Free Forex Trading Information from a Trading Giant

In This Video:
01:21 Where I post my free Forex trading information
02:34 Couple of emails from Paul in the UK
04:41 Tremendous Christmas offer

I am going to share with you a way that you can get daily, free Forex information to help you make money in the Forex market. Let’s get into that right now!

Hi Forex Traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here. I’m the owner of The Forex Trading Coach and today, it’s Friday, the 5th of December and in today’s video and podcast, I’m going to share with you one of several ways in which you can get access to free, high quality, Forex information on a day-by-day basis, and information that’s posted in advance of the market moving that can help you make a huge amount of money out of the Forex market for free!

So let me share with you some various ways in which you can do that.

Daily Free Forex Trading Information

And so, each day, I post free, on various websites, market information. I do this in advance of the market moving. It’s not hindsight information; it’s not telling you what happened yesterday or last week; it’s not saying “the market might go up to this level” and “it might go down to this level”. I’m not saying any of that! I’m giving information about the likely directions for different currency pairs, and the strength in different currencies and weakness of other currencies, on a day-by-day basis – all for free, for you to be able to use.

Now, different places that I post that!

  1. I post that on my website, first of all, so you can go to the “News” tab on my website and look for latest daily directions. All the information’s there! So, just log into theforextradingcoach.com and go to that News tab.

  2. The second place that I post at, where you can find that information is on Facebook! Now, if you go and search for, all one word, “andrewmitchemtheforextradingcoach”, you’ll find my Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” it. If you like it, that will just, really, be great for me and it’ll be great for you because you can get the information. So, go to Facebook on a day-by-day basis.

  3. The other place I post it is on Forex Peace Army where I’ve been posting for almost two-years now on a daily basis. I was asked by the owners of Forex Peace Army. I am one of only three trading giants on that entire community website who post daily trading information.

  4. And the last place is on eToro. Now, eToro as you may know is a very large social trading website and it just so happens that I’ve got an email here, or two emails from the same person, two different days in a row.

I’ll just read them out to you.

How Free Forex Trading Info can Affect your Trade Outcomes

The guy’s called Paul, from over in the UK and he says, “Hi Andrew, I’m new to this but I have to say that yours is the best advice on eToro and you prove it pretty consistently. I’ve started copying other people but I’m not getting huge returns so I now use your guidance and I’m averaging one hundred to one hundred and fifty US dollars a day with a three and a half thousand US dollar eToro account”.

So that was written to me on Thursday and then today, being Friday, I’ve had another email from Paul who said, “Fantastic so far. You’re advice has earned me a hundred and seventy five US dollars today. “Can’t wait for your next post!” And so, that’s just from one person, two days following. Just, free information that’s out there; people making… you know, Paul’s just brand new to trading but people are making hundreds of dollars and some people are making thousands of dollars per day, just from that free information, so make sure you go there!

Like I said, if you do go to Facebook, please like my page. That’d be great.

It helps people!

You know, there’s information there that helps people, like I said, it’s there in advance of the market moving. It’s not hindsight information. So many people post, you know like “economists” post, hindsight information on what happened. It can’t help you really make money whereas my information can help you keep to the right side of the market.

I don’t post specific trades to the public. Of course I do to my clients and if you want to become a client then you can buy the membership on site, get specific daily trading information with trades that I’m taking, the currency pair, the direction, many reasons why I’m looking at taking the trade plus, of course, the exact entry and exits which over time, as a client, you’d learn to be able to spot those trades and take those trades at exactly the same entry and exit levels but it’s just there to help people to get the ball rolling, to understand what I’m looking at and to help train their eye to spot those same trades.

Now, lastly, if you would like to make 2015 the year that you really do succeed at Forex trading, I’ve got a tremendous Christmas offer that’s coming out between the 15th and 19th of December, so not long. It’s an offer like I’ve never ever done in over five-years as a Forex coach. You can either email me for information about that or if you look on the very top of my home page, you’ll find there’s a bar across the very top of the site that takes you through to the link, to be able to register your interest, so you get priority access to that offer when it becomes live because it will be limited numbers! So have a look on the very top of my website – theforextradingcoach.com. Look out for that link that takes you through to the sign-up page.

So that’s it for now, have a great week! We’re getting very close to Christmas so maybe only a couple of weeks of trading left in the year. This is Andrew Mitchem from The Forex Trading Coach, have a great week and I look forward to talking to you, this time, next week.

Bye for now!