Making 6.3% on the beach in the South of France

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How would you like to make 6.3% gain on your live account in one week while sitting on the beach in the south of France?

Well, that’s what one of my client’s has done just this last week. Let’s share more details about that right now.

What An Amazing Achievement!
Hi Forex traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here. I’m the Forex Trading coach. Today is Friday, the 2nd of October. A few weeks ago I had an email from a client of mine, called Simon, who lives over in the U.K. He said, “Andrew, I’m off to the south of France for a week’s holiday. I won’t be on your webinar next week, but I’ll be looking forward to watching the recording.” I said, “Great, Simon. Have a nice time. My parents actually live in the south of France.” I said, “Look, the love it down there. Have a great time. Enjoy yourself. I’ll catch up with you when you get back.”

Just last night I had a webinar, my evening time, early morning European time. Simon was on the webinar. He said to me, “Hey, Andrew. I’ve been to the south of France. I loved it. Had a great time on the beach for the week. I made 6.3% gain my account just in one week while enjoying the sun in the south of France.” He’s now back in the shitty U.K., as they’re into Autumn time over there.

It just got me thinking, “Well, look at that. What an amazing achievement.” I’ve got the information here. He emailed me as well, and told me about it, and said, “Look, my account grew 6.3% in the week. What a nice bonus. I’ll see you on the webinar on Thursday.”

Thank you very much, Simon. It just got me thinking about what can be achieved once you understand trading, put some effort in, and still to the rules. That’s exactly what Simon’s done there.

It also got me thinking about … I’ve mentioned so many times, you don’t need to be spending all the time watching charts. Simon’s been over there on the beach and, probably, just traded daily charts, maybe 12-hour charts, and, maybe, on the weekly charts, but hasn’t spent all day and night watching charts. A number of people will say to me, “Hey, Andrew. You talk about trading on the close of a bar, whether it be a one-hour bar or a four-hour bar. Do I have to sit there and watch every one hour or every four hours?” No, you don’t. Absolutely, you don’t. Far from it. You need to trade when it suits you. Pick the times that suit you to trade. If you do like trading one-hour charts, then, yes, look at the end of the one-hour candle or one-hour bar, but only when it suits you. Don’t worry about getting up in the middle of the night doing it. Don’t stress about getting home from work early to do it.

Let The Trading Work Around Your Lifestyle

You have to made the trading work around your lifestyle. Otherwise, it takes over your life. You don’t want that. People that sit there for hours, upon hour ,upon hour ,upon hour, just staring at the charts, moving up and down, every single pip, they do become glued to that screen. That’s what the vast majority of people are trying to avoid. There’s no real fun in watching charts move up and down all day. There really isn’t. The fun is seeing technical setups of your technical trade, like I am, talking about trading. I love talking about trading. Also, the challenge of picking the trades and seeing them come through into profitable trades. That’s the real enjoyment of trading. Of course, all the freedom of time that trading brings. Exactly like Simon said here, “Week in the south of France. 6.3% in a week.” You cannot argue with that.

I’ve also had another client sending through comments. Craig over in Australia, he mentioned on the webinar last night, he made a 4.5 to 1 return trade. Risking half of 1%, he made 2.25% of one trade. It was on the Australian/New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD) 4-hour chart. Also in the same pair and same time frame, he took another trade and made a 3 to 1 trade or a 1.5% gain. A whole heap of people here sending through information about trades that they’ve taken and how much they’re enjoying the course and making money.

It also got me thinking, I was thinking about a story the other day that someone told me. I’d like to really share it with you. It’s kind of Forex related, but you’ll see it, what I mean. The story goes along like this.

Great Value For Money

There was a factory owner. The factory had broken down, a machine, or a part of it, had broken down. It was costing the owner $4,000 per hour by not having the machine working. It was a big problem. Anyway, he called in the specialist who came in, and within half an hour, fiddled with some buttons, did whatever he did, and within 30 minutes, he had the machine back and work, and running, and working full steam as it should do.

Anyway, a week later, the owner of the factory gets the bill from the guy who fixed it. It came in a $20,000. The owner goes, “Wow! That’s just obscene! What a ridiculous amount of money! $20,000! He was only here for 30 minutes. How on earth can he justify that?” He didn’t pay the bill. Anyway, the guy, the mechanic guy, called him and said, “What’s the problem? I fixed your problem. I’ve done my job. You haven’t paid.” The owner of the factory went back to the mechanic and said, “I need you to itemize the bill. I need to see exactly how you justify $20,000 for 30 minutes work.” Anyway, the bill comes back a day later, and it said on it, in two lines, top line said, “30 minutes of work – $100. Knowledge of knowing what to fix, what buttons to press, how to fix the machine – $19,900. Total – $20,000.” The owner of the machine saw that, realized exactly the value in having the mechanic fix the problem, and paid the $20,000 straight away.

It’s a great story. I don’t know whether it’s a true story or a made-up story, but the actual story itself, I think, is a fantastic philosophy. It comes back to trading. You think about how it relates to trading. People look at … Let’s say, courses, my course, for example. Some people think it’s this brilliant value for money. Other people go, “Well, this is far too much. I can’t justify paying this guy that amount of money just for a video course.” It’s the same thing. The time to create the video course, the time that I put into my daily trades, etc., and webinars, although it’s a bit more than 30 minutes, it’s quite a bit of time. That has a lot of value to it. It’s the knowledge, the time, the understanding, the skills, all the years of trial and error that go into the knowledge that I share with my clients. That’s where the value is.

I always bring it back to that story about the factory and the mechanic. There’s so many people out there trading, just losing money, losing money, losing money, spending so much time. It’s just not working for them, but as soon as somebody says, “Look. I’ve got something here that could really, really help you”, they get scared off because they can’t see the value in investing in themselves and in their education.

I’ll leave you with that story. Have a think about it. If there’s anything you want me to discuss on future videos and podcasts exactly like this, email me through [email protected].

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m going flying again this weekend, so I’m hoping to get a couple of good days of flying weather. I’ll look forward to talk with you this time next week.

Bye, for now.