Can You Travel and Trade?



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#465: Can You Travel and Trade?

In this video:
00:28 – Trading and travelling
01:25 – The World is slowly opening up again
01:57 – 30 Minute Trader Trip in 2019 
03:21 – I’m travelling and trading this week
04:32 – My strategy works
05:07 – Have a look at Blueberry Markets
06:12 – Get trading and travelling again

Can you travel and trade at the same time? If you can, if your system allows you to do that, then you have yourself a fantastic strategy. Let’s talk about that more right now.

Hey traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem here, the Owner of the Forex Trading Coach with the video and podcast number 465.

Trading and travelling

Now trading and travelling is something that if you look online, you see these images or these red flashy sports cars, and people sitting there with a laptop. And you see images of this lovely lady sitting on the beach with her charts open on her laptop. Can it be done? Well yes, but I mean you’re going to get sand in your laptop if nothing else.

So, the image that people portray of the flashy lifestyle, I would prefer to be more realistic about things. And the point of this video and podcast is to let you know that if you have a strategy that does not take too much time up of your day, out of your day, you can trade and travel. And look, there’s nothing better than being able to be travelling and doing things that you want to do and enjoy travelling. And at the same time, making money through your trading.

The World is slowly opening up again

Now, as the world’s slowly starting to open up, well it’s slowly over here in New Zealand. Sounds like the rest of you and the rest of the world are carrying on with things pretty much as per normal. So, well done you. But as things are starting to get back to some form of normality in terms of travelling and people going on holiday and vacation, the ability to do that, take your laptop with you, and to look at your charts once, twice a day, and to make money trading whilst travelling is such an appealing part of being a Forex Trader.

30 Minute Trader Trip in 2019 

Now back in 2019, if you’re following me back then you would’ve seen the videos. If you’re not, I actually still have the link on the homepage of my website and I’ll put a link under this video and podcast, so you can go and watch it again. But back then in 2019, I went over to France and to England with my family. And in the four weeks from leaving New Zealand to coming back, I recorded a series of videos of the trades that we took on just the daily and the weekly charts. All of the trades were posted from our website. So, you can go back and watch the videos of me with the trades in real time, taking them, seeing them on the membership side, et cetera. And as a result of being away and trading between 10 and maximum 30 minutes each day and of course, that’s travelling to New Zealand on a 26 hour flight each way as well.

But as a result of that four weeks of trading and travelling, we made a 12.79% account gain with very, very small draw downs. Really low risk of only a quarter to a maximum of half of 1% risk per trade and a 12.79% gain whilst travelling to the other side of the world and back. And enjoying lots of family and friend time and visiting the sites, et cetera. So, it shows what can be done.

I’m travelling and trading this week

And just this week, as I’m recording this, I’m travelling up to the north island. It’s my son’s 21st birthday. So, we’re heading up there to celebrate at the weekend. So, by the time you get to watch this, I would’ve already been there. But the point is, is that we can trade and travel and nothing changes. And that’s the beauty of it once you have a strategy that works. So, make sure that you have a strategy that allows you to live and enjoy what you want to do and make trading a part of that.

The danger, as I mentioned in last week’s video and podcast when I talked about people who just say, “Look, I’m just taking so much time out of my day and night watching charts, trading five, 15 minute timeframes.” That might all sound good and scalping and everything else but look, reality is not good. And you cannot do things if you’re forced to be at the charts all that time. And then the danger is that your trading takes over your life and then things will start not going well with your results. And then you’ll give up and you’ll blame trading and everything else, and it all goes wrong.

My strategy works

The reason why after 18 years I’m still trading and loving it and doing well from it is because we have a strategy that works and we can do all these things and trade at the same time. Just today, I took one trade on the daily charts and I’ve taken two on the 12 hours, one on the eight and two on the six hours all taken at the 5:00 PM, New York close of days.

It was not like I’ve taken any extra time throughout my day to place those trades, they’re all taken at the same time. And they’re all going along really, really nicely right now as I’m recording this.

Have a look at Blueberry Markets

Now, when it comes to brokers, talking or been nicely, brokers if want a really nice, good broker, good place to trade through, great experience in terms of customer service and reliability of their platform, their spreads, et cetera. Look no further than Blueberry Markets. They’re based over in Australia, but doesn’t matter really where you live in the world apart from a couple of countries, you can trade through Blueberry Markets. I’m loving being on their MT5 Platform because it just opens up so many more different markets like the indices, the cryptos, the commodities, and as well as that, a lot more Forex pairs on the exotic, et cetera. Plus of course, the ability on MT5 to really easily go between six hour charts, and eight hour, and 12 hour charts that were not standard on the old MT4 Platform.

So, have a look at Blueberry Markets if you are looking for a good broker and a good place to trade through. Great experience, I can guarantee they will really well look after you. So, I’ll put a link to them also on here. That’s it for this week.

Get trading and travelling again

If you can get back travelling again and you can trade at the same time, make money whilst you’re trading, fantastic. Don’t forget to have a look at the link, which I’ll put on here to that trip that I did back in 2019. Pretty amazing to do that and make 12.79% whilst away on holiday, just trading a few minutes a day. This is Andrew Mitchem here at Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you this time next week. Bye for now.

Episode Title: #465: Can You Travel and Trade?

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