How much do you really want to be a Forex Trader? 

In this video:
00:51   Things you need to do to become a Forex trader
02:23   Seeking a good quality Forex education
04:05   You need to be taught from an actual trader
06:26   The EUR zone interest rates dropped 
How much do you really want to be a Forex Trader? I get emails all the time from people saying they want to be full time traders, they want to give up their job, they want to gain most of or all of their income from Forex Trading. If that sounds like you, listen up to what I’ve got to say.

Let’s get into it.

Hi it’s Andrew Mitchem here the Forex Trading Coach. Today is Friday the 8th of November and I get emails all the time, many many emails per day from people saying, “Hey Andrew what do I need to do to be a Forex Trader, whether it’s full time, whether it’s replacing my existing career, whether it’s because they’ve got no job, maybe it’s because they want some passive income or they want to trade their retirement funds, whatever it is I’m sure that one of those would apply to you. But people say, “Hey look what do I need to do?” and I say, “Well there are many things that you need to do. You’ve got to have, obviously, a passion to want to trade and to be interested in Forex Trading you see it’