How To Trade and Travel

In this weekly video:
00:20 – Trading from Wanaka, New Zealand
01:18 – Made +1.55% in 2 days by trading and 20 minutes
02:10 – Trading and travelling – using Daily charts
03:33 – Make money and travelling without watching charts all day
04:43 – Learning how to trade by yourself
05:10 – Google “Dusky Sound, New Zealand”

Would you like to trade and travel at the same time? It’s the ultimate goal for many traders. If that’s you, you have to listen to this video, check it out.

Trading from Wanaka, New Zealand

Hi Forex traders, Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach video and podcast number 238, coming to you from the beautiful, absolutely stunning Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand. Absolutely amazing place here. If you’ve not been here just check out the scenery behind me. Absolutely spectacular. Well why am I here? Well yesterday I was absolutely thrilled and honoured and privileged to be able to fly a friend’s helicopter all the way to a place called Dusky Sound, which is absolute wilderness, completely remote part of New Zealand that very few people have been to.

Actually Captain Cook’s first landing place in New Zealand. Absolutely wonderful place. I got to fly the helicopter in and back out again. We spent the day fishing, caught some amazing fish, blue cod, ate some of them, still have some to eat for today. Just absolutely incredible.

Made +1.55% in 2 days by trading and 20 minutes

Why am I telling you this? Well one, I want you to come to New Zealand and have a look at this, why wouldn’t you? Number two, at the same time, and today’s Wednesday, I usually make my videos and podcasts on a Friday, but I had to share with you this amazing scenery.

Today’s Wednesday, so on Monday and Tuesday, I’ve just traded ten minutes on each day and that’s it and already with half percent risk per trade I’m up 1.55 percent on my account. That’s just 20 minutes so far this week, 1.55 percent. It’s just crazy. If you wanted to say, risk one percent per trade you’d be up what’s that, 3.1 percent in two days and it can be done just by trading daily charts once a day.

Trading and travelling – using Daily charts

If trading and travelling is your ultimate goal, then you need to jump on board with this, you need to start looking at these longer timeframe charts.

Now the trades that I’ve mentioned, they’ve all been posted on my website as well, for my clients, so every client would be up the same, just by copying. That’s it, of course you can still take trades yourselves and exactly like I mentioned on last week’s same video and podcast, go and check it out, number 237 (watch it here), about why would you trade the shorter timeframe charts? It kind of doesn’t make sense because people who want to trade and travel, you see all these funny images online of these beautiful women sat there in a bikini on the beach on a deck chair with their laptop, pretending that they’re trading.

Well, if I was sat on a beach, the last thing I’d want to do is think about trading. Number one, you’re going to get sand in your laptop so that’s the end of the laptop, but you know, more realistically why would you be sat there on a beach trading? That basically says to me that these people who are talking about doing this, they’re selling this ideal image, they’re promoting you sat there trading five and fifteen minute charts, which to me is just like crazy. Why would you?

Make money and travelling without watching charts all day

If you want to be able to realistically trade and travel at the same time, then you need to be able to go and do things like this. Just look at it, it’s spectacular. You need to be able to go and see places that you want to see whilst you are travelling but having the realistic ability to trade, so trading once a day on a daily chart, it is realistic and it can be done and it does allow you to travel at the same time. If you’ve got that goal to trade and travel, try to jump on board with my course if you want that help. Like I said, the 1.55 percent so far this week has been, and we’re only onto Wednesday, so it’s only two days of trading, Monday and Tuesday. It’s Wednesday morning here right now. That’s spectacular figures when you consider two days, 20 minutes at the very most.

I mean, that’s what it’s taken me but if you just copied as a client it would have taken you probably ten minutes. You just got to copy, look through charts, but ultimately don’t forget though, it’s not just simply a copy service, what we’re offering.

Learning how to trade by yourself

It’s more about actually about getting people the ability to learn how to trade themselves. That’s the main thing. Yes the 1.55 percent is great, but it’s the having the ability to take these same trades for yourself and be able to educate yourself to be able to do this from anywhere, anytime.

I’m going to stop now, I can just hear the same helicopter that I flew yesterday is just coming over. I’m not sure if I can quite get it on, but you can probably hear it in the background, but yeah, looking at.

Google “Dusky Sound, New Zealand”

If you Google, Dusky Sound, we were fishing yesterday with dolphins around us, with seals on the rocks. If you’re into fishing and I’m no fisherman, but if you’re into fishing then we were dropping the line in and within 30 seconds we were catching fish, these amazing blue cod because it’s a non-commercial fishing area, completely unspoiled.

If you want the opportunity to see places like this and to travel, jump onto those longer timeframe charts and ignore those silly pictures of people sat on the beach in their bikinis and laptops. It’s not real, this is real. You can’t argue, 1.55 percent in two days and you get to see places like this. I’m just going to pan around and see if my new gadget will follow me here. Excuse the very, very bright sunny conditions here, but it’s a spectacular place. This is Andrew Mitchem, The Forex Trading Coach. I’ll catch you this time next week.

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