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Learn to profitably trade Forex in less than 30 minutes a day.

Build wealth, become financially free, and live life on your terms.


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Trapped by the 9-5 grind? DONE living paycheck to paycheck? Sick of saying “Yes Boss!”? This is your ticket out of that 40-year prison sentence.

Discover How I Quit 12-Hour-Days Milking Cows And Built A Life of Financial Freedom In Just 30 Minutes A Day As A Forex Trader (And Helped 3200+ People Do The Same!)

Crypto and day trading are like tossing your money on a bonfire. Smart traders who want a stress-free life and a predictable, wealth-building income read this letter instead…

“It’s just like gambling!”

That’s what my family and friends warned me when I first dipped my toe into the waters of the Forex markets.

In their eyes, Forex is just like the share market or, in more recent times, the Crypto craze.

If Forex was as risky as people think, the bubble would have burst long ago… just like it does multiple times a week in day trading and crypto.

I get it – you see people online showing how they made thousands of dollars in a single day through Crypto. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that action?

Only problem is, those thousands of dollars you might make (if you’re in the right place at the right time) made with the press of one button WILL get taken away in the minutes it takes to read this page.

Take a look at this to see what I mean. It’s a quick screenshot I took of the wild fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin over the course of just a few weeks…

forex course
Rags to riches and back again multiple times in a week.

Is that how you want to live your life? Constantly worrying about whether you have any money in your account?

It’s certainly not for me or the 3200+ traders I’ve helped build rock-solid, stress-free, reliable monthly incomes through Forex.

Forex? Risky? No way.

I’ve spent the last 17 YEARS living a life of financial freedom thanks to Forex.

For someone like me – a person who always thinks things through and won’t even cross the street unless I have a green light – Forex is the dependable, safe way to trade online and earn a living with far more earning power than your average 9-5 could ever offer.

The way I trade means you’re NEVER at the mercy of the markets like you are with Crypto and day trading.

Instead, you have the tools and skills to read the market and pick the right trades at the right time to reliably grow your profits.

Forex’s dependability has allowed me to…

Quit my job and spend my days chasing my passions for the last 17 years…

Have no more money worries and give my wife and kids every advantage and opportunity they desire…

Lock in double-digit percentage profits with clockwork consistency every year…

And grow an initial US$100,000 investment into US$2.56 million in profit – and that’s just in ONE of my many trading accounts.

Did I mention I don’t have a financial background?

I’m not some crazy, gifted maths genius either.

Before Forex I was a dairy farmer!

So how did I swap milking cows for milking the markets with just 30 minutes of actual, in-front-of-my-computer, trading per day?

In this letter, I’m going to show you how I smashed down the door and waltzed into the exclusive club of the Wall Street Elite, becoming a full-time Forex trader, which started from my kitchen bench on a farm at the bottom of the world.

And if an ex-dairy farmer like me can do it, so can you!

I’m going to share what I did and more below…

But before I get to that, let me introduce myself.

Dear Future Master of the Forex Universe…

My name’s Andrew Mitchem and for the last 12 years I’ve quietly built a reputation as one of the world’s most consistently profitable Forex traders and effective coaches (more than 3200 students from 98 countries and counting).

Around 17 years ago, life had slammed me into a brick wall.
I was a broke, exhausted, recently-divorced single dad and dairy farmer.
Here’s me with my little boy, Thomas, back in 2004 (he ain’t so little anymore!)

forex course

In my darkest period, Thomas was the light of my life.

He’s the reason I would grind away on the farm 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, battling to keep a roof over our heads and pay off the banks and lawyers.

Two huge problems were pushing me to breaking point.

Problem 1: Thomas had just turned 3.

Being a dad has always been the most important thing in the world to me and I felt like I was letting him down every time I headed off to milk the cows.

Thomas deserved a dad who could be with him 24/7.

Problem 2: My income wasn’t stable or high enough and I had no way of making extra money.

People assume farmers are part of the rich, self-employed elite.

They’re wrong.

A farmer’s income and happiness is at the mercy of so many factors outside of their control

Things like the…

  • Exchange rate…
  • Weather…
  • Health of your animals…
  • Cost of feed for the herd…
  • Machinery and maintenance…
  • The value of milk on the open market.
  • And so many other factors…

So I was time poor, struggling to make the money stretch from month to month.

Sounds like pretty much every 9-5 job, right?

Being a dairy farmer is no different to being an accountant, salesperson, hairdresser, or waiter…

We all have a boss, bills to pay, and we’re all trading our time for dollars far below what we’re actually worth.

Careers, kids, and finances – I’m sure you feel the weight of all 3 on your shoulders too.

For a while there I did what every parent does.

Get on with it. One 12-hour day at a time.

Going back to university was out of the question.

I needed fast outcomes, not years of study and student debt!

A second job would only make the situation worse.

My dream was to spend more time at home, not less.

But after years of wishing for a solution, my dreams finally got a foothold in reality…

In the weirdest place imaginable…

Knee-deep in mud…

Face-to-face with a cow’s udder…

Granted, I was just getting that day’s milk, but I had the radio on to keep my mind occupied while I took care of business.

At that moment an advert cut in talking about this financial opportunity that was gaining popularity – Forex – and how anyone with a laptop and an internet connection could set themselves up for the future with just a few hours of effort a week.

I was sold.

Before the ad had even finished I’d bolted out the barn like an Olympic speedskater, gliding through the manure-and-milk minefield ahead of me until I’d reached my home office and booked myself in for that course.

As so often happens to new traders, that first course was not the magical lottery ticket I’d hoped for…

I can’t be too mad at it though, it did put me on the path.

A path that made me realise it was possible to go from dairy farmer to full-time Forex trader, and it was realistic.

Now, I’d love to tell you that I took to Forex like a fish to water.

But I wasn’t a “natural” at trading.

I sucked at it. Like really sucked!

