Incredible Returns from Our Trading Bots



#418: Incredible Returns from Our Trading Bots

In this video:
00:27 – TFTC Pattern Trader Updates
01:13 – Updates coming in August
01:59 – Our top bot traders
03:18 – 2 weeks free trial available
03:30 – Traders making great returns and enjoying knowing how to trade
04:17 – My trading blend of manual and auto trading

I’m going to give you some updates from our TFTC Pattern Trader software, and also talk about some very happy coaching clients.

Let’s get into that and more right now.

Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 418.

TFTC Pattern Trader Updates

Now, I want to give you an update, first of all, regarding our amazing bot trading software called TFTC Pattern Trader.

I’ll put a link to it on this page, so you can go and get yourself a free two-week trial to that software.

Now, the software basically allows you to create different trading robots using my strategy across different timeframe charts with different criteria, and allows you to back test those trades, and also, then, when you’ve created a portfolio of bots that you like, to take those trades on a live account, that you have your MT4 account built into the software.

So you don’t need any extra VPS. You don’t need any expert advisors, you don’t need anything like that. It’s all integrated together.

Updates coming in August

Now, in early August, we will be having some new updates and upgrades to the system. It’s already incredibly amazing.

It’s going to get even better. We’re going to have new functions, like the ability to forward test, as well as just back test, which is going to be a massive improvement yet further.

We’re going to also have the ability for people to fine tune different indicators on different timeframe charts, plus you’d have the ability to use the built in virtual server and built in virtual account to have it in different currency denominations and start at different account sizes, to make it realistic, to see what returns the bots would have created, and back test and then forward test and then going into live trading.

Our top bot traders

Now, just to give you some examples, our top 20 leaderboards, that’s the top 20 returns from people using the software already, all 20 of those people have made actual returns of over 20%.

Now, they’ve been using it for different lengths of time, but the top person right now is at 76% gain from their bots.

Now, don’t forget that they’ve created these bots using a simple strategy, simple to do, and they’re running this on live accounts, and they’ve made 76%, all with low drawdown as well.

And the top annualised return, so, this person hasn’t made this yet, but they’re projected to, according to their current figures, they’re up to make 221% gain on their account in 12 months, according to where they are so far, with their actual live account returns.

Quite amazing returns when you think about that, and don’t forget, it’s all automated, or you can manually opt to take trades or not via Telegram when you simply get the trade sent through to you, you can see the trade and you decide yes or no on Telegram app, and it automatically places the trade there onto your trading account, or it can be completely, 100% automated.

So it’s quite amazing returns that people are getting there.

2 weeks free trial available

As I said, there’s a two week free trial that we can give you to the basic version of the software. Just go to And as mentioned, I’ll put a link on this post, as well.

Traders making great returns and enjoying knowing how to trade

Now, last thing I want to comment about is, two clients last night on my webinar, John, over in the UK said, “Thanks for the webinar. Great as normal, I’m learning a lot, and hopefully on my way to consistency after so many years of trying.”

John’s just been with us for about a month and just changing his trading around, some of the comments that he sent through were just amazing about how he’s finally now starting to understand what it is he needs to look for within his trading, and Sean, who is from here in New Zealand, Sean said, “The course is amazing. I’ve learned more through the webinars and the forum, which definitely complements the course. I highly recommend it.” And for June, he made over 6% percent on his account gain.

So, just shows what’s happening.

My trading blend of manual and auto trading

So, for me, the answer for trading going forward, is to have some manual trading, and some bot trading, some automated trading.

And our bot trading is still working on my trading strategy, but it just frees you up even more time and takes even more emotion out of things.

So, look, if you want to know about the coaching course, have a look at

If you want to know about our pattern trader software, which really is the best automated trading software out there anywhere… I’m not just saying that because we’ve developed it, and helped create it. I’m saying that because I genuinely believe it. It’s like nothing else out there.

Have a look at Any questions, send me an email [email protected], or leave an email or comment on this post.

If you’re on YouTube, leave a comment. Don’t forget to share and like the video, send it through to any friends you may have who are interested in making some great returns through the Forex market.

Once again, this is Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see this time next week. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #418: Incredible Returns from Our Trading Bots

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