Forex Reviews: Beau Hick from Hamilton, Canada

Forex Reviews by Beau Hicks:  My name is Beau and I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada. I work for myself, doing ground maintenance and other projects around homes.

Andrew Mitchem:  So can you give me a history regarding your forex trading experience prior to taking the course.

Beau Hicks: Sure, I’ve spent the last two years I would say probably just dabbling in forex. I kind of something, I kind of just got interested in, saw it online. Is a way potential, a way to earn some money. I started trying different robots for probably about a year and a half. Then I tried a little bit of manual trading. I spent a lot of hours really trying to educate myself through all of the different forums out there. But in the end never really made any money in the end. Just only lost money actually.

Andrew Mitchem:  I can understand that myself and probably. (Frustrating) Oh very. Prior to taking my course. Did you look any other courses at all?

Beau Hicks: I looked at a couple I never really considered putting you know money into educating myself it’s not something that I looked at before. I was just looking on forums because people seemed to have indicators and all sorts of other things that, that were working, that seemed to be working and I was just in an endless cycle trying to find something that worked.

Andrew Mitchem: OK. So was it because of that frustration that you then finally decided to seek some professional education.

Beau Hicks: Yeah, that’s exactly it. I kind of was just you know like I mentioned just frustrated tired of wasting time and I knew I always knew that people were out there making money, making a living, trading forex and that’s something that I wanted to do. And I have goals I wanted to spend more time with my family. I have spiritual goals to that I want to realize and so I kind of came to the conclusion that I needed to be taught properly a proper education in order to trade properly.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, that’s great. Thank you. And can I ask you what made you take my course and obviously the markets full of all sorts of courses but what was it that stood out about my course that made you decide to invest.

Beau Hicks: Well, it’s kind of ironic because I came across your course when I was flipping through the reviews on one night and I was shocked to see that you had a five star rating from all of the testimonials that were there in fact I was. It actually made me more skeptical about your course because I thought how could somebody have such a high rating a perfect rating and not be a scam. So you might remember you might remember that’s when I called you I e-mailed you and I talked to you personally. As well, as one of your clients who you whom you gave me their information and from then I kind of cleared out my doubts about the course and I decided that this that your course was the education that I needed.

Andrew Mitchem: Okay, fantastic! And have you found the course so far?

Beau Hicks: The course has been amazing. I’ve learned so much. It’s actually only been I think about three weeks since I started the course. But I’ve learned way more in these past three weeks than I have in the last two years. And just hours trying to learn and even though I’ve only gone live as of mid last week I know that the cost of the course is well worth it. And actually I’m up over 2 percent already as of today.

Andrew Mitchem: On your live account?

Beau Hicks: On the Live account since mid-last week.

Andrew Mitchem: Great start. Oh I hope that continues for you. What would you say your favorite part of the course like two is quite a bit to it.

Beau Hicks: There is, yeah. That was I love every aspect of the course. I love the simple and concise way that you explain everything in the manual and in the videos. Also the webinars too. I like the way you teach how to read where the price is likely to go. Just basic using the basic candlestick patterns, but probably I think the best thing for me that I’ve learned so far is about proper money management and trading psychology. Yeah, you’re right, remember when we talked on the phone that that was something that I really really struggled with apart from finding a strategy that actually work. But your course teaches those two aspects kind of in one. Because with the proper money management that you teach low risk per trade combined with the good risk to reward ratios. Not only you make good consistent returns, but you don’t have to worry about your greed or emotions controlling your trading decisions. You teach where to enter, where to take your stops, where to put your profit levels and that takes care of the psychology part of it. And so I was really happy about that.

Andrew Mitchem: That’s great! Because I think you’ve hit on a really important point there. It’s very underestimated, the money management and psychology part. It’s having that balance between that and a good system that suits your trading personality that makes the difference.

Beau Hicks: Yeah, I hadn’t realized that that really those two things are combined. The Trading Psychology is looked after through proper Money Management.

Andrew Mitchem: Because a lot of people see it as a boring unimportant subject initially until they start trading live and then live with decent amounts of money. So, to sum it up really then. So far, I mean obviously it’s early days but so far you’re really happy. And you can see that forex trading now could be something that you can actually make good success of to help with time help with extra additional income.

Beau Hicks: Yeah, absolutely. I feel confident about that.

Andrew Mitchem: Yeah, right. Is it ever something you want to be full time one day. Do you think it is?

Beau Hicks: It is, that’s actually my goal right. Yeah that’s that’s my goal so I’m working slowly towards that. Like you mentioned a few times in your course. Trading is not a sprint, it’s a marathon right. That’s the way