I spent the first four years making ALL THE ROOKIE MISTAKES.
(Yep, even the ones the books warn you about)…

❌ I spent a small fortune on courses, coaching and ebooks that made more promises than a politician during an election.

❌ Trusted shiny new software, robots and trading signals that promised to automate my financial dreams but just robbed me blind.

❌Lost at least 20 hours a week down the rabbithole of Reddit and forums like ForexFactory asking strangers for answers to my problems.

❌Kept my eyes glued to my screen for hours and hours a day, terrified of missing a good trade.

Like 95% of traders (the same ones that don’t make money) I was convinced the only way to get rich was to eat, sleep and breathe trading 24/7.

So I chained myself to my laptop and watched every movement in the New York markets like it was the latest episode of “Game of Thrones”.

Doing this while living in New Zealand – in the opposite timezone – was slowly killing me.

When I should have been getting sleep before waking up at the crack of dawn, I was setting alarms for midnight… 2am… 3am… to check on my trades.

Milking the cows by day, trading through the night, and knocking back double espressos just to function at the same speed Keith Richards used to sink vodka.

To add insult to injury, all those hours and sleepless nights weren’t making me money.

Thousands of traders around the world have fallen into this lonely, stressful path.

Most throw in the towel for that reason.

Too tired…
Too hard…
Too expensive…
Too risky….

Luckily, my breaking point… Turned out to be my BREAKTHROUGH!

Having seen tons of everyday people make a living through Forex, I finally accepted the problem was with me, NOT the market.

So I went back to square one and rebuilt my trading strategy from the ground up.

Anything that didn’t save time, boost profits and eliminate risk was tossed in the bin.

Only the strongest money-making strategies survived.

Combined with my four years of experience – and inventing my own fixes to common problems that no other “trading expert” had ever truly solved for me – I stitched together a radically different approach to trading.

My “Less is More” strategy.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but I found that the LESS I traded, the MORE money I made.

The secret? I figured out a way to consistently identify high probability, high reward:low risk trades.

This meant I could become super-selective about the trades I took, be confident of them giving me above-average bang for my buck, while keeping my risk exposure to practically zero.

My wins hit big, my losses barely caused a ripple, and I was done in 30 minutes a day.

Over the next few months I tested, tweaked, and perfected this new way of trading until a life-changing pattern emerged.

My swamp of losing trades was drained at last.

In its place were the green shoots of 2, 3, 4 and 5% profit gains every week.

It might not sound like much, but trading for small, fast daily wins meant I quickly stacked up consecutive months of 10, 15, even 20% growth in my account.

The money I was making from this new approach was literally making me cry tears of joy for one single reason…

Because four years after starting my trading journey, I had finally reached the Holy Grail…

Replacing my income with Forex in just 30 minutes a day and spending the rest of my time at home with my son!

After years of clenched teeth and stress, I’d built a Forex system that…

  • Eliminates financial risk…
  • Makes it simple to spot high-probability, high-reward trades at a glance…
  • Can be done from anywhere in the world at any time…
  • Lets you sleep through the night without having to wake up and check the charts…
  • Cuts actual trading time down to just 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 in the evening…

…And Proven To Deliver Positive Returns Every Year.

That is my stress-free reality as a full-time trader today.

Compare that to the day traders, or the crypto traders out there who are riding the rollercoaster of being up 40% at 1pm and being down 30% by 2pm.

If you want thrills, go skydiving. When it comes to your financial future, you need to make reliable, consistent, proven choices – like Forex.

Forex delivered everything I was searching for in life – both financially and in terms of lifestyle:

✅ It unlocked a fantastic living that I could make from home.

✅ Allowed me to be there for my son 24/7.

✅ We could now live on our terms and spend time how we wanted.

✅ Swapped the dark clouds of debt and unpredictable income for limitless earning potential.

My life changed as soon as I gave myself the superpower of making my own money, any time, anywhere, any day for the rest of my life.

Now you can too!

Even better, you can master this skill in weeks, NOT years.

Look, people seek my help because they want more.

More than:

  • What the next 30 years of showing up every day for their 9-5 job will ever provide.
  • Decades of the daily commute, living paycheck to paycheck, and maybe scraping two weeks vacation a year if they’re lucky.
  • A life weighed down by student loans, car repayments, school fees and a massive mortgage that chews up more than half of their income.
  • What they’re currently able to give their families (they want to provide a foundation for success and happiness and the means to open the doors to opportunities).
  • A retirement spent counting pennies when they should be counting incredible experiences.

They want the rare power of earning their own money every single day without ever saying “Yes, sir!” again or putting in overtime, or being the hardest worker in the room and still being told “the company can’t afford to give you a 3% pay rise this year”.

They want what I’ve achieved and what my students have achieved.


You won’t see me in a Ferrari stacking hundred-dollar bills, or spraying Champagne on a yacht.

I’ll Never Promise That You’re Just 2 Weeks Away From Sipping Espresso Martinis On Your Private Jet After Quitting Your Job, Or Any Of That Sleazy Internet “Goo-Roo” Rubbish.

If You Want Fairy Tales, I’m NOT Your Guy.

I trade in the real world, helping real people achieve real results.

Here’s what I will promise…

The system I’m about to share can literally change your life and transform your monthly income IF…

You’re patient, coachable, and can spare 30 minutes a day.

It’s simple, proven, repeatable, and, most importantly…

There’s NO LIMIT on how much money you can make in the months and years to come!

Sound reasonable?

Then allow me to introduce you to…


The Successful Trader System!

forex course

Here is the EXACT step-by-step blueprint for you to PROFITABLY trade Forex in just 30 MINUTES a day and achieve a life of total FREEDOM!

