Becoming a Better Trader in 2020

In this video:
00:25 – 2019 has been an excellent year
01:01 – We post our daily trades every day of the trading year
01:50 – Other trades posted on our forum site and taken on our webinars
02:10 – How you can learn to take these trades by yourself
03:16 – Now living in Nelson
03:40 – What can you learn from your 2019 trading year?
04:22 – We aim to create good Forex traders
04:54 – Use the next few weeks wisely to help better yourself
05:27 – We wish you a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year

What can you take from your trading year to help you become an even better trader next year? Let’s talk about that and more right now.

Hey traders, Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with the last video and podcast for 2019.

2019 has been an excellent year

Now we’ve had a really good year, both personally and through the Forex Trading Coach and of course through our many thousands of clients dotted throughout the entire world. Had a fantastic year.

The last few months have been a little bit tougher, but with trading you’ve got to take the bigger picture. Always look at that. Don’t worry about the last two or three trades. Always look at the bigger picture. And so this video is about what we’ve done and also what have you done, and what can you either get help with or what can you learn in order to make 2020 a really great year for you trading wise.

We post our daily trades every day of the trading year

So here at the Forex Trading Coach, every single day of the trading year without fail, we have posted our daily trades on our membership site. We’ve done that for years, but this year was no exception. Every single day around 5:30 New York time; PM when the daily charts close, we post our daily analysis. Now, if you did nothing else than just copied our daily trades this year with only half of 1% risk per trade, like very, very minimal risk, all the stop losses, all profit targets, you’d be up around 24% so far.

We’ve got another week to go, end of today and all of next week, but we’re around 24% right now, which when you consider that’s purely one time frame, very low risk trading. That is very, very good.

Other trades posted on our forum site and taken on our webinars

Now on top of that, of course we post trades on the monthly charts, the weekly charts and on our breakout strategy that we have and all our forum site, we post trades all the time as do other clients. And our live weekly webinars, we’re always taking trades on those. But just the daily timeframe, 24% for the year to date, pretty outstanding.

How you can learn to take these trades by yourself

And so it’s what you’re learning from that is not only the gain of that monetary gain, it’s what you’re learning education-wise of how to take these trades.

Why to take these trades, what trades to take, what to learn from them, where to put your profits and stops, all that type of thing. So really good. On the Forex Trading Coach website itself, free information has been posted free to everybody every single day as well. Strength and weakness analysis where we’re looking at different currency pairs going strong or weak for that upcoming day every day without fail this year we have posted that analysis as well.

And it’s what we’re about, we’re about consistency about quality, consistency, low risk, high reward to risk. But for you to help you with your trading, that free information that is there and even if you’re not a client, free information is there. Of course clients get more and they get specific trades and to do with the strategy. But for everybody else, there’s free information there. There’s of course our ebook, our calculator, our webinars that we have, which by the way are on demand as well in there. So lots and lots of information to help you.

Now living in Nelson

From a personal point of view. We’ve moved to Nelson in the South Island just last week. So this is my new home, new surroundings here, and very much looking forward to spending the summer, of course it’s summer here around Christmas, new years in New Zealand. So looking at having a really nice break, just a break away from trading for a few weeks just to refresh and be ready to go for next year.

What can you learn from your 2019 trading year?

So what is it that you can do over that Christmas and new year break to improve your trading? What can you take from this year? Maybe things that you did well, maybe things that you didn’t do quite so well. What is it that you can take from that to become a better trader, a more consistent trader going into 2020 and beyond?

Write down a few things that you’re struggling with. Maybe email me some questions. We’re here to help, so just reply to this email or look on the email that comes with this video or just send me an email, [email protected] or get hold of me via my website and the support link on there.

We aim to create good Forex traders

Because we’re about creating good traders. That’s what we want. We don’t want gamblers, we don’t want people who are erratic and emotional. We want good consistent traders. And that’s what we aim to teach to our clients.

But of course if you’re out there just wanting to get some information and a few trading tips and information, just email me. Email me your issues that you have with your trading. And either next year I can make some videos for you or over Christmas and new year, I can just, when I get time, email you back with a few ideas to help you.

Use the next few weeks wisely to help better yourself

It’s really important that you spend this time now where the market’s going to go a little bit quiet and why you’re more likely to have a little bit of time off to to do this.

It’s all well and good that everybody’s sitting in front of a TV watching repeats of films that were made 30 years ago. But isn’t it a better use of your time if you are interested in trading to learn how to better yourself for next year? Great opportunity. Don’t miss this opportunity and also don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of emailing me for any help that you need.

We wish you a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year

So once again, this is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach. On behalf of all of us here on behalf of Paul, who’s over in the US. Nikolai, who’s over in London, who by the way speaks Russian and helps our Russian clients. Mel, who’s over in the Philippines, have amazing tech support there. So we’ve got the world covered.

On behalf of all of us and all of our families, have a great Christmas, a wonderful New Year and we look forward to seeing you for more trading tips and information, and helping you becoming a great trader in 2020. Bye for now.

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