Forex Reviews: Andrea Napier from Wellington, New Zealand

Andrew Mitchem: Hi! This is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach. Join here by Andrea Napier today. Hi Andrea!

Andrea Napier: Hi Andrew!

Andrew Mitchem: How are you doing? All good?

Andrea Napier: All good actually.

Andrew Mitchem: That's good. Just wondering if you could just let us know just a brief introduction about yourself, Andrea.

Andrea Napier: Yes, well. As you said, my name is Andrew Napier and I live in Lower Hutt, Wellington. My past experience in life has been which universities with Civil Degrees and currently teaching business lo

gic course.

Andrew Mitchem: Great, thank you! Andrea, could you let us know of brief history about your forex trading experience prior to taking my course.

Andrea Napier: Sure, well I've been interested in Forex Trading for a quite number of years, but I took the bullet in 2009 and did a course through an English group. I took 2 courses with him. Spent a year trading still in demo the whole time because I just had no consistency whatsoever. Was pretty much on the border of giving up trading all together because it wasn't getting me anywhere. When, a woman I meet in the original course contacted me and said, “She found a new course” and she highly recommended you. So, that's when I make a phone call to you and the rest is history now. I'm live and going well.

Andrew Mitchem: Great, thank you. So what made you decide to take my course. Was it just that interaction with the other person and talking to me or is there any other things about the course that made you want to take it.

Andrea Napier: Well, the women I met had the same experience that I had. Although, we have done the training, there was no follow up service. Really difficult to get hold on them, we couldn't get questions answered and both of us really struggle. She met you in some sort of conference in Auckland and such she made a huge trading just picked out phenomenally and she showed me her results. She was open with the ups and downs and where she has been and so I try training with you. It didn't take much convincing to be honest, but when I called you text you on the site. You were just so sensible and what you see about trading and the one phone call did it for me to be honest.

Andrew Mitchem: Great, thank you. And so how you found the course because it was probably what about a year and a half ago. We did the course?

Andrea Napier: It was indeed. Well, you probably remember, I did, though the 1 on 1 training where you came down to Wellington and trained me. I was skeptical, that I can learn an entire system and the one session, but the time you leave. I had my charts all up and running, new to system and I was ready the next day. So, definitely fantastic. It's full of those systems where it's based on a simple sound principle that makes sense. It makes sense straight away. That was the difference, whereas the previous that I've done, interpretation as a novice, it wasn't useful, but novice or experienced, you can do your system.

Andrew Mitchem: Great, thank you. So what's your favorite part of the course, Andrea? Is anything like stands out?

Andrea Napier: I think for me it was the candle signals that you pointed out. I've done a lot of independent study through books and so on on candle patterns. And what I kinda makes sense it really didn't jolt to give into. You put it into your format and it will all become obvious and simple. The candles are what I really keep going on it.

Andrew Mitchem: Great! So how's the course like now? Year and a half later you live. How your results coming along?

Andrea Napier: Results have been fantastic! For minimal effort, you can get 2-5% away and what else can you do in life that gets you those sort of routine for half an hour in the morning here in New Zealand. So, it's fantastic scrolling on the short time frames in the evening. Much better way to spend your evening sitting in front of the TV. I sit in front of my screen I make money. My partner is happy. What more I can say.

Andrew Mitchem: And so long term trading goals?

Andrea Napier: Long term, by the 2nd quarter next year, I want to be full time. What I'm doing at the moment towards that is just increasing my account size by 10,000 per month. What I've found is that making a too bigger leap but once. It's a marathon, it's not a sprint. Getting your head around. The different lot sizes and moving what that was what is important to me. Probably, other people go bigger much sooner, but I'm not gonna be allowed to identify a professional trader that makes you.

Andrew Mitchem: Fantastic! So really within 2 years of taking the course you've gone from struggling, we can say to full time. Full time income from trading.

Andrea Napier: I got to give that literally to there's nothing I'd rather do with my time.

Andrew Mitchem: Wonderful! I hope that all comes really good for you.

Andrea Napier: I'm sure it will. I think the main thing that keeps me motivated is the fortnightly webinars that you run. It puts us into a community group where you not alone out there trading which can often happen to a lot of people which I think is why a lot of people give up that's where I was. Before I met you a year and a half ago. And now, I feel there are others out there trading with me. Trading with similar thoughts to me and it’s that constant contact that is really keeping me enthused.

Andrew Mitchem: Great! Thank you very Andrea.

Andrea Napier: Not a problem