(It’s still the only system I use to provide a great life for my family and it’s delivered healthy profits for more than 12 years)

Video Course

(Lesson 1)
Estimated time of completion:
5 Minutes

Money Management

(Lesson 2)
Estimated time of completion:
60 Minutes

Metatrade 4/5 Platform

(Lesson 3)
Estimated time of completion:
30 Minutes

Candle Patterns

(Lesson 4)
Estimated time of completion:
90 Minutes

Trading with Fibonacci

(Lesson 5)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

Support and Resistance

(Lesson 6)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

Stochastic and Divergence

(Lesson 7)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

Bollinger Bands

(Lesson 8)
Estimated time of completion:
15 Minutes

MT4/MT5 Indicators

(Lesson 9)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

Templates And Profiles

(Lesson 10)
Estimated time of completion:
30 Minutes

Which Time Frame To Use and Why

(Lesson 11)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

Putting It All Together

(Lesson 12)
Estimated time of completion:
90 Minutes

Monday EUR/GBP Breakout Strategy

(Lesson 13)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

Interactive Trading Video Samples

(Lesson 14)
Estimated time of completion:
60 Minutes

Trading Examples

(Lesson 15)
Estimated time of completion:
45 Minutes

My system has been perfected over the last 17 years plus my team and I put in hundreds of hours a week to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to become a profitable, full-time Forex trader.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the incredible knowledge you’re about to give yourself by joining:

What you see here on this page is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the skills you’ll give yourself – and the profits you can make – using my system.

With that being said, it’s worth keeping in mind that “The Successful Trader System is so much more than a course!

Trading isn’t static and neither are we.

As a member of our Forex Family, you’ll also get access to:

  • Personalized coaching.
  • Weekly live webinars
  • And forums where you can connect with other traders.

This creates a powerful environment that ensures your skills stay ahead of the market and you never miss a great trade (our community is sharing great trades 24/7 inside the forum so it’s an amazing place to EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!).

Here’s a quick look at just a handful of people who have used my system to change their lives…

Members Testimonials

Imre quit his job and became a full-time trader within just 12 MONTHS of signing up!

I have made the transition to full-time trading following the system that Andrew teaches in his course and shares with all of his clients. I finally feel like a successful and independent trader. I recently shared with Andrew a major milestone where I was able to make a great withdrawal that will allow me to live off of my trading for the remainder of the year.

One of the best things I could suggest to anyone trying to become a consistently profitable trader is to find a mentor like Andrew. I would never say that trading is easy. It certainly isn’t; but having Andrew in your corner can only benefit you.

Imre Gams

Toronto, Canada

Ryo Chong


“Taking live trades with Andrew and Paul during webinars is very helpful in distinguishing what A+ trades are!”

Andrew has a very tight operation with personal involvement on the forum site every-day and on the webinar. Paul Tillman is very responsive to questions and his Tech Support Mhel is prompt and excellent help! Andrew’s Dashboard is excellent with video explanations. I am still navigating it and adding to my knowledge of his strategy everyday! I was able to jump on to trades with low risk straight away from his Daily Trade suggestions.
Taking live trades with Andrew and Paul during webinars is very helpful in distinguishing what A+ trades are!
In addition on his forum site there is always some very helpful people one will make suggestions to improve when you are placing a trade on your own.

Helen Png


“I signed up for the forex trading coach course almost a year ago and can say it has taken me from a clueless beginner to a profitable trader…”

I signed up for the forex trading coach course almost a year ago and can say it has taken me from a clueless beginner to a profitable trader in that time and only have only really being trading part time. I am not the finished article by a long way and still have a lot to learn but i now have a good foundation (and the resources) to continue. The course focuses on a technical trading stategy and explains things clearly and concisely. There is an endless amount of educational resources on the membership site, not to mendtion the live trading weekly webinars and the trader forum where members dicuss trading ideas and suggestions as well as helping each other out.
The client service that Andrew, Paul and the rest of team provide is second to none and queries are dealt with quickly.
Keep up the good work!


Londond, United Kingdom

It is nice to know that there are still some people in the world with integrity. I join “TheForexTradingCoach” program 2 weeks ago and have never seen an administration in any program before so dedicated to helping their clients get up to speed. They actually do what they say they will do to help you with any problem or question you have. Andrew Mitchem and Mhel Fernandez really do have integrity. I cannot express how appreciative I am to them. It is a pleasure to be part of their program.

Gerry Schacler

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“It has easily been the best investment in my forex trading education to date… Not even a month in and I am looking like I will have my best monthly % return in years.”

I don’t normally leave reviews on things, but the reviews on here helped get me across the line and give it a go so here I am doing my part for the next struggling trader…
I am only a couple of weeks into this so I will update as we go on but so far it has easily been the best investment in my forex trading education to date.
I have stuck with other strategies for so long… conscious of staying focussed and not being a ‘strategy hopper’ but I would constantly miss valid trades due to either work commitments or timezone differences and although I knew they were profitable strategies from past performance and extensive backtesting, there was just something missing/didn’t quite suit with me living in Australia and entries often being presented around midnight!
I decided to bite the bullet, buy the course, and transfer a small amount of my trading capital into a new account to try out Andrews strategy, and I can gladly say I think I have finally found what I have been looking for and I wish I did it earlier.
Andrew and his team are constantly on the forum, highlighting potential trades and then ones that they have taken live! This is refreshing to see after being around in trading for a little while now as everyone is an expert in hindsight but very few are willing to put their balls and reputation on the line – which Andrew does.
The thing I love about Andrews strategy is the flexibility it gives me regarding time on the charts – It may not be for everyone but it is resonating with me and I can see this working for me long term.
The only downsides for me, to keep things in balance, would be that I have a Mac running OS Catalina, have always used Ctrader Web platform for order execution and use Tradingview for analysis. This course requires you to use MT4/5 (for full use of Andrews custom indicators) which is Windows based and at time of writing this, isn’t compatible with OS Catalina, and is quite a clunky platform to use for anyone coming from Tradingview. You can get MT4/5 to work but you will need to purchase/install a virtual computer to allow you to run windows on your Mac. I found ‘Parallels’ works well for me.
In saying that, I am making money so I am not complaining!
And to that fact of the stats, not even a month in and I am looking like I will have my best monthly % return in years.
Thanks Andrew and team.

