In this video:
00:11    Two reasons why Andrew is in Sydney
01:11    Two ways of managing your trading
02:21    Feedback about experience trading webinars
02:47    What is good trading all about?

Let’s talk about profit targets now I’m in Sydney.

Hi this is Andrew Mitchem here, the Forex Trading Coach and today is Thursday the 18th of July, and I’m in Sydney here for two reasons:

1. I’m here representing New Zealand at the World Karate Champs and
2. There is the Sydney Forex Expo on this weekend.

Trade Daily Charts When Away

So two reasons to be here.  Remember when it comes to being away, travelling, look at daily charts, concentrate on those it means that you can actually travel and trade.  You don’t need to be watching five minute charts, one minute charts – and that’s something that so many new people come to me with that problem they’re always focused on watching the charts all day and night and