Forex Reviews: Travis Ochsenbine from Ohio, USA

Forex Reviews by Travis Ochsenbine:My name is Travis Ochsenbine. I’m a cement mason in a small family run construction company. I live within the United States in the state of Ohio.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, perfect. Thank you! Could you, Trevis again would you give me like, just a brief introduction, a background about your forex trading experience so far.

Travis Ochsenbine: I’ve been trading forex for a year now. I’ve taken two other courses in that time frame and before I was just pretty much a very uncertain trader when it come to like entries and exits and one just poor decision making. And my risk, you know risk management, money management I was not with this thing. I mean I was looking for that home run, grand slam hit hundred pips a day and pretty much I was on a path to self-destruction.

Andrew Mitchem: Right! Yeah okay. And so that’s why you were looking forex education I presumed just to try and tidy things up.

Travis Ochsenbine: Yes, I was looking into Forex education too mainly because what I learned at a young age to do a skilled trade was, I realized I was taught that trade. I didn’t pick up the tools one night and become a cement mason overnight. I was taught by, Master Masons on how to do the job. And that’s one thing I look for forex was I wanted to learn to become a trader, but I was also looking for someone that was a trader themselves and that could teach me their ways.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay. So after taking these other courses, what made you then decide to want to take my course, like a third course.

Travis Ochsenbine: Probably, you’re free online videos that you had and being able to see into videos that your trading style was you were trading with the price action. As you put it trading from the right hand side of charts. I wasn’t waiting for certain candles the set up, wait for certain things that cross others and a whole mixture of what I found was by the time I got in the trades. Most of the trade was over. So that and just the fact is on your website that you state that you are number one trader first and second a teacher that meant to me that you trade this system you trade what you do and to be able to teach it on to your students. And if you put the faith in. The trading system yourself.

Andrew Mitchem: That’s definitely true. And have you found the course so far, Travis?

Travis Ochsenbine: It’s awesome. I mean, I don’t even know where to, where to start out. I guess I could say to layout from the course notes through the trading videos. It’s always you do understand, easy to follow along with and probably your webinars, your webinars are great for ongoing education and the biggest thing about the webinar. I’ve been in webinars with, I shall say other forex gurus but no one to take an a trades, no one willing to put their neck out on the line to say I’m entering here, I’m going to exit here. So that was that was a wonderful thing to see.

Andrew Mitchem: That was really good. So you say that that’s your favorite part of the Course is having the webinars that really sort of. That’s one of the best parts of it.

Travis Ochsenbine: Yes, probably the webinars are. And then also probably one of the biggest things, two of the biggest things I like would be your money, the money management begins to the fact is, after you explained it with the pips and the percentage of wins and stuff. I’m not out for that you know 100-500 pip move. To make it you know I’m in the trade and know where my entry and exits are and also the software, the software is going to be one of the best things for. Being able to stay away from the computer not having to stay glued to the charts. You can have a life outside of just sitting in front of the computer.

Andrew Mitchem: You know that’s great! So overall the course has helped. Any trading goals that you have, Travis? Like, you looking at becoming a full time trader or passive income?

Travis Ochsenbine: Right now, probably passive income, but I could see in the future if things would go right it could be an avenue for me to get out of construction.

Andrew Mitchem: Yeah.