Forex Reviews: Siimon Reynolds from Los Angeles, USA

Forex Reviews Siimon Reynolds: Hi! I’m Siimon Reynolds, I live in Los Angeles, USA, but I’m actually Australian.

Andrew Mitchem: Hi Siimon! How are you doing? Siimon, can you please let everybody know your trading experience prior to taking my course, please.

Siion Reynolds: Well, I heard a lot about Forex and I read a lot of books. I went online I caught in dabbled in trying a few things, but I had not actually done a full on course before working with you.

Andrew Mitchem: Andrew Mitchem: Okay, so after looking about Forex in the background what made you decide to seek education as supposed to trying it yourself.

Siimon Reynolds: Well, there are so many stories online about people who tried it for themselves and really got nowhere and lost sometimes years in the effort. So I didn’t want to do that. I really wanted to learn efficiently and my biggest fear was that I get a charlatan coach or I do a course that was a sham. There was so many shams and charlatans online in the Forex investment area. I was really fearful of that. So my number one search for someone legitimate.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, so after doing that search your diligence. What made you decide to contact me and take my course.

Siimon Reynolds: Well, some of it is logical and some of it was ensured. Logical was the approach that you outline in your website. It seemed to me, based on the books that I read, forums that I’ve been on to make a hell a lot of sense what you are saying. The insurative bit was I listen to some of your stuff and I really got the impression that you were a decent honorable person. That meant a lot to me because I thought I may have my challenges, learning Forex, but if I got an instructor that is a high caliber character. Then I should be able to get through it.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, that’s great. Thank you. And how you find the course so far? Because it’s probably been about a year since started the course.

Siimon Reynolds: Yeah, it has been about a year. It’s been excellent! There’s definitely a learning curve when you try and understand something that you’ve never been acquainted with. There’s a learning curve, but what I love about the course is several things. First of all, the simplicity of it. It’s extremely, clearly explained. Second of all, the syncness of it. It’s not like you have to read 400 pages of textbook stuff to get the course. It’s really well design in that the important information is there in a clear fashion and any extraneous, unnecessary stuff has been kept out of the course.

Andrew Mitchem: Oh, Cool! Thank you! And you login each day and look at the Daily Trade recommendations and I noticed you generally on most of the webinars even a year later.

Siimon Reynolds: Yeah! The Daily Recommendations are fantastic. You know I literally said in my diary where I can have a look at those and the on-going backup of the videos is being really important. I will always make sure that I watch the videos. I found them incredibly informative. I found you very honest with how you are dealing with what’s happening in the market and what’s great is there’s a bank of them. So I can go back and I can restudy and restudy and restudy and really just train my brain to think like an excellent forex trader.

Andrew Mitchem: Wonderful, thank you! And then the longer term trading goals? Next year, any sort of plans for how you taking your own trading. Do you gonna concentrate mostl