I started trading FOREX since April’10. At the beginning i follow some free educational materials from the internet, those were good but not good enough to make PIPs for my account. Then i decided to take training on how to trade properly. I took couple of courses but most of them were not good enough to make money from this battle field, even i lost a lot of money using some system because of lack of proper money management.

After that i was bit frustrated, thinking to gave up FOREX trading. At that time i thought it is only for BIG PLAYERS.

But one day i got Andrew’s website from google. I decided to gave a last try in FOREX training which i think was the best decision, so far , regarding FOREX coaching.

In the one-to-one webinar, he taught me a system for short term chart trading with couple of defined RULEs using PRICE ACTION and some Indicators. Those organised rules with proper money management gave me consistent result in trading FOREX.

Andrew has another strategy for long term chart trading which is exceptionally good. He showed me how to enter and exit the market with 3:1 or more RR. Every day he sent us trade recommendations for long term chart trading using his methodology. Pls Andrew don’t stop sending those recommendations.

Using 0.5% (which is very low ) risk on each trade, now i am getting very good return on my account consistently and i am planning to trade FOREX full-time if i get similar result in comming 3-4 months.
Finally, the support after the course is exceptionally good. He runs forthnightly webinar for his students where we can discuss any trading issues.

I highly recommend Andrew’s course to anyone who want to make consistent profit in FOREX.

Thanks Andrew for developing such a good training course and strategies.