or something, we’re not doing that. We have the advantage of riding the market down if we’re selling it and profiting exactly the same way as if we were buying it and the market was going up.

Now, that’s one of the main things that attracted me to the Forex market getting close on 20 years ago, was the ability to sell something and watch it fall and profit from that, unlike say traditional buying shares or buying property or something like that, where of course you buy, hope, hold, hope it goes up kind of strategy.I wasn’t overly interested in that and that’s why I like the ability to make money, providing I’m on the right side, whether a market is going up or down. That’s the beauty of the way that we trade.

Crypto Cash

So with cryptos, for example, we’ve seen this week the likes of Bitcoin go from $21,000 down to $15,000. A massive, massive drop. We’ve seen Bitcoin cash go from 120 down to $86. We’ve seen Ethereum go from $1,600 down to $1,080. So massive, massive drops. Sure they might come back a little bit but the beauty is, as mentioned, we can trade them if they’re going up or down. We’re price-action based and that works across all markets without fail. That’s the beauty of it. So that’s why I like to trade the Forex market and now other markets.

Trading Battle and my 2022 predictions have been correct

The Trading Battle is a group online who came to me just over a year ago and I did a trading battle challenge on their website on a live feed that goes out on YouTube and other platforms. At the end of 2021, they asked me and all the other people on there to make a video without predictions for 2022. If you go back and watch my video from November or December of 2021, I was saying that my 2022 longer term prediction was for the New Zealand/US and the Australian/US to fall. That was based on what I could see on the longer term monthly charts. If you go and have a look at your charts from the beginning of this year to right now, you can see that pretty much the Australian/US and the New Zealand/US have just fallen the whole year. So it’s a combination of those two weakening, US strengthening.

But I could see that based on the monthly charts. So I’ve made a video update for them explaining what I was looking at a year ago and how that’s come true, and also how we can teach you to do exactly the same. Again, it doesn’t matter what the timeframe is, it’s just that this particular objective was more of a longer term what’s happening this year perspective. Those are the two currencies that I picked out. Go look at your charts and start at the beginning of January of 2022. Have a look at today. You can see that’s been a pretty good, fair reflection of what’s happened. So really pleased we’ve got that all in order.

Our Black Friday sale starts on 17th/18th November

Also, our third thing, our Black Friday sale is coming up. By the time you get to watch this on your Sunday or Monday, it will be on Friday. So Friday the 18th of November. It will be Thursday the 17th start time depending on where you are in the world. So if you’re in the US or in Europe, then the start time of the sale will be Thursday the 17th for you. For me over here, this side of the world over in New Zealand, the start time will be 9:00 AM my time, Auckland New Zealand time, on Friday the 18th of November. There is a countdown timer, so you can’t get it wrong. I’ve put various countries and various cities around the world on a page so you can see the exact start time in your start time so you cannot get it wrong. It’s a 12 hour dime sale. It is going to be the lowest price I’ve ever offered the course in coming up 14 years here at The Forex Trading Coach.

If you want to change your trading around and you want to get into it or it’s just not working for you and you want to make it work and get these longer term predictions as well as shorter time frame trades that we post, this is your prime opportunity. I’ll put a link here for you to register your interest. Make sure you jump on board. It’s a 12 hour sale. The price is starting crazily low and it’s going to increase every 15 minutes. So do not miss out, if that’s the thing for you that you want to change your trading around going into 2023.

Check out Blueberry Markets

Lastly, Blueberry Markets over in Australia. Great bunch of people, awesome broker, great pricing, great platform, lots of different markets. From what I’ve heard on the grapevine, going to get even better and bigger going into next year. Sounds like there’s a few developments coming along from Blueberry that’s just going to make them even better. Again, I’ll put a link to Blueberry Markets. Without doubt, they have the best customer service. Absolutely no question there. The amount of things that we’ve had people come to us and say, “Hey, Andrew, I can’t get this,” or “I can’t apply to this,” or “There’s something wrong here.” and I’ve gone to Blueberry directly and said, “Hey guys someone’s having an issue with their broker can you do this? And they go, “Yeah, sure, no problem”. Got it fixed and got people sorted, happy, within hours sometimes. It’s amazing how they operate. So I’ll put a link to Blueberry Markets here as well.

This week’s summary

So that’s a lot we’ve covered. We’ve covered the buying and selling of any market but cryptos you would have seen has fallen massively. We’ve covered the Trading Battle and my longer term predictions from last year coming really good this year. We’ve covered Black Friday this Friday, or Thursday depending on where you live in the world, and Blueberry Markets. Any content you’d like me to cover on future videos and podcasts, just ask. Send me an email [email protected]. Hope you’ve enjoyed listening or watching, and I’ll see you next week. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #481: Profiting from the Crypto Crash

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