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Weakness in the Kiwi Dollar – Currency Strength and Weakness for Wednesday 4th October 2017

Weakness in the Kiwi Dollar – Currency Strength and Weakness for Wednesday 4th October 2017

Hi Forex Trader,

I make my Currency Strength and Weakness suggestions every day based on where I see the market heading over the next 24 hours. Use my analysis below to aid your trading and to help you keep on the right side of the market.

My suggestions are posted by 6pm EST each day.

For The Forex Trading Coach clients, login here https://theforextradingcoachcourse.com/ to get your exact entry and exit points for today’s recommended pairs.

Overall there is strength in the minor strength in the CAD, AUD, EUR and CHF

Overall there is weakness in the NZD, with minor weakness in the GBP and JPY

Trading Directions I am favouring for the next 24 hours

Buy Trades – AUD/NZD, EUR/NZD, CAD/JPY  

Sell Trades – NZD/CAD, NZD/CHF


Disclaimer: My clients have full access to my trading strategy, including Currency Strength and Weakness specific trades each day that include the exact entry, stop loss and profit targets.
Use your own trading strategy and look to take trades that setup in the same direction as my daily analysis. If you don’t have a trading strategy, just CLICK HERE and I’ll send you some information to help you out.


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– Andrew Mitchem
The Forex Trading Coach
Professional Forex Trader and Educator

  • Stefan Melnikoff

    Andrew, you are to slick for words. I have no idea if you know enough to
    actually coach anyone, and I’m not about to pay you to find out. I have a email box
    full of coaches, signal providers and people who will make me a successful trader, if
    only that I pay them first. You seem like a nice guy, but isn’t that exactly what you
    are supposed to be, You have spent a lot of time and money for this website, I hope it
    has paid off.
    Yours Truly,

    • Andrew Mitchem

      Hi Stefan, I’ve been trading FX full time since 2004 so I’ve been at it for quite a while. Traders from 58 Countries have been through my course so there’s a good variety of people, experiences and skills who I’ve helped. If it’s not for you that’s fine. Regards, Andrew

    • PJ

      Andrew is a very slick salesman, but he also parts with a lot of wisdom. I’d love to attend a marketing course by Andrew if he ever decides to do one :-). His course is expensive for what is a basic strategy. BUT, he helps you maintain focus that helps you stick to the strategy which is very important. Do not be fooled by more complicated ‘systems’. Whilst Andrew’s style of trading could be complimented further with data ‘ ie fundamental data eg PMIs, COT etc, and daily fundamental sentiment eg, economic forecasts, reports etc, you must understand that without a basic and sound technical strategy and good trade management, your ‘extra’ market knowledge is worthless.