Nathan G

Queensland, Australia

“I’m sure there are a lot of get-rich-quick merchants out there but Andrew is not one of them.”

I came across Andrew when he appeared as a guest on a Forex Podcast I was listening to and was very impressed with his straightforward approach and the principles of his trading strategy.
I was nervous about paying money to do an online trading course but after a lot of research I took the plunge and joined his course last August and have been very impressed with it since. He teaches a clear, easy to understand strategy. He offers great support through email correspondence, weekly live webinars and his trading forum.
There are a number of moving parts to Andrew’s strategy and so you must be prepared to work hard and learn how to implement it correctly. This requires time and dedication but the results can be fantastic. After a few months things started to click for me and I was able to consistently make good trading decisions.
I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew’s course to someone who has a genuine desire to learn the skill of technical forex trading. I’m sure there are a lot of get-rich-quick merchants out there but Andrew is not one of them. His course is based on sound principles, which when implemented correctly will put probability in your favour which is ultimately what trading is all about.

Donal Kennedy

Limerick, Ireland

“I was astonished how the system enables the trader to trade on daily basis (good frequency) with the success rate of long-time frames… The daily trades suggestions (posted everyday) are amazing for new traders as well to earn while learning.”

I have been trading Forex for few years now and I have tried few systems. After sometime trading we all understand the fact that trading the long-time frame is one of the best ways to increase the chances of success in the forex business. That comes with one main issue that bother newbies and experienced traders the same which is low frequency of trading and waiting long for a good setup.
After going through Andrews system and course notes/videos, I was astonished how the system enable the trader to trade on daily basis (good frequency) with the success rate of long-time frames.
The daily trades suggestions (posted everyday) are amazing for new traders as well to earn while learning.
Trading could be a boring lonely business but with the chat room and forum, you will have support of other experienced traders as well and lots of trading ideas.
One of the very few courses out there that will do a real genuine webinar every week with the purpose of teaching and not selling other products. Webinar length is nearly 2 hours and your questions will get answered.
Andrew himself is a genuine real trader that does trade on daily basis and not a marketer.
If you are a new trader and joined the course, then you are lucky because you will save yourself time, money and FRUSTRATION.
If you are an experienced trader, you will love how the system make it a lot easier for you to succeed build up your account.
I manage a multimillion business in my daily job (Full time). I can differentiate between the good deal and a bust. Without any affiliation with Andrew, I can comfortably say, stick with him… he is the real deal.


Melbourne, Australia

“I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Andrew’s course to anyone that’s serious about becoming a full-time trader… I’m pleased to say that just in the last 4 weeks I’ve made around a 29% account gain, with little drawdown.”

Hi, I’m a self-employed builder in the UK, and last year, I decided that I needed to create an extra income from somewhere, as I tend to purchase properties and then may not have an income for a few months whilst I’m working on them. I’ve always been interested in the stock market, As far as I knew, the stock market was something that I could put money into, and then ‘maybe’ after a long time, the stocks would increase in value, and my investment would grow. I came across Andrews podcast whilst I was trying to find information on investing in the stock market, I had never heard of the forex market, and so I was a complete ‘newbie’. I can say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, his style of teaching, and the ‘TFTC’ system is brilliant. I really liked the idea that Andrew himself is a full-time trader, there’s far too many people out there ‘selling courses’, and that’s all they do, the proof is in his results.
I’ll be totally honest, and I’m not going to say that it’s easy to become profitable, as I have spent hours going through the course, and watching pre-recorded webinars, but in my mind I’ve always thought, ‘if someone else can do this and become profitable then so can I, and if I really concentrate and put the hard work in, then it’ll pay off in the long run’. The first 4 months were up and down (as you would expect) but since then I’ve made some excellent gains, and the gains far outweigh any losses I’ve had, due to the money management structure that he teaches. Also, there’s a live weekly webinar every Thursday which I try to attend as much as I can, as you can see either Andrew or Paul (on opposing weeks) live trading and ask any questions that you have. They also make these sessions interactive, and so they see a set up, and ask for your input on what you think of the trade, I’ve found this way of learning brilliant. And something else they have, is a client forum site, where we all post our trades, ask questions etc. And if there’s anything you’re wanting to ask, we can post a question on there, and someone replies quickly, whether that’s Andrew or Paul, or just one of the other members like myself. Once trades are posted, people also reply with any comments they have with what ‘pro’s and con’s’ they see from the trade, so that you can learn from any mistakes. I’ve found that all these things combined, has helped me become a profitable trader. I’m now full-time trading and have decided to carry on for the foreseeable future, and my building projects will be subbed out to contractors. I have a wife and two young daughters (6 & 7 years old), and so this suits me perfectly, it means I can spend more time at home with them.
I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Andrews course to anyone that’s serious about becoming a full-time trader, and who is willing to put the effort in.
I’m pleased to say that just in the last 4 weeks I’ve made around a 29% account gain, with little drawdown. I hope this review helps people to see what the course is about and join the TFTC

Karl Milnes

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

So by now you’re asking, “This all sounds great, Andrew, but what’s the investment?”

Let me ask you this…

If all my course did was take you from a totally clueless rookie trader to…

A consistently profitable, confident trader who can get a read on the market in minutes, spot strong trades like a Wall St professional every day, and build a healthy monthly income…

How much would it be worth to you?




I’ve seen a lot of my competitors charge that and deliver just a fraction of what my course offers (with none of the free coaching bonuses – which I’ll reveal in a second!)

Having said that, your investment today won’t come anywhere close to that.

Today, you can get INSTANT ACCESS to The Successful Trader System for just…


Click Here To Join Us Now!

This is all it takes to install into your brain a proven, repeatable system for breaking free of the 9-5 and building wealth everyday for the rest of your life.

