Discover The Proven 30-Minute-A Day

Process That Can Turn ANYONE Into

A 6-Figure Forex Trader In Just 6-to-12 Months (Even If You’ve Never Traded Before!)

This Is EXACTLY How I Escaped 12-Hour Days Milking Cows
And Became A Multi-6-Figure Trader
(And Helped 3,900+ People Do The Same For The Last 14 Years!)

Imagine waking up every morning…

Quickly scanning your charts for about 15 minutes…

Taking your trades for the day…

And shutting down your computer while you go and do whatever your heart desires for the rest of the day.

You don’t check your trades again until 12 hours later.

You’re not stuck at your screen for hours every day watching the markets.

You have complete ownership of your time.

And the peace of mind that your “set-and-forget” trades will deliver a healthy income this month – with practically ZERO risk.

This is not a dream.

It’s a reality.

One you can make happen in the next 6-12 months.

Even if you’ve never traded before…

Don’t have much money to get started…

Have zero financial background…

Or you’ve been trading for a while now and are still struggling to see results.

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it.

I was a dairy farmer before I discovered Forex.



Trading allowed me to swap 4am wake-ups and 12 hour days on the farm for a mid-6 figure annual income that’s generated in just 30 minutes of actual trading per day.

Forex gave me back my time and allowed me to be a 100% stay-a-home dad.

(I never missed one of my kid’s sports games because I had to stay back late in the office.)

Forex made it possible for me to give my family EVERY opportunity in life.

Thanks to trading, I’ve never worried about how I was gonna pay the mortgage…

Or felt the pain of inflation, a recession, or job loss.

 Trading has given my family wealth and safety.

And for the last 14 years I’ve shared my powerful-yet-simple trading system with nearly 4,000 people so they can do the same.

People like…

Imre Gams who QUIT his job as a graphic designer to travel he world within 12 months of following my system. Today, Imre runs his own investment fund. He was completely new to Forex when he started.

Sedat says he could “lose his job tomorrow” and it wouldn’t worry him because he’s generating so much through his trading.

Karl Milnes was a builder who would buy houses and renovate them for profit, but cashflow was difficult. Months could go by without any income, and then he discovered Forex.

Now, Karl subcontracts his building work out to other people while he stays at home with his wife and two young daughters because he’s making more from trading than building.

Percy quit his job in the middle of the pandemic because his Forex income was so consistently high.

Brando lost 10 years trying to teach himself how to trade. Within just 8 weeks of following my system he’d grown his account by 50%!

My students’ success is thanks to my High-Reward:Low-Risk trading system.

Trading like this gives you the rare ability to find quality trades that offer returns of 2:1, 3:1, even 4:1 or more on every trade, every day.

Here’s a quick peek at the types of trades I find in minutes every single day and share with all my students to copy.

I made $273 from just $35 risk on this Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen trade. 

I turned $70 into $312  on this Euro/US dollar trade.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, I turned $70 into $189 on the British Pound/Japanese Yen.

I 4X’d my money on this GBP/USD sell trade and it took me all of two minutes to identify and take the trade

One of my students, Luca, made $425 from just FIVE trades!

My students and I DOUBLED our money  on this New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen trade.

And another of my students, by the name of Koz, Koz made $505 OFF JUST ONE TRADE!

My students, my team of coaches, and myself personally share DOZENS of incredible trades like these every week with our entire community.

This is how you rapidly grow your account and replace your 9-5 income.

By copying what works so you can EARN while you LEARN!

My “Successful Trader System” coaching program shows you how to:

  • Easily and safely identify strong trades in just 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Make thousands per month while risking just 0.5% of your account on each trade in a “set-and-forget” process.
  • And the proven pathway students of mine have followed to become 6-figure traders within just 12 months even though they started out with very small accounts.

How do you do take this pathway?

It’s very simple.

I will personally help you get funded by a prop firm so you have the POWER to generate an extra 5 or 6 figures a year WITHOUT putting your own money on the line.

When you’re trading with a prop firm’s money, and 100% guided by my system and coaching, you can deliver monthly profits like clockwork.

Most prop firms offer their traders a very generous  80% profit share.

