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#454: Amazing offer from Blueberry Markets

In this video:
00:24 – Easter break
00:54 – Broker offers a great incentive
02:30 – Inflation continues to soar around the world
03:42 – How much has your wage increased in the last year?
04:27 – What are you doing to future proof yourself?
05:45 – Click on the link to join Blueberry Markets
05:56 – Join us at The Forex Trading Coach
07:16 – 11 trades posted today for our clients to learn and earn from

I found a broker for you who is willing to refund some of your losses on your live account. Let’s talk about that a more right now.

Hey traders. This is Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach with video and podcast number 454.

Easter break

Hope you had a great break over Easter. We had a really good time where we had spectacular weather here in New Zealand, and we took advantage of that, myself and my wife, we flew down to Dunedin, which is close to the bottom of the South Island.

I did nearly eight hours of flying in the helicopter, for the week, and I had a great time. So I hope you had a great break too.

Now, something different, a number of things to discuss with you on this week’s video on podcast.

Broker offers a great incentive

The first thing is, I was talking to Ben Clay, over at Blueberry Markets, last weekend.

He’s put together a really fantastic offer, which I’ve never really heard of before. And I thought I’d just share that information with you.

If you open a new trading account with Blueberry, between now and the end of April. So you’ve only got this week to do this. And if you fund it with a minimum of $200, they will refund 20% of any losses that you have on your account.

So just check with them the exact terms and conditions. Say that you’ve seen this video or heard this podcast, and you’re interested in their offer.

But I’ve I heard of a broker before, that’s willing to refund a proportion of the losses that you make. So it could be something that’s really worth having a look at.

Now, I think there’s some terms and conditions. Like always, you cannot be an existing client with an existing account, and you cannot be in Australia or an Australian resident.

So there’s a few things to check through. But it has a lot of merits, that if you opened, let’s say, a $1000 account and took a loss, they’re going to offer to refund. And again, there’s maximum levels of refund, et cetera.

They’re going to offer to refund, I think there’s up to 20%, of your losses back to your account for you to use. So something very different.

As I was discussing with Ben, I said, “Look, I think this is something quite different. I’m going to share this with people who are on my video and podcast list.” So I hope that’s helpful for you.

Inflation continues to soar around the world

In other news, you’d have seen that inflation continues to rise around the world. Here in New Zealand, just yesterday, they announced a 6.9% inflation jump, which is the worst or the highest in 32 years.

And that’s continuing to happen right around most of the world. I think Britain was up to about 7%. I think America’s eight something. A lot of countries around the world are getting very, very high inflation levels.

From what I can see, certainly here in New Zealand, the way that they’re just printing money and spending money, left, right, and centre, you just wouldn’t believe how crazy they’re running the country right now.

This is probably only going to get worse. You add into this, the fertiliser cost, the shipping cost, food, transportation, everything else, labour wages, everything that’s going wrong with price increases right now, fuel, all et cetera, it’s just going to get worse.

So if you think the 6.97% is bad today. Yes. It’s the worst in 32 years. But I’m predicting, it’s probably just going to continue to get worse for most people.

How much has your wage increased in the last year?

So cost of living, wages. Has your wage gone up 7% in the last year? Just to maintain where you were a year ago. If not, what are you doing about that?

And I think that’s something that everybody, doesn’t matter what you do, what you want to think about doing job wise, investment wise, you’ve got to think about this. Because it affects every single person.

You just go and try filling up your car with fuel, as opposed to last year. I’ve just banked for about eight hours of about 1500 litres of jet fuel in the last week, going down there and back.

I can tell you, it gets very, very expensive. And it’s so much more than even what it was at the beginning of this year; just four months ago. So you’ve got to do something.

What are you doing to future proof yourself?

You’ve got to look after yourself, protect yourself. Trading, to me, is probably one of the best ways you can do that. We’ve just had a client who’s mentioned to me just on Wednesday, that he’s just passed his next prop test.

And he’s now onto a live account, prop trading. I think he was onto a $100,000 live account on prop firm. When he gets to the next level, I think he’s got to make 10% on that.

I think he’s on a 70/30 profit share. So he’s on for a $7,000 gain there every time he now makes 10%, and then he’ll be up to probably 200,000 on the next challenge.

All these ways that you can really future proof yourself with your knowledge of what you’re doing, how to do this, be able to do this for yourself.

Doesn’t matter what your trading account size is today. It really is irrelevant. So don’t get stressed if you think you can’t trade more than $1,000 of your money.

Learn how to trade first, get onto prop firms. And that’s just such a great way of increasing your own personal income through your trading.

And of course, you can then go and reinvest that back into your own trading and build up from there. Or get onto someone like Blueberry, and they’re going to look after you with any losses as per that promotion.

Click on the link to join Blueberry Markets

Going back to that Blueberry promotion, I’ll put a link on this video in podcast here, to Blueberry Markets, and just say, “You’ve interested in their promotion, you’ve heard it.” And they’ll look after you there.

Join us at The Forex Trading Coach

Last thing to mention on the 11th of May, or it’s the 10th, if you are in Europe, or America, or Canada. We are starting our 13th birthday sale. It’s going to be a fantastic sale this year.

A great opportunity for you to take advantage of jumping on board with us at a crazy low price. I’ll put a link to that promotion on here as well.

If you’d like to take advantage of our 13 years of teaching and my personally, coming up to now 18 years of trading the forex market full time, jump on board and take advantage of it.

It’s the full course, just at a crazy low price. We do this once a year for our birthday. This is our 13th year of teaching.

Have a look on the likes of Forex Peace Army, you’ll see reviews back to 2009. Very few other companies or people can say that they’ve been trading and have been reviewed anywhere on anything to do with the forex market, whether it be brokers, or education, or anything, for that length of time.

We’re really proud of what we have achieved and how many people that we’ve helped, and what we do in the forex market to give back with free information, plus the course for those who want to take it that step further and jump on board with our real professional help and information.

11 trades posted today for our clients to learn and earn from

Just today, we’ve just put on six trades on our membership site. Four on the 12 hour chart trades and two on the eight hour, plus five specific daily chart trades, with the reasons why we’re taking the trades the exact entry and exit levels, all for our clients to learn from and to earn from.

So I’ll put a link to Blueberry Markets on this page, this video, post and podcast, and I’ll put a link to the registration form, for you to look at and joining us on our 13th birthday.

So I hope that helps. Have a great rest of a week. This is Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach. I’ll see you next week.

Episode Title: #454: Amazing offer from Blueberry Markets

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