Achieve financial and lifestyle freedom…

Open the doors of opportunity for your family…

Retire in luxury, knowing you have the power to supercharge your nest egg with the skills to bring in a secondary income that is better than anything the government pension will ever provide…

And actually have money in the bank AFTER you’ve paid all your monthly bills.

Perhaps you’ve been trading for months? Years? And it’s never quite clicked.

You’re stuck on a cash-burning carousel that sees you lose $200 every time you make $100.

If all my course did was remove your mental roadblocks and fill in the gaps in your trading skillset so you could finally start stringing together 2, 3, 4, 5, six profitable months in a row…

Months with 5, 10, 15% growth in your account…

Then $2497 is a pretty small price to pay to finally have that trading breakthrough you’ve been searching for.

You’re already probably spending more than that on coffee each year.

Think about it…

At $4 per cup x 365 days a year, you’re dropping $2,920/year on coffee.

A one-off investment in my course today – that’s cheaper than your daily coffee addiction – will unlock an income stream with limitless potential.

Why am I pricing my course at $2497?

The Successful Trader System is literally my life’s work.

Everything I know about Forex… Every tactic, strategy and tool I’ve tested and perfected… is inside this course… Custom-built into a step-by-step blueprint you can follow to become a consistently profitable trader, lock in a healthy monthly passive income and build a life of financial freedom.

The Successful Trader System is an investment in YOU, in turning your brain into a money-making ASSET.

In a few short weeks you’ll be the owner of a mini-Forex business you 100% own and get to keep all the profits for yourself.

Starting that business right now requires the tiniest fraction of what you can make in the near future as a highly-skilled, consistent, stress-free Forex trader.

A little bit of money today delivers something you control FOREVER and can make you money every day for the rest of your life. Your boss can never take it away from you!

Never again will your heart sink and blood pressure shoot up because of a letter from the bank or a late-night email from your boss.

Forex opens up a potentially limitless income stream, and that means having a renewed confidence in yourself and the opportunities open to you in life.

Are there cheaper options out there?


There’s literally a library of $97 ebooks that have about as much informational value as toilet paper.

You and I both know there are courses out there for a few hundred bucks that make more promises than a politician on the campaign trail and deliver nothing but hot air

You can risk a much cheaper course but half the price usually means half the content and NONE of the results.

I learned this the hard way.

Remember – when I was a new trader I lost 4 years and thousands and thousands of dollars chasing every “silver bullet” program, coach, ebook, and piece of software that promised to make me rich in a matter of weeks.

I don’t want that for you. That’s why I built this course.

Use my system and you can avoid all the pain and expense I went through and start trading the right way today,

Certain websites and trading “gurus” out there that will tell you trading is easy.

It’s NOT. Believe me, it took me 4 years to become a consistently profitable trader. It took hard work, dedication and determination.

My course can drastically shortcut this process for you and make you PROFITABLE IN MONTHS NOT YEARS.

Having said that, this course is NOT for you if:

❌You don’t want to put in some effort up front so you can reap the rewards longer term – DO NOT JOIN.
❌If you think you’ll be doubling your money every 2 weeks – DO NOT JOIN.

❌If you have no intention of wanting to become a good Forex trader – DO NOT JOIN.

❌If you are the sort of person who has a tendency to change trading systems all of the time – DO NOT JOIN.

If you fall into any of the categories above, feel free to click away from this page now.

With that said, if you are ready to build a money-making asset that takes just 30 minutes a day and will completely transform your life and trading results, here’s how you can join me…

Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to my secure Stripe Checkout Page.

All you have to do is Enter Your Regular Details to complete your investment today.

As soon as you do that you’ll receive an email with your log-in details to my online trading room and education portal.

💰💰💰 How to spot high-probability, high reward:low risk trades in JUST 30 MINUTES a day!… Master this skill and these types of trades will be all you take – saving you time, cutting out fear, and growing your account like clockwork. Life is TOO SHORT to spend hours per day with your eyes glued to your screens.

When I say low risk, I mean trading with just 0.5% of your trading account on the line for any one trade – yet you still get a super-sized return.

🚀 ACCESS TO MY PERSONAL DAILY TRADES!!! The same trades I take to fund my lifestyle, look after my family, and ensure I remain a full-time Forex trader.
My daily trades go way beyond just telling you which pairs I’m trading… I’ll explain why I’m taking these trades, plus the exact entry and exit levels. These trade suggestions have been profitable every year since 2010 – adding at the very least an extra 20% to my account alone (and they’ll do the same for you!)

😉 Get the inside word on the day head with our daily strength and weakness analysis, so you know which pairs are likely to be the big movers. We also post Weekly (W1) and Monthly (MN1) chart trades, along with the weekly strength and weakness analysis.

☝️ A unique tactic I use to enter the market at a BETTER price than where it currently is…

↗️ My “Biggest Loser” methodology that puts my account in the black every single month even though I lose more trades than I win.

📈 My highly-successful “Mitchem Method” for candle patterns that I’ve developed, tested and refined over more than 14 years as a highly-profitable Forex trader.

🎯 How to train your sniper’s eye to find high-probability setups that match a strong and a weak currency (plus my system can be used on ANY currency pair and time frame chart!)

💭My Unique Logic Behind Lot Sizing… plus the only time you really need to worry about pips in your trading and how to nail them every time (too many traders obsess over pips when they should be focussed on dollars and percentages – EXCEPT for this one critical moment in your daily trading).

🔍 The no-fuss approach to seeing strength or weakness patterns in any currency pair so you always have total clarity on what to trade.

🕯️ 🕯️ Why there’s only TWO specific types of candles I trade – and what they are (PLUS! The 5 Money-Making Candle Patterns that 95% of Traders Get Wrong!)

🐂 🐻 Identifying Bullish and Bearish Hidden Divergence for Stronger Trades that Will Grow Your Account

🛠️ Discover EXACTLY what I’m looking for in a new trade setup so you can make consistently profitable trades – plus where to place your entry and exit levels to reflect the nature of the market at the time you place your trade.

