Creating your Dream Lifestyle using Forex Trading

In this weekly video:
00:26 – Creating the dream and the lifestyle
01:07 – Are you serious about wanting to trade?
02:04 – Teaching you a skill
03:00 – Your account size right now does not matter
03:32 – Comments and videos from trading clients
07:06 – We’re not about selling a course
07:39 – 10th Birthday this week – don’t miss out on this opportunity

Wanted to talk today about creating your dream lifestyle by using forex to aid you in that. So let’s get into that and more right now.

Hey Forex Traders. Andrew Mitchem here, The Forex Trading Coach video and podcast number 315.

Creating the dream and the lifestyle

I want to talk all about what it is that you’re after out of your life, creating the dream, creating the lifestyle that you’re after, and how trading can help you do that. Now, if you’re watching this video, you’ll see that down here, here’s one of my best mates. My dog called Pip, and appropriately enough, she’s called Pip as a forex trader.

But here’s Pip off to go and get a ball probably, but I’m working from home. This is my house there. Sat by the pool here today, filming this for you, because trading has allowed me to create the lifestyle that I’m after, and I’d like to help you do that as well. When you think about it, with The Forex Trading Coach, we’re helping people create dreams. We’re helping people create lifestyles.

Are you serious about wanting to trade?

If you’re serious about changing the way that you’re currently doing things, and you like trading to be a part of that, then you’re the sort of person that really should be with us, on board with us.

You see, we’re not about creating multimillionaires overnight. We’re not about unrealistic dreams and expectations. That’s not us at all. We’re real people, real traders. You see, what I think the best thing for a lot of people to do is to … When they join with The Forex Trading Coach, it’s not to give up your day job straight away. Don’t do that. That’s silly. That’s unrealistic. Don’t expect to retire next year from trading straight away.

Teaching you a skill

But what we’re about is teaching you a skill. We’re about teaching you the ability to be able to make money through trading, and you don’t even need money straight away. That’s the other thing.

A lot of people come to me and they say, “Hey Andrew. Look, I can’t afford to have a decent enough live account to make a living from.” Now of course you’re not, because most people don’t have that kind of disposable income. Even if you did, you’d be absolutely stupid to put that into a trading account straight away if you don’t know what you’re doing. So we’re about teaching you the ability to be able to trade. I can help you in many ways by getting you to become a good trader, and then you can sell trading signals.

You could sell your system through having a good record on places like Myfxbook and gain passive income. Plenty and plenty of ways to grow your account if your account size is the issue right now.

Your account size right now does not matter

But to be perfectly honest and perfectly blunt, your account size right now does not matter because it’s understanding how to trade that matters right now. So, get that right, and then you can create that lifestyle that you’re looking for. You can eventually get to a stage where you say goodbye to your boss. You’re spending more time at home with your family or travelling, whatever it is that you want to do, and that’s really what we are about creating.

We want to help people create that lifestyle and not be glued to the charts either. So, lots of lots of different ways we can help you.

Comments and videos from trading clients

Now, I wanted to … I’ve got a group of printed out sheets here. I wanted just to read through a couple of these emails that I’ve received over the last sort of few weeks. But first of all, if you haven’t seen a video that I did a couple of weeks ago, or last week I think it was actually, with John Alberghini who lives over in Doha in Qatar. John’s been with me six years. All six years had been profitable, and I want you to go and watch that video and listen to the comment he said about how taking the courses helped change his life and improve his family’s life. Really, really touching when he said that.

To be honest, have a watched the video. I had no idea he was going to say that. I was shedding a tear that I don’t mind telling you that because it meant so much to me that here’s a guy who said, “Look, I’ll have a chat with you. We’ll talk about the course, talk about my trading experiences to help people,” and they actually said, “Andrew, what you’ve done has changed my life.” That was just really powerful stuff. So, go and have a watch of that as well. But a couple of more here. I’ll just read these out to you.

One here from Steve. Steve said, “I’ve had a good week and for the first time since I started trading live 18 months ago,” and Steve’s only been with me for about a month. “I’ve won seven trades all in a row, less than two days, strict money management, and 0.25%. This has never happened to me before. I’ve always had been very sporadic with other paid strategies I’ve been introduced to. Sometimes I would sit at my computer for days and not take a trade due to the entry and rules such like. This is definitely good for me. For my confidence this week, I’m very pleased. I purchased your course. I feel your strategy fits my personality.”

Another one here, “Hey coach, check out this trade. It’s seven to one, reward to risk, Lincoln.” So I’m doing this one-handed and holding the camera one-handed and trying not to blow these papers in the pool. You can see them all here. I’ve just highlighted the comments on here to share with you. Another one from Michael. “I wanted to share with you another statement from this week. Wow, what a week of kicking ass. 15.6% gain. I hope others did the same. I focused on the hourly charts this week, but all time frames were great opportunities. I started off the week losing but quickly recovered by the end. I went to 17:1, 17 wins, one loss. It’s weeks like this that truly do put a smile on your face and give me the confidence to become a professional forex trader. I hope to have many more like these.”

Thanks again for you share with us. Again, sorry. I’m trying to do this one-handed. Another one here from Ivo. Now, Ivo has created a company called EventIn Forex, and this is another thing you can do. If you learn how to trade properly, you can create your own forex company. Ivo said, “Amazing feat, Andrew. Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary for The Forex Trading Coach.” This came through just yesterday. “I’m so grateful I found you seven years ago. It’s changed mine and my family’s life and allow me to trade for a living.”

Then Ivo says more information there about how the strategy definitely has an edge to his competitors with many other strategies that he’s tried to automate and mine has the edge. Another one here from a different John, John W. “I’m up for 10% for the month, and last month, 8.7%.” The other one here. Let me try and read that last one before I lose it on the floor here. Chris, “Thanks for a great webinar. Very informative. Happy to report after going through your course and having a one-hour private session. My account is up 12.5% and the money is nice of course, but the best thing is knowing I’ve found a genuine teacher and I’m learning a solid trading strategy, so thank you for this.”

We’re not about selling a course

So there you go. We are not just about selling a course. We’re not about leaving you in front of a computer all day by yourself or getting bored or completely confused. We’re about helping people create a passive income, grow their account, and eventually if they want to, they have that ability and that desire, dedication to become full-time traders. Doesn’t mean to say sitting at the computer all day full-time as well. It’s about getting out of trading what you want out of it and that’s what we’re about helping individual people achieve.

10th Birthday this week – don’t miss out on this opportunity

So you’re probably aware that we are holding our 10th birthday sale this week. 3rd of April if you live this side of the world, 2nd of April if you live in America or Europe is when it starts. It’s a 24-hour sale. A dime sale’s going to start at the very lowest price that I’ve ever offered the course ever in 10 years. Look, we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings and how things change and Ivolve and develop. But if you’d like to be part of what we’re doing here at The Forex Trading Coach, we’d love to have you on board.

I’ll put a link below this video to the 10th birthday sale just to really encourage you. Look, if you’re interested, just register. Do some research online. Go and have a look at what people have said. 10 years is a long, long time online and in the forex market as you well know. We’re here to help people. We love doing what we do, and we’d love to have you on board. If this is what you’d like to achieve out of your life and out of your trading as well.

So once again, this is Andrew Mitchem signing out now. I’ll see you at this time next week with more information and videos and podcasts. Bye for now.

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