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#469: Come and Join our Facebook Group

In this video:
00:30 – Join my Facebook Group for a small monthly fee
01:12 – Content on the Facebook Group
02:30 – For less than a cup of coffee each day
03:23 – Take a look at Blueberry Markets
04:12 – Try us out on the Facebook Forex Insiders group

Would you, for a small fee of less than a cup of coffee per day, like to join my Forex Insiders Facebook group? If it sounds like something you’re interested in, listen up, I’ve got some great news to share with you.

Join my Facebook Group for a small monthly fee

Hey traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here at The Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 469. And you’ve heard it right, a lot of people come to me and say, “Andrew, look, I’d love to join your full coaching programme, but right now I cannot afford it. And I’d like to see if there’s some way I can learn from you, but from a monthly fee instead.”

And so, as a result of that, a little while ago, I put together a small Facebook group, and it is different to the full coaching course, without a doubt. It is not the full coaching course. I just want to be up front and let you know, it’s nowhere near the level of the full coaching course, but for less than a cup of coffee price per day, it gives you an incredibly good course with a lot of valuable information.

Content on the Facebook Group

You see, there are around 30 videos on that Facebook group and they give you the breakdown of my strategy. Small videos, easy to follow, easy-to-learn videos. There are about 42 weekly video recordings right now, and each week going forward, I hold a live 30-minute webinar for the Facebook group. And on that session, we talk about trades that we’ve taken over the last week. We talk about different topics that people need help with. And we look at upcoming trades live in front of you.

And as mentioned, all the recordings get available or are available there for you to watch as well, plus every week going forward. On top of that, I also give you access to my daily chart trade suggestions and the strength and weakness analysis that I post each day on certain currencies, where I see as likely they’re moving up or likely they’re moving down, plus specific chart trades based off the daily charts for the reasons I’m taking the trade, plus the exact entry and exit levels.

Look, it’s really a great option for you if you’d like to maybe just check us out, see what we’re all about. You might have heard some fantastic things for us and you’re not ready to jump onto the full course, but this gives you that stepping stone for a small fee.

For less than a cup of coffee each day

Look, the fee is $47 for the first month, US, and then $97 a month going forward from there. When you think about that, it gives you everyday daily trading suggestions. It gives you the strength and weakness analysis. It gives you a live webinar each week, all the previous webinars and lots of videos on the now and going forward. So tonnes and tonnes of really valuable information, plus you can ask questions via the Facebook side as well.

So if that sounds like you, I’ll put a link here for you to jump on board and to follow along and to decide of it’s for you. I’ll leave it as that there for you to make that call, but it really is a good first option for people. And of course, it’s a monthly fee. You can cancel it anytime. It’s purely up to you. But for way less than a cup coffee per day, you can jump on board and learn how to trade properly.

Take a look at Blueberry Markets

Now, if you’re looking at somewhere to place your funds and somewhere to trade through, I can highly recommend Blueberry Markets and they are based over in Australia. They can take clients in most countries around the world. If you’re in the US and a couple other countries, then you cannot go there. If you are in the US, I suggest … a lot of our clients go through OANDA and talk very highly of them, but for everybody else, I also suggest you have a look and consider Blueberry Markets.

They’re a very good option and they have the MT4 and MT5 platform, fantastic customer service. You won’t beat them on customer service, actually. They are really, really good. Good segregated accounts, ASIC regulated within Australia. Basically, all the things you look for, for a good broker type spreads, the commission accounts, everything like that. So have a look at Blueberry Markets. I will put a link to them as well.

Try us out on the Facebook Forex Insiders group

But if you’re interested in finding out more about us, taking that first step towards probably at the end, the full coaching programme, that’s up to you, have a look at the Facebook group. It’s called Forex Insiders. It’s $47 for the first month to jump on board, check it out. I’ll put a link here. I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now

Episode Title: #469: Come and Join our Facebook Group

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