💪 Analyse the strength and weakness of different currencies so you can trade in the direction of the strongest pairs.

⏪ My unique Rule fore taking Reversal Trades.

🙋 A COMPREHENSIVE Support site which acts like your Forex Bible, holding all the information about my trading strategy as well as answers to EVERY TRADING QUESTION I’ve ever been asked.

🌎 We cover the globe with myself based in New Zealand, our Director of Coaching Services Paul Tillman based in the US. Coach Mikalai Surynau based in the UK (Mikalai also supports our Russian-speaking clients), and Mhel – our amazing, tireless tech support guru based in the Philippines.

🔓 How to unlock profitable trades by pairing divergence with the right candle patterns

❌ The most common cash-burning analysis mistakes you don’t even realise you’re making (fixing these will instantly grow your account).

🖥️ Custom-built trading software which runs on the MT4/MT5 platforms. Our software acts as your eyes and ears on the market, helping you identify trade setups and candle patterns, plotting Divergence, Hidden Divergence, major Round Numbers, Daily Support/Resistance and Pivot Point levels on your charts. This is your wingman for successful trading.

🧠 Trading Psychology 101: Your biggest dragon to slay in becoming profitable isn’t the market – it’s your mindset! Let me show you how to control your head and your heart – with mental hacks and practical trading rules. Put these in place and you’ll unlock high-level confidence and consistency which means you never lose a wink of sleep over your results, and can even go a full day without checking your charts.

💰💰💰 And so much MORE!!!!!!

Click Here To Join Us Now!
Don’t forget – you are covered by my unique 100% refund guarantee.

If my daily trades – which I post every day in the members’ section of the course for you to copy and earn while you learn – don’t deliver a BARE MINIMUM 20% GAIN over the next 12 months I’ll refund every cent of the course fee – and you’ll still keep access.

My hugely successful daily trades have a high reward:low risk ratio and we trade them using just 0.5% of our account per trade… (that’s just half of one percent of your account risked per trade).

These trades are from just ONE time frame chart (D1 charts) … but they are really just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG of how much you can potentially earn when you’re a part of my trading community…

Once you’re inside, you’ll be flooded with high-quality potential trades every single day. How? Because me, my coaching team, and hundreds of profitable members who have been with us for years share high-quality trades inside the forum site all day long, plus we take live trades together every week inside the live student webinars.

Combine this access to a highly profitable “hive mind” of traders with your own growing ability to spot and take trades each day and there’s literally no limit on your earning potential with Forex. My 20% Profit Guarantee is the bare minimum of what you can achieve after you sign up. Don’t forget that as we risk such a small amount per trade, your drawdowns are also kept to a minimum.

You don’t even have to take the trades yourself….

The responsibility is entirely on me to show you my system is the real deal and deliver a minimum 20% return. If I fail, I will gladly refund you, and you’ll still keep the course and all the benefits of membership.

Why am I offering this unique guarantee?
I’m fed up with hearing horror stories about traders wasting thousands of dollars of their hard-earned cash on other courses, systems, robots and books that simply do not deliver.

I want to put my money where my mouth is and prove to you that my system is the real deal. That’s why you get not only a fantastic trading education but a performance guarantee with it.

Full transparency is the only way I coach people.

I’m a trader, not a salesman. I don’t fly around the world standing on a stage selling a course. I stay home and give my students my attention and insight all day long.

By now, your brain should be BUZZING with thoughts about how the income machine you build from Forex trading will change your life and your family’s future.

Because this system is unlike anything else out there.

✅It’s simple to follow (anyone can learn to trade with my system)…

✅Ridiculously efficient (I trade in 30 minutes a day while 95% of traders lose hours of their life every day to their screens)…

✅So repeatable that once you learn it, you’ll sometimes just feel your muscle memory take over as you check your charts for the day…

✅Timeless (I’ve been using the exact same system for 12 years now),,,

✅And – most importantly – it’s PROFITABLE!

If trading has ever felt confusing or like a lost cause then today you’ve found not only a solution, but a ticket to a richer life.

My No.1 goal is to make sure you achieve profitability and freedom as quickly as possible.

You see, although The Successful Trader System is packed full of almost five hours of video content and will give you everything you need to become a profitable Forex trader, that’s just the start.

The difference between my course and any other Forex course out there today is the high level of personal access you get to me and ongoing live education and support.

At The Forex Trading Coach we believe no one should ever have to trade alone.

This is why I’ve also decided to throw in…



12 months access to my daily trades
(Value: $2497/year)


How would you like to know exactly what I’m trading every morning so you can copy it and profit at the same time?

Sure would make trading simpler and give you a massive push towards profitability,

When you become a student of mine, each day you’ll know what trades I’m personally taking and why.

If you want to make money quickly – and understand the mechanics of a good trade so you can start making them yourself – just copy what I do and watch your account grow.

Want proof? Check out this chart.

This shows how over the last 12 years my daily trades have turned US$100,000 into US$2.56 million.

That’s just through my daily trade recommendations which any trader can follow with their eyes closed!

Imagine what that could do for your account when combined with the profitable trades you learn to set up for yourself. This is the fastest way to building wealth.


LIFETIME ACCESS to personal email support from me
(Value: $12,000 for two years but in reality it’s PRICELESS!)

No other Forex coach in the world offers this level of support.

Hit a roadblock with your trading? Email me.

Got doubts about your strategy? Email me.

Don’t know how to stop a bad run of losing trades? Email me.

Whatever your Forex problem is, my team and I can help you solve it.

Just send us an email and you’ll get a reply within 12 hours, putting you back on the road to profits. Never, ever again feel like you’re trading in the dark.


Unique custom-built trading software (Value: $997)

My personally-designed Forex trading software works with the MT4/5 platform to help you identify high-quality trade setups.