So, let’s say, for example, you manage a US$200,000 account for a prop firm (which is NOT a lot of money for them.)

You deliver 10% profit (which is very achievable and low-risk when you follow my system.)

And when you do this, you’re producing $20,000 for the prop firm.

Your 80% share means US$16,000 goes straight into your pocket!

Because of your success, the prop firm will likely increase the size of your account.

Perhaps $300,000?

And when you make 10% on that account, it’s now $24,000 in profit share for you.

Imagine what you could do with that income injection?

How would your life change?

Whether you are trading a small account of $1,000 of your own money…

Or trading $100,000 of a prop firm’s money…

The process and the returns remain the same, so it simply makes sense to combine my system with a firm’s funds so you can build a truly free and wealthy life.

By the way, prop firms DO NOT CARE whether you’ve been trading for 6 months or 6 years.

They only care about results.

Sign up and pass their testing process – which I can help you with.

Prove you can walk the walk – which is easy when you have my system guiding you.

And you’ll get funded – making thousands a month in just 30 minutes a day.

I recently helped  a student of mine – who goes by the name “LS51” inside my private online community – pass his “trial challenge” with a prop firm.

Following my system, he delivered a massive $20,000 PROFIT in just 11 DAYS!

And he recently received his very FIRST PAYOUT from the prop firm that’s been funding him.

I’ve personally helped many people successfully pass their trial challenge and they’re all now banking thousands in commissions every month.

It still only takes them around 30 minutes a day, just following the steps I lay out in my coaching program. 

Here’s another prop firm success story… 

Tom Brain went from scraping by on just £80 a day in his old job in London to managing a 6-figure account and earning thousands in monthly commissions from a prop firm within just SIX MONTHS of working with me.


Ahmad had never taken a trade in his life before joining my program.  

Fast forward just 8 MONTHS and he’s got funded, so he trades using their money and earns 5-figure commissions every month.

I’ll show you the system, and give you the hands-on coaching, to achieve all of this, so you can stop feeling confused by trading and start making life-changing profits.

Students tell me that trading my way is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

They never knew they could make hundreds, then thousands, each month just by taking a handful of trades each day.

And once they know how to do it?

Trading becomes SIMPLE and FUN.



These profitable skills and knowledge will look after you and your family for LIFE!

My step-by-step process will give you the skills to make hundreds, then thousands, per month in just 30 minutes a day.

“The Successful Trader System” is designed to make your trading predictable, profitable, and safe, so you can live a life of freedom.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’re about to unlock:

1. “The Successful Trader System” Online Coaching Program (Lifetime Access)

Delivered across more than 5 hours of video content, I will share my detailed step-by-step trading strategy for making multipolie-6 figures a year in just 30 minutes a day.

Expert modules inside the program include: Money Management, Metatrader Platform, Candle Patterns, Trading with Fibonacci, Support & Resistance, Stochastic & Divergence, Bollinger Bands, MT4/MT5 Indicators, Templates & Profiles, The Best Time Frames To Trade, Pulling together Your Complete Strategy, My Monday Breakout Strategy, Video Walk-throughs of How to Pick Low-Risk, High-Reward Trades, and So Much More!

2. 12 months Access to My
Personal Daily Trades

Would you like to know exactly what I’m trading every morning so you can copy it and profit at the same time?

When you join our community, you’ll receive my personal daily trades.

Not only that, you’ll get a complete and detailed breakdown of why it’s a good trade, so you can quickly start applying the same criteria and spot your own high-profit trades every day.

If you want to make money quickly – and understand the mechanics of a good trade so you can start making them yourself – just copy what I do every day and watch your account grow.

It takes just 15 minutes each day to copy these trades, and you truly do get to “EARN while you LEARN”.

Imagine how quickly you’ll grow when you combine Andrew’s profitable trades with your own.

This is the fastest way to grow your wealth.

3. LIFETIME ACCESS to personal email
support from Andrew

No other Forex coach in the world offers this level of personal, hands-on support.

Hit a roadblock with your trading?
Email me.

Got doubts about your strategy?
Email me.

Don’t know how to stop a bad run of losing trades?
Email me.

