Hi just out at beautiful Raglan beach back home in New Zealand after calling in on Andrew at his place near Hamilton, and thought I’d let you all know what I thought of the visit while it was all fresh. I won an hours free coaching when I booked Andrews course a few months back and we thought since I was all the way over here from Germany visiting, Andrew might be able to squeeze me in on the day my husband and I were coming past, and so it was.

So of course he jumped straight into the charts and talked about the trades he had on, and all the while checking on my knowledge/experience level, and just really emphasising all the basics similar to the way he does in the live trading webinars. People have talked about his openness and genuineness in other posts and I can heartily confirm that, and actually being in someones home for a few hours really is the best way to get to know them isn’t it?

So, the first thing I noticed is that there was nothing out of place, even with 5 normal mad kids and a dog, and in his trading room it was the same, items on the calender neatly crossed off, to do list on a little white board , calculator for doing the risk reward in the middle of the desk. Not control, but certainly precision would be the word, plus a strong sense of discipline. And yes I would say that comes from who he is – key elements for a professional trader as well wouldn’t you agree?

Secondly what I noticed was his passion for teaching which was at least as strong as his passion for trading. He is a great motivator and is really on a mini mission to help people with talent and tenacity to just take those few necessary steps to get their edge, a bit like a kind master craftsman with his apprentice.

Thirdly what struck me was his very conservative, low risk mentality. He seems to have found a safe zone he is comfortable with. He has a large family and he is the breadwinner, so there is no room for speculation, rather clear justifiable indications for higher probability trades, and exactly that is enough to tip the balance in the direction of consistant profitability.

We know he has been profitable I think around 4 years odd and he really doesn’t push his targets more than around the 5% mark either., so what that means for me is that conservatism pays off!
Postscript: Just had another intensive webinar with Andrew today, and learned a new approach actually from one of his students making a nice amount of hay applying Andrews methods to the 5 minute charts – now I can hardly wait for the New York open to try it out!

Ulrike Parker,
Wuppertal, Germany, 23rd September 2013