Working like a second set of eyes on the markets for you, it:

  • Knows the different candle patterns we’re looking for that signal good trade set-ups.
  • Plots Divergence and Hidden Divergence, and major Round Numbers
  • It also plots the Daily Support/Resistance and Pivot Point levels on your charts.
  • Gets auto-updated each day.

Personally developed, tested, and perfected by myself over many years, my software will be your trading sat-nav, keeping you on the road to smart decisions and profits.


Student-only “Trading Room” weekly live webinars with myself and Paul Tillman (Value: $5000/year)

As my student, you get ongoing access to my weekly live webinars where my team and I go through trades in real time and show you exactly how it’s done. You’ll see what we look for in a good trade and how to set it up to maximize your profits.

This is almost cheating because you’re going to watch experienced traders take live trades right in front of your eyes, then you can go back to your own trading account and follow our formula for success.

In addition to that, this is your opportunity to ask my team and I about any trading issues you’re having and get solutions there and then.

Paul Tillman, my Director of Coaching Services, and I take turns hosting the webinar, one week with Paul in the US time zone, and the following week with me in the EU time zone.

PLUS! You’ll get access to our library of webinar recordings every week dating back to 2010. This is like the encyclopedia of good trading in one place!


VIP Access to my EXCLUSIVE students-only forum site (Value: $1997)

Imagine a secret online community where some of the world’s most experienced and profitable online traders, and sharpest Forex students, hang out, swap strategies and solve problems together… That’s my online forum, an extremely supportive and welcoming community that is motivated to see everyone succeed.

Learning from this community is the secret ingredient that sets our traders up for success. We share problems, solve them together and become more profitable traders in a shorter amount of time as a result.

You’re getting all of this…

The exact, step-by-step blueprint for how to trade consistently, safely, and profitably, every single day…

Unlimited LIFETIME access to email coaching from me…

My Daily Trade suggestions on a silver platter – so you can copy me and EARN WHILE YOU LEARN…

Plus access to our weekly live students-only webinars and our thriving online community where we share high-profit trades and strategies all day long and you can always go to get your biggest problems solved FAST!

This combination of proven process, comprehensive education, and ongoing coaching means there’s NOTHING standing in your way of becoming a profitable Forex trader.

In just a few short weeks you’ll have one of the rarest skills in the world…

The POWER to independently make your own money…
Every. Single. Day.

All for a one-time investment of just US$2497.

You’d spend that in a year buying your lunch at work every day.

This is the small price you’ll pay to independently build wealth and live on your own terms.

Are there other ways to do this?

Some people look at property investing – and that’s great if you already have the funds to buy more than one property, you’re happy with only earning around 3% a year on your investment, and patient enough to wait 30 years before you actually own it. Not to mention, property is not a liquid asset. Your wealth is literally stuck in the bricks and mortar until you sell it or can get a positive rental income from it.

Shares and cryptocurrencies? That’s a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. You can’t build a sustainable, comfortable life of wealth from a market where you can lose all of your money overnight because of a single Tweet from a billionaire.

Even Michael Burry, the billionaire investor who predicted the 2008 global recession, says crypto is due for the “mother of all crashes”.

No one ever says that about the Forex market –

Invest in yourself today and you’ll have the tools to build a Forex income stream that delivers a BARE MINIMUM 20% RETURN EACH YEAR just using my daily trades.

Now think about the growth you can achieve on top of that when you use my system to make your own trades.

There is literally no limit on the profits you can earn.

You absolutely could do what I did…

❌ Spend years and years trying to figure this out for yourself.

❌ Burn thousands of dollars on different strategies, robots, ebooks and other course.

❌Spend hours every single day stressing about your charts… Constantly checking your screens and feeling anxious about your trades when you could be putting that energy into your passions or your family…

I did all of those things as a rookie trader and LOST YEARS doing it before I perfected my system.

You don’t have to go through the pain I went through.

You can be a profitable trader in months, NOT years, just by taking my proven system off the shelf and plugging it into your trading brain.

It really is that simple.

I’m one of the longest-serving online Forex coaches for a reason… My system WORKS.

It’s worked for more than 3200 people from 97 countries – almost none of them with a financial background – which is why I’m sure it can work for you.

Don’t forget – you’re protected by my 100% moneyback profit guarantee. If my Daily Trades don’t deliver a 20% profit within the first 12 months, you get a full refund. This is how I ensure you start your trading journey with ABSOLUTELY ZERO risk.

My No.1 goal is for you to become a profitable Forex trader in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is why I offer so much free ongoing coaching with the course. So that you always have me and my team of experts keeping you on course for profits every step of the way – for life.

How would an extra $500… $1000… $2000… every month change your life? All of it achieved in just 30 minutes a day!

Something like that could mean…

No more mortgage!

Saying “I quit!” to a job you hate (or working because you enjoy your job and you WANT to, not because you HAVE to…)

Sending your kids to the best schools and giving them a huge leg-up in life.

Supercharging your retirement nest egg and making sure the final chapter in your life is years of luxury and fun, not scrimping and saving trying to make ends meet on the measly government pension.

Forex can fund the lifestyle that YOU want. Forex means having the power of choice and freedom to live life on your terms.

One thing you need to consider…

This is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme. Anyone promising you that is lying to you.

My system will give you the knowledge and skills to build wealth in a stress-free, safe, consistent and reliable way that is much, much quicker than traditional methods such as property or your standard retirement fund,

Take a few weeks now to learn my system and who knows where you could be in 6, 12, 24 months time.

But before all that, there needs to be a Day 1…

A first step…

Click the button below to take that first step and I’ll see you on the inside.

To your wealthy future,


P.S. Whether you’re new to Forex…

Or been struggling to figure it out on your own for a while now…

My system is the shortcut to go from stress and anxious to calm, in-control, carefree and profitable.

There really is nothing else like it on the market today. Certainly nothing else that offers so much ongoing support and coaching to make sure you reach your goals.

