Is the TFTC Program suitable for New Traders?



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#465: Is the TFTC Program suitable for New Traders?

In this video:
00:26 – Is the TFTC Course suitable for new traders?
01:36 – Being new is a good thing
02:32 – More experienced traders are harder to un-teach
03:06 – You’ll spend so much wasted time learning by yourself
04:13 – Invest in yourself at the beginning
05:55 – 5 trades taken on our live weekly webinar
07:10 – Take a look at Blueberry Markets
08:37 – Give yourself the best shot at making trading work for you

Would our forest coaching programme be suitable for you if you are brand new to trading and you’ve never traded before, let’s get into that more right now.

Hey traders. It is Andrew Mitchem here, the owner of the Forex Trading Coach with the video and podcast number 466.

Is the TFTC Course suitable for new traders?

Now I’ve been asked recently by quite a number of people by email and in person here in Nelson about learning how to trade, and a concern that so many people have is that they’re brand new to trading. They know nothing about it, and they want to know how to take the next step. But there’s so much going on in their mind, like where do you trade through? Who do you put your money with? Is it us? Is it with someone else? How safe are those funds? How do you play to trade? What is it that you’re actually doing? Is it like stocks and shares? Am I buying crypto?

All these different things that people have going on in their mind, and it becomes like information overload. And it’s like anything new, you need to find a source where someone can hand hold you and take you through the suggested steps to make that process easier for you. And it is quite a straightforward, easy process. It’s just that if you don’t know where to start, it all becomes a little bit too much and you have too many questions. So therefore, it becomes too hard, so you don’t do it.

Being new is a good thing

Now, absolutely if you are brand new, you’ve never traded, but you’ve heard about trading. We can definitely help you 100%. Absolutely. We are the right place for you to come to, because we can take you through that step-by-step process. We can suggest some brokers to you, show you how to start on a demo account. What type of platform to look for, how to place your trades, let you know about what it is you’re actually doing. What markets are you trading, what’s the actual process, why are you buying or selling currency pairs together? You know, what is it that you’re doing.

And all that is before you actually start the strategy and the understanding, which is the main part of what we teach. But in my opinion, I think that if you are brand new to trading, you’ve never really traded before. You might have had a bit of a play on a demo possibly, I think you’re actually in the best position to make this work for you.

More experienced traders are harder to un-teach

Now, sure, it may take a little bit longer, like anything new but if you come to us and you’ve been trading for quite a while and you keep jumping system to system and you’re on this forum and that forum, and then this EA and then this indicator, those type of people become harder to teach because they’ve got so many bad preconceived ideas from other strategies and other systems. Whereas if you are new, you don’t really know anything. And so what we teach you is all you need to know, and you are learning exactly what you need to know in the right order. And from your point of view, that makes things so much easier because

You’ll spend so much wasted time learning by yourself

I can guarantee you that if you don’t find yourself a good strategy, good mentor, good programme, you’ll pretty much guarantee to spend several years going round in circles.

How do I know that? Well, I hear it all the time and I have done that exact same thing myself. I spent four years just going around and around and around. The next latest, greatest system, holy grail strategy, I was into it. The next latest, greatest expert advisor, I was into it. The next latest, greatest indicator and making tweaks to different settings on indicators, I was into it. And none of it worked, absolutely none of it worked.

You know, you pick up little bits here and there, but it didn’t really work. And that is your danger is the frustration. In terms of the time you will waste, the money you’ll waste, and you will likely give up or blame the market and it won’t work for you or you just lose funds.

And you get into forum sites, you find another great system, you have an argument with someone, it just turns to… It just makes it’s a big mess.

Invest in yourself at the beginning

And that’s why if you start by investing in yourself straight off, save yourself all that hassle, save yourself that wasted time and money, and get into a strategy and a system from day one.

The community of traders that we have is immense and I just cannot stress the importance of that enough. It is impossible for me to show you without you seeing what we actually do on the inside how important that is. The importance of following our daily trades each day, so you can follow along with specific trades. On Monday, by the time you get to watch this video and podcast it’s going to be the 1st of August, we will be posting not only our daily chart trades, but also our weekly chart and our monthly chart trades for people to follow along.

You get to see exactly why we’re taking those trades, exact entry and exit level. So you can go onto your charts, which we’ll look exactly the same as ours. Like behind me here, you have the same indicators and templates that I’ve developed that we all use. So we are all looking at the same thing at the same time. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. It doesn’t matter what broker you use. We all have the same thing. And so, when you are seeing us take those trades and suggest those trades, you can go and learn, but also you can earn. And that’s how you build your confidence. Whether it’s on a demo account or a small live account, or eventually to a slightly bigger large account or a prop firm, however far you want to take it, by following along and seeing what we’re doing and why, and understanding that and training your eye in your brain to see what we are seeing. That’s how you develop into a good trader. Add on top of that, our live weekly webinars.

5 trades taken on our live weekly webinar

Just last night my time, I held a live webinar in the European session, I took five trades live in front of our clients. All five you can see why I’m taking them, you see the methodology, my thinking process, thought process of why we’re taking those trades this week on our forum site. I think we’ve had 20, 25 posted trades on there by ourselves and other clients on different timeframe charts. Again, you can go and see what they’re doing and why, and follow along and trade from those.

I’ve had about three trades this week that I’ve seen people post on the forum site that I go, “Wow, that’s a good trade.” I wasn’t looking at my charts at the time, but I got an email to say, somebody’s taken a trade on the four hour pound Aussie or something like that. And I’ve gone, “Yeah, I like that. I’m going to take it.” And I get a green light, I profit from the trade.

So all of that combined, plus the strategy and everything else we provide is what can help take you from brand new, knowing nothing about trading or where to even start to becoming a good and profitable trader quite quickly. So it’s really important that you invest time and money, in yourself. If you want to make this work, seriously want to make this work, that’s what you have to do.

Take a look at Blueberry Markets

And so the other thing you need to have confidence in is where you’re going to put your funds in terms of a broker. And that’s why we have a list of suggested brokers. But one of the highest recommendations that I can give is Blueberry Markets, have a look at them. They’re on my resources page and I know them personally. I speak to them probably once a month, I’ve been to Australia and visited them in the past.

And, look, here at the Forex Trading Coach we are all about making this work for people who want to come on board with exceptional service, exceptional product, exceptional quality, and integrity and honesty. And that’s what we are all about, and that is why I highly recommend and promote Blueberry Markets, because that is their ethic and their way of working as well. The feedback that I get from my clients and other people who are not clients, but who have gone to Blueberry Markets after hearing these videos and podcasts and go, “Andrew, Blueberry Markets have been fantastic. I’ve never seen services like it.” And there’s a lot of brokers out there that have got good platforms and good spreads, et cetera, but it’s everything else that Blueberry Markets combined to make them stand out above the rest.

So that’s what we try to do here, that’s what they do. That’s why we help each other and promote each other, because we know that if you come on board with us and you choose Blueberry Markets as a broker, you’re getting the best of the best out there.

Give yourself the best shot at making trading work for you

So, give yourselves a head start, give yourselves the best chance making this work. I’ll put a link to my video and course that’s been running, the programme has been running for 13 plus years. Clients in 101 countries, over three and a half thousand people have taken the exact same course. Jump on board, come and join us and make this work for you.

This is Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you this time next week, bye for now.

Episode Title: #466: Is the TFTC Program suitable for New Traders?

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