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00:24 Fantastic trading opportunities
00:45 Style that goes with successful trading
01:17 Managed Forex Account Launched
01:25 Offering education for people
01:36 Getting higher return than average

Hi this is Andrew Mitchem, the Forex Trading Coach.

Today is Friday, the 17th of August.

Well it’s been another fantastic week for the trading.

It’s been a little bit quite again on a daily charts. On the shorter time frame charts there’s been fantastic trading opportunities again which I’ve managed to take a lot of, and I know a lot of my clients have.

Successful Trading Course

It’s really good when I get emails from my clients saying how well that they’re doing and how well they’re enjoying the course.

That they’re enjoying, even loving their trading!

Which is really good because it’s not just about making the money of course. It’s about enjoying what you doing and having the freedom and the lifestyle that goes with successful trading.

And a number of my clients have taken another courses in the past and found the most that the other courses out there just not delivering what they need.

My course, as you can see here, I’m trading right now, so I’m speaking to you.

I am a trader – number one – and educator also.

Managed Forex Account Launched

Yes it’s been a little bit quite on the dailies as I mentioned but the shorter time frame has again been really good.

Another piece of really exciting news for myself is the launch of my managed Forex Accounts company this week. That’s called https://www.wealthwithforex.com and am getting a lot of interest in that.

So really there’s the two options today:

Learning to Trade

I offer the education for people who want to learn to trade for themselves and on the other hand I offer the manage Forex Accounts to people who have some cash, who want something with the higher than average return for their money from a managed Forex account as well.

So really that’s all the news for this week and I look forward to bringing you some more news this time next week.