There’s no sense in you going it alone and wasting, weeks, months, even years, and thousands of dollars using yourself as a guinea pig. Not when there’s a proiven, profitable off-the-shelf system that will give you and ROI for decades to come.

Ready to transform your financial future and take back control?

Click the button below to get started. I can’t wait to see your transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for.
How do I buy your course?
Firstly, thank you for showing an interest in both becoming a successful trader, and letting me help you achieve that goal.

Secondly, my course isn’t right for everybody, which is why there isn’t a page with a “BUY NOW” option for you.

Instead, I prefer to know that I can help you before I invite you to join myself and the growing list of successful traders who have taken my course.

For me to do that, please get in touch via our Contact Form, let me know what’s holding you back, and let’s see if I can help you too: Contact Us.

What pairs can I trade your system on?
You can trade any currency pair with the strategy.
How much time do I need to dedicate to trading each day?
This depends upon what style of trader you are or want to be. I have some clients who trade for just a few minutes per week on the Weekly and Daily charts, others trade certain hours during the day on the lower time frame charts. Personally I trade the Daily charts which takes 5 – 10 minutes each day and then I will look at the 1 hour charts which takes me 5 minutes each hour.
What time frame charts can I trade with your system?
Any time frame chart can be traded. If you like to trade less but with higher probability I would suggest the Weekly and Daily charts. If you prefer more action you can trade the 1 hour charts or lower. Some of my clients trade only the 15 minute and 5 minute charts. Really this depends upon you and what time frame charts you find suits your available time or trading personality. The great thing with the strategy is it is not limited to just one time frame chart or just a certain time of the day.
I have heard you are keen on good money management, can you explain more?
I believe that good, low risk money management is an essential (yet often overlooked) element in determining your trading success. I trade using the reward:risk theory. I trade with a maximum of just 0.5% account risk per trade. This ensures a smooth equity curve and it also ensures emotions do not control my trading. This theory also allows for any time frame chart to be traded as the individual stop loss of the trade is not important. The important factor is having a trade that returns between 1.5 – 4 times its risk. For example a 3:1 reward:risk trade would mean 0.5% of the account is risked and a 1.5% return is achieved when the trade reaches the profit target. Notice how I have not mentioned anything about the number of pips made or lost on the trade !!
Can I talk with a current client to find out more?

Yes this would be possible. Please contact me directly and request to be put in contact with an existing trading client. Click here to email me

What broker or trading platform do I need to use?

My software works on the Metatrader MT4 platform that is available free of charge from a large number of International brokers. My suggestions are AxiTrader, Go Markets and Pepperstone who are all based in Australia. You can use any MT4 broker, even if it’s just on a demo account if you already have a live account with a non-MT4 broker. However I suggest you use a broker that uses a 5 day week on the Daily charts. This means the charts open at 5pm EST New York Time. Here is a list of other good MT4 brokers who use the correct start of day charts:

Click here for my recommended list of brokers and other Forex tools

What makes your course different from the others?

There are many reasons, here are a few:

  • I am a full time Forex trader myself and I created the course myself. This means you are being taught by a real trader, not by a stand up on stage salesman who has never traded before.
  • I hold all of the live trading room webinars myself, I trade on live account in front of you in real time. You can see my account and listen to the reasons why I take each trade. This is a great way to see real time live trading.
  • I make my Daily trading suggestions every day which allows you to follow along and “earn while you learn”. I mention the pair I am trading, the direction, the reasons why I am taking the trades along with my exact entry and exit levels.
  • The strategy works regardless of where you live in the world and also regardless of why style of trader you are. Any pair and any time frame chart can be traded.
  • If you send me an email it will only be answered by myself.
  • The strategy is built upon sound, proven technical analysis.
If you can make money from trading, why do you teach others?

I enjoy the contact and interaction with other traders. Trading can be a lonely business and I have met and been in contact with some amazing people through my coaching business. I also find that to coach someone I have to know my own course and strategy inside out. Teaching others also helps keep my own trading disciplined.

Can you tell me what returns you are making on the H4 and H1 charts per month?

I like to achieve 5 – 10% per month from all of my trades. Therefore around 5% per month comes from H1 and H4 trades. I use only 0.25 – 0.50% risk per trade on these charts.

Do I have to watch the charts all day or can I trade a set and forget approach?

I prefer set and forget but it depends on the type of trader you are. Some people prefer to make an analysis after the close of each candle.

Is the method strictly rule based or is there also an element of discretion?

Some discretion is involved to select which trades to take but that is all covered in the course and webinars.

How long do students take to learn your system effectively?

1 – 3 months. Those who don’t rush succeed. Those that think they know it all 2 days after purchasing the course generally struggle initially before I tell them to take their time, go back and read the notes, watch the videos and attend the trading room webinars.

What percentage of your students do not succeed and why do you think that is?

The 80:20 rule applies. 80% are successful to achieving amazing returns and 20% probably are at breakeven to not successful. You need to have a passion for trading and be excited by it. For some people trading is just not the thing for them while others start introducing old habits when a few trades go against them rather than sticking to what I teach. The strategy is not hard but some people are easily distracted and don’t treat trading as a longer term business. The “I want it all now” mentality does not work if you wish to be a successful Forex trader. This may sound harsh or blunt but it is the reality that most people will never tell you. I know as I have been through this process myself and once you treat trading seriously and take low risk, high probability trades you will become a successful and independant trader which in turn brings all the benefits of income and lifestyle that everyone is seeking when they start out. Most will never achieve this and lack of good education is the main reason.

How much is the additional subscription to your Daily Trades and Webinars?

When you sign up to my Forex Trading Course, there is a 12 month subscription included to my Daily Trades Suggestions, my Currency Strengths & Weaknesses analysis, the Client’s Forum site and my Live Trading Room Webinars.
You will then be able to re-subscribe to these services if you wish to. A 3 month subscription is USD$197.00 and a 12 month subscription is USD$597.00

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