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#422: It’s Your Choice

In this video:
00:25 – You have a choice
01:37 – My choice 13 years ago
02:22 – Sharing some of our results with you
03:54 – Our choices helping traders each day
04:20 – Join us for 3 monthly split payments – a 2 day sale this week
04:47 – Who to choose as a broker?

Every second of your life, you have a choice, are you going to move forwards, move backwards, or stay the same? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey, traders. It’s Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 422.

You have a choice

And we’ll talk about an email that I’ve received this week from somebody who I follow and watch online. And the guy said in his email, he said, “look, you have a choice. Every time you wake up, you have a choice. You choose who to listen to for advice. When you’re young, you listen to your parents, your friends, your enemies even. You choose to hit the snooze button on your alarm. You choose to make a certain amount of money. You choose to be angry or you choose to be sad. You choose to basically do everything you like. And that’s the great thing, because we all have choices. We’re all different.

But the important thing is, if you want to get ahead, you’ve got to make those right choices. Because like I said at the beginning, do you want to stay where you are? Do you want to move backwards? Which a lot of people are doing, especially right now around the world. Or do you want to be like only the few and not be like the majority and move forward. And it doesn’t matter whether that moving forward could be a time freedom, it could be financial freedom, it could be just choosing to be happy. It could be all of them, but I really believe that if you know how to trade the Forex market correctly, you can certainly get all of those and more. And so, like I said, it’s all about choice.

My choice 13 years ago

And, for me, 13 years ago, one of the choices I made after I started to become profitable was I was going to create the world’s best Forex coaching course, and that was one of my goals.

I think we’re pretty close to that. You never stop learning. Everybody’s continually learning if you want to go forward, but we have something that works and has helped so many thousands of people. And that was one of my goals, and we continue to do that and we continue to love what we’re doing with our own trading and with our coaching. So there’s goals all over the place and there’s choices all over the place.

Sharing some of our results with you

Now, interestingly enough that what we have on here is that I wanted to share with you a few results from this week because some of the results are going to blow you away. This is just a printout from my daily trade suggestions on Wednesday of last week, the 4th of August. So on here, we posted two trades on the daily charts. One hit the profit target really quickly on the Euro-New Zealand dollar. The second one also made profit, but it took a little bit longer. But on this post on this day, I said to our clients on our forum site, we talked about trades and we posted these in real time, by the way.

Pound-Canadian on the 12 hour chart hit profit target. We had eight hour charts on the franc-yen, euro-Aussie, Pound-yen, Pound-New Zealand, and silver. Made huge profit on those. There was a four hour chart trade posted by one of our clients on the U.S.-franc. And I myself posted two trades, one on the Euro-Franc two hour and one New Zealand-franc two hour. Both again hit profit. And for the Wednesday itself, we posted two trades here. One on the six hours, one on the 12 hour, plus two on the daily. Now, not only that, on the Tuesday trades here, we had the Aussie-Canadian hit a 3.2:1 reward to risk end of day. Canadian-yen 2.5, euro-yen 2.1, and Pound-Aussie had two positions on there. The retracement order hit 2.9:1, made 2.9:1 in the market order, 2.3:1. It just shows what can be achieved there, and that’s achieved just in one day. And that’s what I mean about choices.

Our choices helping traders each day

Our choice is to help people, it’s to take those trades ourselves, of course, and our choice is to get up each day and to help people looking through the charts, taking our own trades, growing our own accounts, and helping thousands of traders right around the world. And so that’s our choice and that’s what we choose to do and why we do it, we love it. Now, following on from that, a few more things.

Join us for 3 monthly split payments – a 2 day sale this week

This week coming, I’m going to be doing something I’ve never done before. I’m going to be holding a sale for two days and I’m going to give you the opportunity to join us on split payments. Three monthly split payments, never done that. Not three individual monthly split payments. And you can join straight away after just one payment to get the full course, get into it, get learning, get taking trades like that, and then that’ll pay for your second and third payment. So that’s a choice there.

Who to choose as a broker?

And lastly, a choice about where to put your money in and where to trade. And so when it comes to brokers, I’ve tried many brokers over my, what, now nearly 17 years of trading. And so choices of brokers, it’s, it’s up to the individual to do their own due diligence, of course, and to decide what works for you. But if you’re after a broker who I use and I’ve used pretty much since they started and I’ve sent hundreds and hundreds of people to as a recommendation, never get any issues, never get any problems, just get positive feedback from the trading point of view, and especially the service point of view that’s Blueberry Markets over in Australia. You can open accounts in various denominations, such as Australian dollars, New Zealand, U.S., yen, Canadian, euros, pounds. I believe everything regulated within Australia.

I’ve met Dean, who’s the owner of a Blueberry, in Sydney a few years ago, talked to Ben Clay quite regularly on Zoom, and they’re just a good bunch of guys. Good, honest guys. It’s hard to find that in the Forex market these days. There’s a lot of companies out there all the time just after your money just offering you crazy, crazy things, but you try getting your money back, if you make some money, see how hard that is with a lot of those brokers. Blueberry Markets, every time I go to withdraw funds, I do it online, I do it on my login. Next day, even though it’s an overseas transaction, it’s there in my account. So good spreads, fantastic people, good service, Blueberry Markets. If you’re looking for a good broker, I highly recommend them. Again, a choice. You have choices everywhere. You can go to whichever broker you like, but it’s one that you should seriously consider if you’re looking for a good broker in the Forex market.

So I hope that helps. This is Andrew Mitchem here, outside enjoying the beautiful winter weather here. Not bad for the middle of winter here in New Zealand, a glorious day. Make some choices and make sure you take that choice to go forward. It’s worth it. It’s good. See you next time. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #422: It’s Your Choice

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