Whatever your Forex problem is, my expert coaching team and I are on call to help you solve it for the rest of your life!

Just send me an email and you’ll get a reply within 12-24 hours, putting you back on the road to profits.

This way, you’ll never, ever again feel like you’re trading in the dark on your own.

4. Exclusive Access to Live Weekly “Students-Only” Trading Sessions with Andrew and Paul

As a member of the program, you get a reserved seat at the table for our weekly “Students-Only” live trading sessions.

This is where myself and Paul Tillman (our Director of Coaching Services) open the doors to the trading room, discuss the market for the week, the strategies that are working, and take trades in real time for everyone to profit from.

You’ll see exactly how elite traders think and trade, and get to copy us.

You’ll see what we look for in a good trade and how to set it up to maximize your profits with practically ZERO risk.

This is almost cheating because you’re going to watch experienced traders take live trades right in front of your eyes, then you can go back to your own trading account and follow our formula for success.

In addition to this, it’s also a weekly opportunity for you to ask any questions and get PERSONAL on-the-spot solutions to your trading problems.

5. My Custom-Built, High-Powered “Sat-Nav”
Trading Software

My personally designed, custom-built trading software works with the MT4/5 platform to help you quickly and easily identify high-quality trade set-ups every single day.

It has the ability to go through thousands of potential trades in minutes before showing you the best the market has to offer.

Think of it like having a second set of eyes on the markets that:

  • Knows the different candle patterns we’re looking for that signal good trade set-ups.


  • Plots Divergence and Hidden Divergence, and major Round Numbers for you.


  • It also plots the Daily Support/Resistance and Pivot Point levels on your charts.


  • Gets auto-updated each day.

Personally developed, tested, and perfected by myself over many years, my software will be your TRADING SAT-NAV, keeping you on the road to smart decisions and consistently-high profits.

It cuts your trading time down to just 30 minutes a day.

And makes it extremely easy to decide “YES” there is a trade or “NO” there is not a trade in just 30 minutes per day.

6. VIP Access to My PRIVATE
Online Community

Imagine a secret online community where some of the world’s most experienced and profitable online traders, and sharpest Forex students hang out, swap strategies, solve problems together and…


This is precisely what my private online community is!

An extremely supportive and welcoming community that’s motivated to help everyone succeed.

Learning from this community is the secret ingredient that sets our traders up for fast success and a lifetime of profits and freedom.

My team and I are in there answering questions all day long from traders inside the group.

And you’ll get access to a treasure chest of A+ trades from me, my team, and my most successful students who have now become Forex masters in their own right.

Log into the community at any time of day and you’ll find dozens and dozens of high-profit:low-risk trades to copy and profit from, allowing you to “double stack” your profits and earn even more while you learn.

My team and I also post more great trades as we spot them throughout the day (this is over-and-above my official Daily Trade Suggestions which you also receive as part of your membership.)




These are the 3 keys that allow ANYONE to become a safe, confident, high-profit trader in a matter of months (and then get funded and enjoy a high trading income for years to come!)

The community also means working with me is fully transparent.

You trade what I trade.

You’ll see my losses.

Profit from my wins.

We’ll all copy the community and share trades.

And our wealth grows together.

By the way…

You are 100% Covered by My “No-Risk” Guarantee!

If my Daily Trade Suggestions – which I posts every day in the members’ section of the course for you to copy and earn while you learn – don’t deliver a MINIMUM 20% PROFIT GAIN within the first 12 months of you joining, you will be refunded every cent of the course fee and still KEEP ACCESS.

You don’t even have to take the trades yourself….

The responsibility is entirely on me to show you my system is the real deal and deliver a minimum 20% return

If I fail, you’ll get all of your investment returned, plus keep access and all other benefits of your membership.

But that’s not going to happen because my daily trades have delivered an average of 28.7% return for the last 14 years and counting.

The chart below shows how, over the last 14 years my daily trades have turned US$100,000 into US$4.32 million.

This is just 1 account taking trades only on the Daily – or D1 – charts.

Any trader can follow this with their eyes closed!

Imagine what that could do for your account when combined with the profitable trades you learn to set up for yourself.

This is the fastest way to building wealth.

