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01:22 – Not your usual Forex webinar
01:53 – What is your question?
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Would you like to have the opportunity to join me on a live Forex Webinar where I answer your personal question? If you would, listen up, we’ve got some great news for you.

Hi Forex traders, Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach, a Video and Podcast Number 267 and something different for this week.

I’ll answer your Forex question on a live webinar

For the last 266 videos and podcasts I’ve been explaining information about how I trade and how I can help you but for today I’d like to change the roles a bit and ask you a question. You see, I’m looking at holding a live webinar really shortly and I’m going to be joined on that live webinar by Paul Tillman who’s a client of mine. Paul joined me just over three years ago, he lives in North Carolina over in the US.

Due to Paul’s amazing trading success after he took my course, he’s now joining me at the Forex Trading Coach. He takes my live US webinars, helps on my forum site as a moderator. I’m going to be joined by Paul on the live webinar but what we’re going to do on that session is answer your Forex questions.

Not your usual Forex webinar

On that session we’re not going to have PowerPoint presentations, we’re not going to have slides, we’re not going to have all this background about us, you kind of already know that already or you can find it out. We’re not going to do 20 minutes of waffle, it’s going to be only Forex related questions and answers and suggestions using just our cameras and our screen, that’s all it’s going to be, no PowerPoints at all.

It’s going to be quite different to any other Forex webinar that you’ve been on because what I’m going to do is answer your question.

What is your question?

Below this video you’ll find, or somewhere on this page below here, you’re going to find a link through to a survey form and it’s just one question only. It’s not a big, long survey that’s going to take you ages, it’s one question. All I’m asking you is this. What is that number one, single biggest issue or biggest problem that’s holding you back or preventing you from being a profitable Forex trader?

Now, it could be any number of things but try and think of what the biggest thing. You can put several if you want but try and think of what would be the main factor. It could be a number of things. Give you some examples, it could be a lack of a good strategy, a lack of understanding the market, do you want to be a technical or fundamental trader? You’re feeling all alone with your trading, you’ve got confusion, you don’t know what timeframes to trade, you don’t know where to put your stock loss or profit target, you don’t know how to trade the news, you don’t have enough funds to trade, all sorts of different things.

Tell me on that questionnaire your number one problem and what will then happen, once you submit that questionnaire, I’ll then send you a link to the live webinar.

Don’t miss this opportunity

Look, I really don’t do this very often for the public. Of course I hold live webinars for my clients weekly but for just general public, general traders who are not coaching clients, I don’t do this very often so take advantage of this opportunity to join myself and Paul live. We will answer every question on that webinar
It’s going to be an incredible webinar, an incredible experience and an opportunity for you to gain not just the answer to your question but to listen and to understand the questions and the answers and the solutions that we give to all the other questions that we get asked as well. It’s going to be a one off webinar, live webinar. Register for that webinar after you’ve filled in the quick survey for me and then you’ll get that unique link.

I’m not going to put that link anywhere else, you have to want to be there and give me your feedback first to get hold of that but it really will be a great opportunity that you really shouldn’t miss.

Fill out the form on the link below

Once again, that link will be on this page somewhere, likely below this video. Fill it in, register, and I look forward to seeing you on that webinar.

This is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach. Have a great weekend, fantastic week next week, and I’ll see you for video and podcast number 268 this time next week. Bye for now.

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