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Wednesday, February 26th (Recorded Session)

Thursday, February 27th (Recorded Session)

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to find a trading strategy that works for you
  2. How to use low risk and control your emotions when trading
  3. How to gain confidence in your trading
  4. How to read the charts and know what is happening
  5. Knowing which chart to look at and when
  6. Know where to place your entry, stop loss and profit target
  7. Learn how to trade with just 10-30 minutes chart a day
  8. How to gain consistency in your trading
  9. You own Forex questions answered live
  10. NO SELLING – Just 100% great trading information to help you


We invite you to join us on these LIVE trading webinars so you can take advantage of our trading knowledge and experience as traders and coaches. Andrew has been trading the Forex market full time for 16 years and Paul has been trading for 15 years. The Forex Trading Coach first started helping traders succeed in 2009 and we have 4.7/5 star rating over 142 reviews.

Feel free to email through your questions ([email protected]) or you can ask us live on the webinars. We look forward to seeing you there and helping you with your trading.

Andrew Mitchem

Forex Coach

Paul Tillman

Forex Coach

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