Client Makes a 40% Account Gain in September



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#431: Client Makes a 40% Account Gain in September

In this video:
00:31 – This week’s content
00:54 – A client makes a 40.05% live account gain in September
04:23 – Trading at a Prop firm to make great passive income
05:35 – Our TFTC Mini Course is now live
07:01 – Take a look at Blueberry Markets if you want a good broker
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I want to explain how one of our clients made an incredible 40% gain on his live account in September with just a 6.3% drawdown. Let’s talk about that more right now.

Hey, folks, traders. It’s Andrew Mitchem and I’m the owner of the The Forex Trading Coach. This is video and podcast number 431.

This week’s content

Lots to cover on this week’s video and podcast. We want to talk about the guy who’s just made 40% on his account in September. I also want to introduce you to our new mini course that has just gone live on Facebook and give you an opportunity to join that for this week only with a 50% discount for new people onto that course.

A client makes a 40.05% live account gain in September

But let’s start with the exciting news that I following on from last week’s video on podcast about the client called Brett, who is in South Africa. He made a 40.05% account gain on his live account, quite extraordinary. But I’ve been through all of his trades. They’re actually opened here behind me, sent me a screenshot of his MT4 account, all the trades, the profits and losses. I went through them and the biggest drawdown he’s had there was a 6.3% drawdown, quite extraordinary. Very low controlled risk.

He said to me he only trades once, sometimes twice a day, and that’s the 5 PM New York close of day, where he looks at the beginning of the week the weekly charts each day of the daily and the 12 hour charts. So that’s going to take him what, 10, 15 minutes once a day. Then a few days in the week, generally Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, he’ll look at the 5 AM changeover as well. So he’s looking just twice a day, absolute maximum half an hour per day and he’s made a massive 40% gain.

Now, he’s mentioned when he emailed me a couple things that have just really changed things for him. Number one, he did some one-on-one tuition with Paul Tillman. Paul has been working with me for quite a number of years. He teaches our clients one on one online. He also holds the live U.S. webinars for me every second week and he also moderates the forum site. An incredible trader, fantastic coach, great way of explaining everything. Brett’s taken some tuition with Paul and he said that was just fantastic, money well spent just to get to that next level.

He’s also using our Place Fibo Order Script, which is a script for MT4 and MT5 that he literally drag onto the chart. It places your entry and exit levels with retracements, profits, et cetera, controlled risk. Makes placing a trade absolutely simple. No calculating lot sizes, no worrying about does this stop in the right place, or if you move it, do you move your position size or anything like that. It just does everything for you. It’s a fantastic script.

He also mentioned the value that he has placed in our interactive videos that are on our membership site. So our interactive videos are videos where one of our clients, Nick who lives over in Dubai has made them for us. Nick’s made these videos in realtime when he’s seeing a trade setting up and then you have to go through the video and you have to basically select the right answers of the questions when the video pauses in order to progress through the video. So it was almost like taking trades in realtime live, looking for the pros and cons that we’re looking at and then progressing through the video.

There’s a lot of them on our site from different timeframe charts. Brett mentioned how incredibly valuable they are. The last thing he mentioned is the forum site and how much he’s getting out of that by interacting in realtime with like-minded traders or talking about the one strategy. So put all that together with these low risk, the just once, twice a day trading, when you think about that, to be able to have very low controlled drawdown of to 6.3% but a 40.05% gain in the month, quite extraordinary. So well done Brett and would love to see what your October figures come out like as well.

Trading at a Prop firm to make great passive income

So talking about great trading performance, we held a live webinar last night. Had some awesome feedback. One of our clients, Brian over in the UK, he was telling me how well he is doing on a prop firm. We got talking about that, about what a great way if you have a strategy with low risk but high reward to risk trades and you can make good, consistent gains with low drawdown, that’s exactly what those prop firms are looking for. He’s already trading six figure accounts. He said it all comes down to the quality of the strategy that we’ve taught him to be able to do that and to meet the criteria that the prop firms are looking for.

So if you are out there going, “Well, my account’s quite small. I don’t know if I’m going to make any money out of this.” Forget that. There are so many other ways that you can make money from trading, from selling signals or going onto prop firms like Brian’s done. The size of your actual live trading account doesn’t really matter. The thing that does matter is can you trade or not, can you trade properly with controlled risk. If you can do that, which is what our strategy teaches you, there are just a multiple other ways of gaining passive income through your trading without any extra work. That’s the beauty of it. You using someone else’s money. So that’s that one.

Our TFTC Mini Course is now live

Third thing I want to cover, our mini course. We’ve had massive demand from people saying, “Look, I’d love to get just a small version of your full course,” whether they feel that they cannot afford the full course or whatever it might be, but they want something a little bit sort of quicker and a little bit sort of more, I suppose, social media based. We’ve put our very mini course. It only contains my daily trades and we’re going to do a live video, interaction video once a week and I’ll make a video with a specific tuition there once a week as well.

It’s all based on Facebook and it’s just a fraction of the normal course fee. Doesn’t contain everything of course, but it’s going to contain enough to get you really into a good position and you can follow my daily trade suggestions on that. For this week only until Friday, we are offering a 50% discount on that. After that, it’s going to be back up to its full price from there onwards. But if you want to take advantage of that, and by the way, the price that we’re offering, it’s just a tiny amount for what you get.

But not only that is, if you start now this week, we’re going to honour that price forever as long as you want to stay on that mini course, regardless of what the price for everybody else gets to. So if you want to take advantage, now’s your time to do that.

Take a look at Blueberry Markets if you want a good broker

Lastly, I’ve always getting asked, like multiple emails per week, “Andrew, what’s a good broker? Someone that doesn’t like sort of hunt my stop loss, someone I can trust my funds with, someone that’s going to look after me.” It’s the same thing I say every week, have a look at Blueberry Markets, consider them. Look, they’re not the only broker out there.

There’s many brokers out there, but if you want one that we’ve just had a great relationship with, sent hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of clients and non-clients also, people that have opened with them over the years and the feedback’s always the same. It’s always, “Wow. I wish I did this sooner. I wish I’d got rid of my current broker and went to Blueberry before now.” All those type of comments. So look, Blueberry Market’s a very, very good option for you to consider. If you’d like to know more details, I’ll put link to Blueberry Markets on this post as well.

So that’s it for now. Don’t forget, trade results, what can be achieved with low drawdown with our strategy. Think about maybe something additional, not just your own account size like a prop firm, but only ones you can trade. Have a look at the link I’ll put here for our short, small minicourse on Facebook. That’s live right now when you watch this video and take advantage of the early bird offer and consider Blueberry Markets if you’re wanting yourself a really good, secure Forex broker.

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That’s it for now. I’ll see you this time next week. Don’t forget to share, like this video, send it to people who you think are interested in trading properly. I’ll see you next week for more trading information. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #431: Client Makes a 40% Account Gain in September 

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