How Much Do You Want To Be A Good Trader?

In this weekly video:
00:22 – Are you committed to learn how to trade
00:50 – The instant fix and next shiny object
01:35 – You can research for years
02:00 – Freely available software, webinars and information
02:55 – Getting a coach to progress quickly
04:20 – Invest in a good instructor
04:39 – A new review on Forex Peace Army
05:43 – We all have the same amount of time

How much do you really want to be a good Forex Trader? Let's talk about that and more right now.

Hey traders, it's Andrew Mitchem here. The Forex Trading Coach video and podcast number 241.

Are you committed to learn how to trade

Today I want to talk about your commitment; how much do you really, really want it. I mean really want it. You see, I get asked all the time from people, “I want to become a good trader, Andrew. I'm going to join your course. I'm going to become one of your best students. I'm going to do this full time.” All these sort of promises that come all the time. I hear it all the time.

The instant fix and next shiny object

The problem is today, the world that we live in, everything is so accessible. You want a song, you download it. You want a movie, you search for it and you download it. Everything is instant. Everybody's very quick to move on to the next shiny object, the next thing that's going to be instant. No one is willing to put a bit of time and commitment and effort into something that's really good.

My question is how much do you really, really and I mean really want to become a good Forex trader? That's something that you really need to question yourself about seriously if you wish to continue in this market.

You can research for years

You can spend years and years and years doing all this research online following forums and different threads and different ideas and things like that and going alone. You can do that. But you have to think of what's your time worth if you like doing that? Because the likelihood is you're not going to get very far very quickly. Then you get the other side of the people like I mentioned at the beginning, people that come to me and say,

Freely available software, webinars and information

“Hey Andrew I'm going to do this and I'm going to commit and I'm going to be fantastic and I'm going to do everything that you say.”

I offer on my site, freely available to people, I offer advice if people email me. I offer free trading software, free calculators, free webinars. Even a free mini course. It's amazing when I go back and look at the number of people that join those, and I go and say to them a few weeks later or a month or so later, “Hey how's it going? Do you need anymore help?” And people go, “I'm not trading anymore,” or “I've moved on to someone else's ideas,” or “I've got some other software or other robots,” and things like that. Then it becomes, how much do you really want it? I'm giving you all this information here, and it's great valuable information. It comes down to your commitment.

Getting a coach to progress quickly

I'll give you an example. This year, I've taken up squash. I started around the end of January and we're now early September. I'm now committed to playing squash; I'm playing about three times a week. I've bought the equipment, a nice racket, good shoes. I've got myself fitter. It's helping with my fitness. I've joined a club, I've got the full membership, I've got practice membership. We're playing different competitions. Things like that. I'm also getting some coaching. Why? Because I've reached a level like after the first few months, and I thought to myself if I want to do this properly and enjoy it and get better and better, I can only get so far by myself. I now need to get some coaching from individuals, learn how to hit the ball properly, learn how to move around the court, watch the ball, read the opponent, all those type of things which I need to do to get better at squash. I don't want to be playing at the same level in two or three years time as I am today; I want to be way, way, way above where I am today. So for me, investing my time into some coaching is the obvious way of doing that. Otherwise I'm just going to stay stagnant. I might get a little bit better, I might lose interest, all those sort of things on the downside if you don't get dramatically better.

Invest in a good instructor

Forex is exactly the same. That's just my example away from trading. If you've been watching and following me for a number of years, you'll know I've done the same with the helicopter. You put that commitment in and that effort and that investment to get yourself a good teacher or good instructor as I did there. Forex is exactly the same.

It really comes down to your commitment to wanting to become a good trader.

A new review on Forex Peace Army

I'll give you an example; if you get a chance, have a look on Forex Peace Army. There's a review there in early September by a client called Tim, who lives in the UK. Have a look on there. As I'm recording, this is the most recent review on Forex Peace Army. It explains it perfectly. Tim said, “I was really cautious, really doubtful, didn't want to spend money on a course but I knew I had to do something. Finally took the plunge, took the commitment to join,” and now he's loving it. He's doing really well. He's attending all my webinars, he's committed to the course, he's loving what he's doing. It's working for him. There's no surprises there. If you put in the effort, if you put in the dedication and you commit to doing something, you will get reward from it if you choose this is the right thing for you. Whether it be squash, flying helicopters, or Forex trading or anything else that you do, if you're going to make a commitment to trade I really urge you to make a solid commitment. In the end, it's going to pay off so much in terms of the enjoyment of it.

We all have the same amount of time

People that say, “I don't have enough time, Andrew.” Well, you can have all the excuses you like under the sun. My watch has 24 hours in one day on it the same as your watch as 24 hours in one day. We all have the same time in a day. We all have the same number of days in the week. It's what you do with it that counts.

If you need any Forex help, and you'd like me to help you further, drop me an email or contact me. My email address is [email protected] You can find a contact form on the website. If you do want to commit, have a look at those free webinars, calculator, and course available on my site.

Have a great weekend, think about what I just said. I'm here to help if you want to commit. This is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach. I'll see you this time next week.

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