Forex Reviews: Val Pasquale from Melbourne, Australia

Forex Reviews Val Pasquale: Hi my name is Val. I’m from Melbourne Australia. And first of all I really want to say how excited I am that Andrew is leading strongly towards coming and doing a weekly or weekly course for us in Melbourne because my hands up for that I think that will be really really great. So I have been full time trading now for two years. Where I started from was with three other courses that I was desperately looking for something that I had seen a glint of from a friend who actually introduced me to trade in the beginning. And telling me how wonderful trading was and it just seemed like something I would like to do. So I started to look at different courses joined up. I spent a lot of money in that first year and came away absolutely frustrated I just couldn’t get something that made a lot of sense when I was asking questions I wouldn’t get my answers back from them if it was too slow. It was no real down to earth help from the people who were running the trade. It was majorly the company who had traders and they really didn’t know what they were doing because they weren’t taking the same trade as. As they were talking to us clients about. So I was reading a book called “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas and I came across the word trading coach and I thought these are new words so I started Googling that research in it and I came up with Andrew and a Forex Trading Coach. Checked it out, like what I saw rang him or emailed him, Skype on him. I’m not quite sure how and I found he was in New Zealand and I just happened to be going to New Zealand the next month. So I organised to have a one on one with him and Andrew drove down in Hamilton. I was up in Auckland and Andrew drove all the way up and was really knocking on my door like 15 minutes even before the time allocated and we just spent the whole day just going through the whole course. And Andrew was just so helpful and informative and I just believe he just went above and beyond what anybody would be would be asking or a trading coach.

Val Pasquale: He downloaded everything for me because I’m kind of a nerdy when it comes to computers. And by the time he left I was extremely frazzled but I was up and running. I started on my demo account in the beginning playing around with Andrew’s dailies. And now new year has gone by and when I first started trading live I thought you know what. It’s okay I’ll just stick with Andrew’s dailies. That’s okay I’m happy just to do those trades never ever ever thinking that I would ever be able to do my own trades and I started playing with my demo and thinking “Oh my God! I think I can do this and I can remember doing my first trade”. My own first and nothing I even emailed Andrew and went “Oh my God! I make some money.” Really really excited and realized that. “You know what, all you have to do is just go with the indicators. And you know there’s some obvious rules that you need to take notice of and you can start basic. You don’t have to be you know a technical trader. You don’t need to have to know all the things you see words which I just get a bit confused about.” I see what I see and and that’s what I do. I really don’t have a real method. I’m just going with Andrew’s daily trades and now his weekly trades which I love. Particularly since I’ve been away a lot and don’t have time to get on and have a look at the computer throughout the day on my trade so I’ve just been taking Andrews dailies and weeklies and just setting as Andrew’s say set and forget. And then the next morning or whenever I’m able to get back on and I’m so pleasantly surprised because I think I emailed Andrew and said “I picked up five grand one day with doing nothing like putting on some weeklies and leaving them.

Andrew Mitchem: Is that on a live account, Vel?.

Val Pasquale: Oh yes. And and more. Plus I been absolutely more than that but I just find that even if you don’t know really how to trade you need some basics. You just take hold of these daily trades his weekly trades go with him, go with the webinars. And it’s something that you just grow. You start to come get more familiar what you. You become more confident and that’s certainly where I started. No confidence whatsoever. I use [INAUDIBLE] my computer and I’ve been emailing Andrew all the time. “I don’t understand this. But hey you know I do it a few times.

Andrew Mitchem: How long did it take Val between as you taking the course because after the one on one you then also purchase the video course. Didn’t you? How long after doing that? Or, first of all I suppose why did you do the video cause as well. Have you found it. And then how long did it take you before you’re comfortable to go live. How long since you have been live?

Val Pasquale: Because I started in the November and that’s when Andrew set me up. It was in the January. Then I began live trading. Nearly the whole year. I’m not quite sure when I purchased the trading videos, training video should i say.

Andrew Mitchem: It think its around January, February time.

Val Pasquale: Was it really.

Andrew Mitchem: I think it was. So it took you about say two month and then you’re ready to go live and you been live ever since.

Val Pasquale: I know I haven’t found a problem what I love about the videos is that I can go back there’s any time and just relive them. Something I don’t understand or something that’s not working for me. I’m just going back there and clicking on that particular training video. Listening to it, writing my notes, going back, switching back and forth to the platform and going “Yep, I can understand what you’re saying and going to play on it. I always go back and play first. Some of my favourites the webinar. I love the webinar but I never listen to it live. I like to take that. So then I can stop start. Sometimes I’ve got something going on and I need you. Like I’ll be waiting and watching about 15, 20 minutes of it but then I’ll come back and I’ll just continue watching it and I can come back and watch it any time I like. That something I really really love about it. Love my MBA. My Monday Breakout. Can’t wait for Monday. Thought I hate Mondays because then you can’t do anything until the actual markets come out and I hate I think thats the withdraw symptoms horrible.

Andrew Mitchem: Waiting for the market to start.

Val Pasquale: Yeah, on a Monday.

Andrew Mitchem: So most people love Fridays. I’m the same as you. I hate Fridays because it’s the end of the week and there is no more price.

Val Pasquale: Yeah, I know. I hate it.

Andrew Mitchem: And profitable wise I like Val, you find the course profitable is made the money back that you spent and you’re going well now.

Val Pasquale: 100 fold. This is all I do. And I don’t do it even though I would say I’m a full time trader. I’m not far from my trading work throughout my life not my life around my trading. And that can work because of it’s so simple to do in putting on your sick leave trade. You can go off to the holiday and do something else and come back and be making money. And we were as in the world can you do that. So and on holiday. We’re asking you to go make five grand overnight. Thank you very much.

Andrew Mitchem: You pay for the course more in one day.

Val Pasquale: Exactly, so yes, profitable and then I’m always out there I kind of feel like I’m one of those people of who have found God you know not just talking anyone one who actually listen about doing this. Why would you want to do anything. [INAUDIBLE] 20, 40, 50 hours a week when you could be doing that. My sister is about to move up to the Gold Coast and I’m saying to you don’t need to work hard as you do. Do this course. Start doing some part time trading, then work towards it to concentrate on it more so that it can become your life. Give yourself the freedom, give yourself the financial independence. You know it doesn’t cost a 10 cent once you signed up in your [INAUDIBLE]. You know there’s nothing to you’ve got to pay. So I just highly recommend to do this because for me there was nothing else I’ve just got I’ve finally found an issue my life has taken me fifty six years to actually find something that I know about that I’m dreaming about. I swear I’m thinking about all different ways that I can trade and it’s all here the whole time. I love it.

Andrew Mitchem: I’m so pleased because you know a year ago when I first met you just over a year ago you know you were quite frustrated like you mentioned you’ve spent a huge amount of money on a lot of very well-known individual courses without naming them and they just haven’t worked for you yet. Then you know here we are a year later talking and that’s what you do full time. I’m so pleased for you. I’m really pleased that it’s worked.

Val Pasquale: Well yes. I just I can’t I just can’t thank you enough for who you are and what you give to the people who it so much and we just have a look at your webinar that happened last night that you know you were just so open and honest with what’s going on with nothing being heard and where do you get there you just don’t.

Andrew Mitchem: I’m pleased that it’s working for you. Fantastic Val!