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* very limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar*

The next webinar starts at:

9:00pm Auckland (Wednesday), 7:00pm Sydney
5:00pm Singapore, 10:00am London (Wednesday)
5:00am New York (Wednesday)
2:00am Los Angeles (Wednesday)

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The next webinar starts at:

9:00am Auckland (Thursday), 7:00am Sydney
5:00am Singapore, 10:00pm London (Wednesday)
5:00pm New York (Wednesday)
2:00pm Los Angeles (Wednesday)

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What You Will Learn On This Free Training Webinar:

Why Forex?

Are you new to Forex Trading and would like to find out more about this amazing market?

Learn from my experience

Learn how I went from a dairy farmer (with no trading knowledge) getting up at 5am each day to a full time Forex trader.

Why I’m a Techincal Trader

Learn why I choose how to be a technical trader and not a fundamental trader.

** PLUS – 5 VERY important trading tips that you can use immediately to boost your trading – I use these everyday myself

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