I also share dozens of “bonus” trades each week that deliver wins on every market and time frame you can imagine.

My system works on EVERYTHING!

Currencies, indices, commodities…

I’ve made money on lead, sugar, wheat, and, of course, Crypto (but I do it SAFELY + PREDICTABLY!)

My SAFE way of trading Crypto turned
a $36 risk into $190 PROFIT!

When you trade my system you can go at your own pace.

You can make small, consistent steps each week.

Build your account over time.

And let compounding work its magic.

For example…

Let’s say you had just $1,000 in your account.

You gain 5% a month though your trades, or 1.25% a week.

And you add $100/week into the account to help it grow.

In five years, your account would be worth almost $200,000!

What if you started with $5,000?

You’ll be sitting on nearly $300k when the calendar rolls over to 2028!

Imagine how your life would change if you followed this plan for the next 5 years?

A 5% monthly profit on a $286k account is $14,300.

Which sounds like freedom to me.

You could reinvest half and use the other half to fund your lifestyle.

And it’s all from a very realistic profit target of just 1.25% a week.


You can hit the “FAST FORWARD” button.

Work your way through my program over the next 6-12 months.

Pass the prop firm tests with my help.

And start making thousands per month in commissions like my student Ryo Chong has.

Ryo dedicated himself to my system and quickly achieved regular +5% and +10% profit weeks all throughout 2021 when he joined.

As of today, he’s a fully-funded prop firm trader who’s taking home thousands per month in generous profit share. 

Here’s an email he sent telling me the good news and explaining how the trial worked.

Here’s the thing

Once you know my system and get funded, there really is no cap on your income.

So, if you wanna know more, click the “SCHEDULE A DEMO” button below right now.

We’ll get on a really quick call and show you how this will work for you.

We’ll talk about where you’re at with your trading.

What your goals are.

And show you the pathway that’ll take you from where you are today to becoming a 6-figure trader within the next 6-12 months.

Remember, there’s a profit guarantee on the daily trades I share.

If I don’t deliver, I’ll refund your course fee and you’ll still keep access.

So there’s no incentive for us to try and push you to say “Yes” on this call.

It’s a zero pressure chat for both of us to see if we’re a good fit.

Whatever your decision, you’ll come away from the call with a clear idea on how to improve and move forward.

I’ve helped nearly 4000 traders from more than 100 countries use this system to build strong, predictable, recession-proof incomes – and they’re leaving me incredible 5-Star reviews on independent websites like

More and more of those traders are replacing their 9-5 incomes with Forex, like my student John Alby.

John has been following my system for 10+ years.

In that time, he’s averaged 20% to 30% a year profit gain.

He’s also making thousands on the side trading for a prop firm.

And it’s all thanks to the safe systems and processes I share inside my coaching program.

Here’s an email he sent me recently…

No matter what happens in the global economy over the next few years, I know John’s safe.

He’ll keep trading, growing his wealth, and living with peace of mind.

He is recession-proof.

All of my students are. 

And the reason why is because my system simply works and my team and I are very good at coaching people so they can master it.

Nearly 4,000 people around the world are successfully trading my system.

Many of them have quit their jobs because their monthly profits are so strong and consistent.

Many others continue to work their 9-5 because they enjoy their careers, but want a fast, reliable, high-profit “side hustle” that gives them a wealthier lifestyle.

Whatever your lifestyle and financial goals are, Forex can make them happen – in just 30 minutes a day!

I help people who have never traded before.

I help people who have been trading for years and got NOWHERE.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at right now.

You don’t need a financial background.

If you follow the process you can become a consistent 6-figure trader in just 30 minutes a day – WITH practically zero risk on your account. 

If you wanna make a safe, reliable, consistent high income from trading,  and wanna know more about how it’s done, AMAZING!

We’d love to meet you.

Just click the “SCHEDULE A DEMONSTRATION” button below. 

We’ll have a super-quick chat about it.

You can find out anything else you need to know about how it works and, hopefully, we’ll be working together – and building your wealthy new life – on the other side.

To your success,

The Forex Trading Coach

Here’s How I Can Turn You Into A Successful, High-Profit Trader

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