When is the best time to trade Forex?

In this video:
00:49     Trade when it suits you
02:38     The way that I trade normally when I’m at home or travelling
05:20     Getting the most price action

In this video and podcast I want to explain some information about when you should trade because it’s a question that I get asked quite a lot. So let me explain more in detail right now. 

Hi traders, it’s Andrew Mitchem the Forex Trading Coach. Today is Friday the 13th of June so hope you’re okay on Friday the 13th.

I want to talk about when you should trade. Because as I mentioned, I get that question asked so much, especially by people who are not clients; people who  are maybe new to trading and people say, “Look Andrew, when should I trade and when is the best time, what time frame should I trade?” and a lot of questions like that. And really the answer, it’s probably not what they want to hear but the answer that I mostly give is look, trade when it suits you. 

You see, there’s no right and wrong time to trade. Of course if you’re trading, maybe let’s say, shorter time frame chart trades and you’re entering a position in the market, ideally it probably you want to be trading when there’s likely to be more activity in the market. So possibly like into the European session or the US session if you can. And I do have clients who trade maybe for 1-3 hours in a session and they’ll be looking at charts, say like 15-minutes, 5-minute charts and 1-minute charts  and they’ll be looking at those shorter time frame charts; looking at predominantly market orders entering at the market straight away based on candle patterns and chart setups that I teach them and that’s also how I trade when I’m trading on my live webinars which I hold for my clients every two weeks because we’re on there, live and we’re looking for a number of trades, if they show during the session. 

In fact I also had an email overnight from a client in the US